From Drab to Fab


Living in a Rental for the first time in 25 years had me thinking I would take the summer off.  No yard work, no garden beds, no dirt…..NO Fun!

I couldn’t do it, cold turkey turned out to be too hard.  That’s why yesterday I broke down at Greenland Nursery and loaded up the PT with a riot of colorful flowers.

There’s not too much room on the porch, so I found this awesome planter made especially to sit on a railing.  It’s cram-packed with fuchsia Petunia, Scented Evening Stock (dads favorite), Lobelia, mini-Petunia and some yummy yellow Pansy.  I just can’t wait till it fills in!  The Scented Evening Stock will greet our pals at the door with a nose full of nostalgia.

Yep, that’s a wee bit cheerier!


From Drab to Fab!


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