Vintage Clunky & Funky

I don’t usually wear jewelery round my neck. I guess, as of lately I don’t really fancy my neck.  Seem’s I’m a heartbeat away from making ascots and turtlenecks a habit.  But I simply could not resist this vintage three strand necklace. At under $10,  I think the oversized baubles are fun and I loved the colors.

I wasn’t sure what it might go with but I actually have a tank top that matched it to perfection. Admittedly I own too many, but that’s a good thing right?  I started thinking about an outfit and as usual it’s a mix of old & new. It’s Clunky but it’s funky.

What’s that Blossum, that one too? Good one, but I think I’ll wear just one bangle today.


5 thoughts on “Vintage Clunky & Funky

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