Retail Therapy Really Works

 Guess who locked herself out of the house today?  I had no phone (left it on the charger) and no car (Mr Boomdeeadda’s out-of-town so I parked in the attached garage).  I wanted to kick myself, but instead I walked a few blocks to a grocery store, related my troubles to a young man who politely offered the courtesy phone (probably thought “yesh, lady).
Unable to reach Mr Boomdeeadda, I decided to take the train to a shopping center, they must have payphones there right?  Well, have you used a pay phone lately?  After walking all over the mall and making change at the Lotto counter (boy I hope my numbers come in), I tried Mr Boomdeeadda again and after a few tries, it all got worked out.
At this point I decided to go with the flow.  On the Bright side, I have a new dress and a refill of my favorite after sun lotion. It smells yummy, makes your skin all sparkly and it’s in an aqua jar, SOLD! Ever hear of “Retail Therapy”? It really works.

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    • You know what? I really don’t like mall shopping, but when in Rome….& sometimes I wish I was born when you could dress like this every day. Lesson learned, check purse for key’s before I shut the door. HA, it’s funny today. Thank’s again!

      • I find excuses to wear a dress all the time. They are so comfortable. That said, I would never part with my comfy tees and leggings. We get to enjoy the best of both worlds.

        We leave a key with two different neighbors (after borrowing someone’s three-year-old to crawl through the cat door once)!

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