Retail Therapy Really Works

 Guess who locked herself out of the house today?  I had no phone (left it on the charger) and no car (Mr Boomdeeadda’s out-of-town so I parked in the attached garage).  I wanted to kick myself, but instead I walked a few blocks to a grocery store, related my troubles to a young man who politely offered the courtesy phone (probably thought “yesh, lady).
Unable to reach Mr Boomdeeadda, I decided to take the train to a shopping center, they must have payphones there right?  Well, have you used a pay phone lately?  After walking all over the mall and making change at the Lotto counter (boy I hope my numbers come in), I tried Mr Boomdeeadda again and after a few tries, it all got worked out.
At this point I decided to go with the flow.  On the Bright side, I have a new dress and a refill of my favorite after sun lotion. It smells yummy, makes your skin all sparkly and it’s in an aqua jar, SOLD! Ever hear of “Retail Therapy”? It really works.

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I am blessed to be on Paige Taylor Evans' Silhouette Design Team. Favorite quote "we'll grow kindness in our hearts for all the strangers amongst us, till there are no strangers anymore" Singer-Songwriter Patti Griffin.

7 thoughts on “Retail Therapy Really Works

    1. You know what? I really don’t like mall shopping, but when in Rome….& sometimes I wish I was born when you could dress like this every day. Lesson learned, check purse for key’s before I shut the door. HA, it’s funny today. Thank’s again!


      1. I find excuses to wear a dress all the time. They are so comfortable. That said, I would never part with my comfy tees and leggings. We get to enjoy the best of both worlds.

        We leave a key with two different neighbors (after borrowing someone’s three-year-old to crawl through the cat door once)!


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