So Far, So Fab

I’ve been nurturing my little ‘condo style’ flower garden.  Perhaps you read the earlier post May 16th, “From Drab to Fab”.  Just a wee update to brag about the progress. All day sunshine has its benefits.

Makes me happy when I open the door to see all this color. It would be especially cheery if my sweet cousin Sherri popped over for a little spot of tea….saddly, not today, she lives in Ottawa.

One of my new favorites is this petunia with a yellow throat.  Not to long ago, if you said ‘yellow petunia’ to a gardener, they’d think you’d been in the sun too long.

One challenge was, once you pack your annuals in, there’s not room for a lot of dirt in these containers   The tendancy was to wilt before I knew they needed watering.  So I bought this handy Moisture Testing Wand. It was under $10.  What I like about it is, I can quickly check the pot and only water as needed and not re-water a wet pot. That should make for healthier plants and save me a lot of trips back to the kitchen to refill the water can.  I also like that I won’t have to dig dirt out from my finger nails as I’m hopping in the car (previous water meter was ‘the finger stab’, not too high-tech).

I hope your gardens are doing well too. Really, it’s only June, so there’s much more summer to come but so far, so fab.


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