Oh You Looked So Lovely


Mr Boomdeeadda and I have looked for a home for well over a year.  Without a doubt we’ve seen a few stinker’s.  So when this little storybook cottage popped up we were anxious to check her out.  Sadly there is just too much work to be done given the price of $789,000.00 (if you don’t live in Alberta you probably just fainted). It was only 12 minutes to downtown which contributed to the price but Alberta house prices are out-of-control. I believe our realtor may have called this one “a money pit”, I was too busy pouting,  I was so hopeful. Many top-notch economists are predicting the bubble bursting as historically low interest rates are running up the market.   It’s a wait and see scenario. It’s not ‘if’ but ‘when’ it happens, we may then be able to find a great home at a fair price but oh you looked so lovely.


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  1. How discouraging. That is an adorable house, but “money sink” from a realtor’s mouth never bodes well. I hope prices drop soon. In the Bay Area prices really came down after 2008. They are edging up in some areas, but so many foreclosures remain on the market in addition to short sales making it a challenging market for buyers.

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