Short But Sweet


Don’t you just love when someone else cooks breakfast?  Isn’t is fun to share it with 1,000 of your closest friends? Ok, I don’t really know them but they look like nice folks.  We all gathered at the Alberta Legislature this morning to enjoy a pancake breakfast.

The grounds were manicured to perfection. That’s the biggest, reddest gardener I’ve ever seen!

Too bad the weather didn’t co-operate, Mr B and I forgot our umbrella and got very, very wet.  Happy Birthday Canada, that was short but sweet.


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    • O, the inaugural outing, trying to baby them. We were running across the street when I had to put the brakes on….BIG puddle (maybe small lake). So my knight in soaking armor picked me up with a groan to match the size of the puddle. I say “hey now? that’s not called for!” LOL, he sites his bad back & worse knees….nice recovery Mr Boomdeeadda. HA

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