I Love The Whole World (And My Craft Room Too)


Remember my visit to The Artworks a few days ago?  It’s the most delicious shop, full of all manner of loveliness.  I bought a couple of pieces of Cavallini & Co  wrapping paper.  Their vintage images really are appealing.  I fell head-over-heals for the vintage ‘World Map’  the moment I saw it in their window.  Don’t you just love the colors on vintage maps?

Wondering what I did with it?  I made an awesome Lazy-Susan for my craft room.

 Using a wood Lazy-Susan I got at Ikea for just $9.99 . It was super easy and super cheap to personalize just for me. If you’d like to make one of your very own, here’s the skinny:

  1. Remove hardware from the turn-table, lightly sand and wipe clean.
  2. Paint your favorite color. I used Martha Stewart’s, ‘Flamingo’.  Her craft paints have great coverage.
  3. Cut out a section of the map you wish to use, I used craft scissors with a scalloped edge.
  4. Use Mod Podge to adhere the map to the turn-table, I did two coats.
  5. Once completely dry, cover with two coats of liquid gloss to protect your map.
  6. When dry, reattach the hardware.

I also did a little folk painting on the bottom, I call this folk art technique ‘Shooting Star’. One tool and a pencil and Bob’s your uncle.

Here’s it is in the craft room. Spinning all my ‘oh-so-necessary’ scrappy tools at hand.  The  colors of the vintage map, the pinks and greens and of course the beautiful aqua oceans, make me smile. I love the whole world  (and my craft room too).


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    • Hi Jen, thanks again for coming by and your comment. Ya, I got to scrapbooking yesterday and loved it, handy for the coffee cup too, got it off the work top but still handy.

  2. Boomdee, you’ve outdone yourself. I love your creativity!!!!!!!

    What a charming craft display as well. I like the vintage white glass (I wouldn’t have thought of that) and all the little details. Your crafty-Susan is beautiful, functional, original and affordable. You must consider submitting this to a scrapbooking forum. I’m pinning this now, too.

    • Wow, thanks for your enthusiam Alys. I’m so glad you’re liking it too. It really is handy…spinning round to grab stuff -vs- standing up to reach over things. It does seem right at home with all the vintage cast-aways I make use of. I’m mean, why buy a pencil case if you have an old vase sitting around? We looked at a house this morning, I really really love it. I can see a craft room of my very own there. I hope it all comes together, fingers crossed. Thanks for pinning, you’re the best!!

      • Fingers crossed, crossed, crossed. I’ll cross my ankles too for good measure.

        I have to giggle over your craft room comment. When we found our house, I checked out the back yard first. We have our priorities!

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