Leftovers Are Better The Next Day

Thank’s for popping back, you’re the best! As promised, today we’ll turn some of these leftovers,

Into an Easel Art Card

Gather Your Tools

You’ll need a paper trimmer that includes a scoring blade (look how old mine is, but it still works just fine).  My favorite Glue for these types of project’s is 3M Quick Dry Adhesive, it dries fast, clear and holds tight. I also use pop up dots and glue dots for all the bits & pieces.

Cut and score your Art Card (all measures are inches)

  • Cut sturdy paper or cardstock to measure 12 x 7

  • Score at  3.5  then  7  then 7.25  then  8.75  then  10.25  and finally  10.5

  • Use boarder punch of choice on front edge and fold at score lines

Make braces for under card

  • Cut sturdy paper or cardstock to measure 1 x 3

  • Score at .50 then 1.5 then 2.5

  • Cut sturdy paper or cardstock to measure 1 x 2

  • Score at .50 then 1 then 1.5

  • Glue in Place



The brace will hold your card in place. You’re now ready to decorate your Art Card as desired, tall items in back fold, short items up front.

This is how it all turned out

Sometimes, leftovers are better the next day.

Petals says “thanks for visiting the the craft room!

 We’d love to see how yours turns out.

Be creative and have fun!

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I am blessed to have my own room to craft in and enjoyed being on the Paige Taylor Evans' Silhouette Design Team from 2019 to 2021. Favorite quote "we'll grow kindness in our hearts for all the strangers amongst us, till there are no strangers anymore" Singer-Songwriter Patti Griffin.

35 thoughts on “Leftovers Are Better The Next Day

    1. Petals would blow kisses if she knew how. They are great company when mom is being creative, we listened to Hawaiian that day…put’s them to sleep and I don’t get distracted singing along…aloha dear friend


        1. hehe, once at this mountain resort New Years party, the country band wanted requests and I shouted out “Pink Cars Cadillacs”. The guy almost fell off the stage laughing because I guess it’s “Guitars Cadillacs” by Dwight Yoakum…well it sounds more like “pink cars” to me….


    1. Exciting to work on something new, no doubt a good challenge. I don’t know how you manage everything, I’m really behind today, oh, well, talking to you is way more fun! Thank’s for the compliment, I gave it to a good friend for the beautiful vase she gave as a birthday gift.


      1. I’ll bet your friend was tickled pink! I know I would be.

        I don’t always manage everything, but sadly my sleep is what often suffers. I’ll be happy when the site is launched so I can stop worrying about it. The hard work is done, and MaAnna at BlogAid has been amazing, but it still takes time.

        You are fortunate that you can get by on so little sleep. I need a good eight hours to feel my best.


        1. ya, but I’ve also spend an entire morning looking for my keys, then phone, then purse…..see where this is going. I’m a functioning insomniac…but it ain’t always pretty.


        2. Ah. Well that doesn’t sound like a happy time. I feel sick to my stomach when I don’t get enough sleep. I’ve always been a night owl, but had to give that up when I had kids. My husband is the opposite, so we balance each other out.


    1. Thanks Clowie, I will say hi to Petals. LOL that’s exactly right, ‘startled’…Petals always looks like someone is going to get her, she hears the littlest things and jumps off your lap, usually leaving a boo-boo…she’s a bit of a spaz, but soooo lovable too.


    1. Oh you know me, I have these cards going and doing some sewing yesterday and got some NEW gear for a scrap page the other day…so many projects, I need to finish my 4th scarf too…yikes. Always time to get together though, maybe lunch today?


        1. That would be the longest lunch ever, and great fun! There’d be so much to chit-chat about. You might think it cold today…a balmy 18.8 on my patio (65.84 F)…brrr, I even have a sweater on. I’ll borrow you a fleecy!


        2. Wouldn’t that be fun though? You know what else would be fun? You could join me for a scrapbooking weekend. I have friends that put one together twice a year. We crop from Friday to Sunday, staying in a nearby hotel. We can set up all our gear and leave it in the conference room. They bring in all the meals, quick easy fare and then we are back at it again. Prizes, games, a PJ contest. Loads of fun. Just say the word and I’ll hook you up.


        3. I haven’t been to one of those for years, I’ve kind of shyed away since it’s tricky getting all my stuff there. I did go to a couple when I worked at a scrapbook store. Pj contests, you girls are wild LOL


        4. I’ve never joined in on the PJ thing, but I do vote. I don’t own any (I’m a nightshirt gal and I’m not wearing that in public). This year I plan to change that. Mike has a pair of silk pajamas, 10 years old and virtually unworn). I’m going to wear those and draw a thin mustache over my lip. I’ll let you know if I win. 😉


        5. ooooooo please do take pictures. Silk Pj’s, heaven. I really hope I can have a crafty room soon…I’m busting out of the seams here. Must learn to be patient and thankful for all we have….


        6. Oh boy, it changes every week LOL. We’ve looked at lot’s, houses, lot’s with old houses. Thought we were close with one builder, but our lawyer saw red flags (high, uninsured, non-refundable deposit)…so we had to walk away. Still in limbbbooooo.


        7. Limbo…my least favorite place. I’m glad you got good advice, though. Will you stay in town? I think you told me once, but I’m pleading “menopause brain.” I forget.


        8. LOL Menopause brain, isn’t that the truth. But yes, as central as possible. We are sure something will pop up, the right home is out there. Did it take you a long time to find your home?


        9. Hmmm…hard to say. We lived in a small townhouse in Fremont when we were first married, and decided to sell it and move closer to our jobs, etc. We were planning to start a family so we looked at 4 bedroom/2 bath houses in good school districts.

          The market was starting to heat up then, too (1996). We spent two full weekends looking, then fell in love with a place that sold three days later. We still talk about that house! The realtor told us our townhouse would sell, but that it would take up to six months. It sold in three weeks! So we really had to scramble. We found this house the following weekend!

          We did an extensive remodel in 2004 and feel like it’s next to perfect for us.


        10. How great that your first home sold so quickly, even though you had to scramble. We were listed for 2.5 mo, it was tricky being ‘show’ ready at all times with pets. I think our extra efforts paid off. It’s awesome you feel your home is next to perfect! It sure looks pretty from here \o-o/ (eyeglasses?)


        11. Thank you. It seems it is always a work in progress, but so it goes with home-ownership.

          Show ready is a pain. I remember leaving for work in the morning and turning all the lights *on* instead of off, wiping the sink dry with a towel and locking our personal items in the car. Crazy. I can’t believe you had to do that for 2.5 months.


        12. I guess it’s true, “no pain, no gain”…Home staging helps too. I put away all the momento’s. But of course that didn’t last…to many things I love. I don’t know how people live in those blank, sparse environments. Are they heartless? LOL


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