Winner!! Hot 107 Give Away

Congratulations to Katherine

 at Pillows A-La-Mode!!

Winner of the Hot 107 Give Away

I always find inspiration on her Blog and once called her a crafting Ninja, she has so many great ideas.  Thank’s Katherine for following Boomdeeadda and answering the two questions:

  1. Boomdee’s favorite color is of course Aqua. Yes, I confess I’m an Aqua-holic
  2. My first crush was Captain James T Kirk. Surprise I’m a Trekky

Big thank you for all your support and comments along the way.   I’m really having such a good time getting to know you all.  Hope to be cooking up more fun stuff along the way, Cheers!

PS. now serving 81, Thank YOU EVERYONE!!!

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I am blessed to be on Paige Taylor Evans' Silhouette Design Team. Favorite quote "we'll grow kindness in our hearts for all the strangers amongst us, till there are no strangers anymore" Singer-Songwriter Patti Griffin.

3 thoughts on “Winner!! Hot 107 Give Away

  1. Congratulations, Katherine! Lucky you!

    I’m embarrassed to admit that I couldn’t find the name of your first crush. It seems so obvious now! I think I looked too hard, when it was right under my nose. LOL.

    What a fun contest!


    1. I must admit, no one would really guess Captain Kirk, but he was dreamy back in the day…hehe. Maybe next time dear friend. I thought it was fun planning, I hope Katherine will enjoy them too 🙂


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