Winner!! Hot 107 Give Away


Congratulations to Katherine

 at Pillows A-La-Mode!!

Winner of the Hot 107 Give Away

I always find inspiration on her Blog and once called her a crafting Ninja, she has so many great ideas.  Thank’s Katherine for following Boomdeeadda and answering the two questions:

  1. Boomdee’s favorite color is of course Aqua. Yes, I confess I’m an Aqua-holic
  2. My first crush was Captain James T Kirk. Surprise I’m a Trekky

Big thank you for all your support and comments along the way.   I’m really having such a good time getting to know you all.  Hope to be cooking up more fun stuff along the way, Cheers!

PS. now serving 81, Thank YOU EVERYONE!!!


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  1. Congratulations, Katherine! Lucky you!

    I’m embarrassed to admit that I couldn’t find the name of your first crush. It seems so obvious now! I think I looked too hard, when it was right under my nose. LOL.

    What a fun contest!

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