Through Karens Twisted Closet

Good Evening! I’ve been expecting you.

 Yes, right this way, quickly please…….

through Karen’s twisted closet 


Did you leave the clip running?

Very good,

follow me then….if you dare!

Ssssshhhh! Don’t wake the monsters,

that would be very, very bad

Strange circus sideshow folk

‘The Chicken Lady’,

& ‘The Bearded Lady’

Rock legend ‘Mick Jagger’

It’s the ‘Jagger Swagger’

that get’s the chicks

Partner in Rock-n-Roll crime ‘Keith Richards’

rocks his ukulele

The Castaways ‘Mr & Mrs Howel’

just back from their three-hour tour

The dynamic duo ‘Red Green & his

trusty sidekick Harold’ (It’s Canadian, eh)

The ‘Unsinkable Molly Brown’

Did you know her big hat was filled with

a lot of broken dishes?

Now, do you want to see something really scary ?

(Warning, I’m not kidding)

Still looking for Halloween ideas?

Drop by my Halloween Board on Pinterest!

Video Credits: Sounds From The Haunted House by Dr Dribbles

Scary Clown Pop Up by Alex J Jeffs

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I am blessed to be on Paige Taylor Evans' Silhouette Design Team. Favorite quote "we'll grow kindness in our hearts for all the strangers amongst us, till there are no strangers anymore" Singer-Songwriter Patti Griffin.

6 thoughts on “Through Karens Twisted Closet

  1. Is that the soundtrack you made? I love it. It was a great way to stage your blog, too as we looked through the pictures. I might borrow that idea this time next year. You’ve inspired me. As for Karen, yes, that is one awesome chicken lady. And the Howel’s! Such creative costume ideas. Fun!

    PS I made myself watch the clown…i knew something was coming. That’s about as scary as I can handle.


    1. LOL, isn’t that clown menacing….I really have a fear of them. Irrational I know. I asked Jim if he thought it was too much and he said, “nah”.

      The sound track is by a super talented guy on youtube, he has a few scary ones. Dr Dribbles he goes by.

      Glad you enjoyed Karens Closet, she’s so fun. Did you notice they’re drinking from coconuts? We always were keen to see what she came up with. Thanks for watching with the soundtrack on…so much more fun.


    1. Thanks Aunty, I miss hearing Karens laugh in the crescent. We were hosted at their place for a BBQ not too long ago, but it was great being her neighbor for 25 years. See you tommorrow xoK


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