All Is Well Again


At the risk of sounding redundant, “it’s still winter”.  I don’t think you ever get used to it, you just go with the flow.  Sometimes you have to just stop and enjoy the gracious beauty of it all.

It’s almost like some big ol’ giant spilt a sugar bowl and made everything all white and sparkly.

When we grumble about the weather and say things like  “it’s not fit for man nor beast”, clearly we’re exaggerating.

After three days of constant snow, if you’re one of the lucky ones that actually makes it home after work and haven’t run out of food, or worse, wine, you’re bound to hear the familiar Beep-Beep-Beep of the rescue team….and all is well again.

What do you do for fun on a snow day?

What Boomdee Could Do On A Snow Day


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    • Ha, ya ya there’s always time to kill in doors and the snow makes it feel like christmas. We had a couple of mild days since this but yesterday and today….brrrrrrrr…..and it’s snowing again. I’m off to Pickup my Aunty at the airport….I hope her flight is on time. 🙂

    • Really, well you’re so right Lizzy, there’d be no point to that at all. We’re heading up in temps starting tommorrow. Even a +2 C later this week. My entire wardrobe is in rotation…you just can’t put anything away LOL. Thanks for popping in. How are you doing?

      • FIL is much better. He has an angiogram tomorrow, a possible stent and then he’s out the following day. Heart only operating at 40% but they say that should improve with time. Miracle. Just managing without my wonderful husband for another week while he helps out his mother and sisters. That’s why he’s wonderful! Girls are missing him – me too. Off to Sydney again on Friday – no opera house this time though! thanks x

      • Thanks for your message Lizzy, sounds like a sigh of relief is in order. 🙂 You’re helping by just by staying strong and getting along at home. I bet your hubby misses you too. Hope you have a safe trip to Sydney. Maybe you can spoil us with some photo’s. 😉

  1. Great pictures and all the stories. Frankly I’m not looking forward to all that snow when I return at the end of Nov. hopefully most of it will be melted. We had some snow on Sat. In Denver but most of it is gone,except for on the mtn tops. Talk soon. LUL

    • Hi Aunty, who knows what will be happening by then. It’s a bit unpredictable. I guess this system moved on west thru Saskatchewan, then Winnepeg got slammed. Yet Toronto was 19 C today. Makes no sense. Stay warm! hugs xoK

  2. The snow is beautiful. We had flurries and the roads were slick this morning–but nothing like what you have.

    On a snow day I like to cross country ski, read a book, bake, clean my cupboards. . .

    • I guess it’s hard to avoid no matter where one lives. Your snow day plans sound like something I’d enjoy. Two days ago I totally re-arranged and purged the craft room stuff….it’s so nice and tidy…for now. LOL

  3. Beautiful pictures. I love the snow in small doses, but would feel house-bound if it went on for days and days. I’m glad you have a Merlot and a fire to keep you warm inside and out. I’m sure the kitties love hanging nearby as well.

    I watched the Groundhog Day video clip. I had forgotten what a fun movie that was. I think it’s time to introduce it to the boys. What fun!

    • Thank you! I think we’re on the way to some milder tempsl I now have a tire appointment on Friday. It just seemed to sneak up on us. Seems too early for all this snow, last year was so mild.

      I think your guys will get a real kick out of ‘Groundhog Day’. I’ve seen it so many times and still laugh. Thanks for watching the link. Bill Murray’s really had an eclectic career.

  4. Oh my goodness, Kelly. I’d no idea! As a Michigander, I can say that it’s beautiful—but boy, not nearly as beautiful to live through. How much have you gotten? And it seems so soon in the season. We had a weekend of 70-degree days; today it’s 42 and raining. No doubt we’ll be seeing similar things as you have pretty soon here in Ohio. Time to pull the boots out of the basement… *sigh* 😉

    • in 3 days we got 35 cm which is almost 14 inches. Doesn’t seem like much until it drifts and piles up on roads. I guess it was almost a record for this time of year. It’s really not normal. I imagine Ohio gets it’s fair share but you’re so much farther south. About 2,000 miles according to Google but I guess that’s not directly South. Glad you’re still enjoying mild temps though, I’m loving your fall pictures. 😀

    • Hehe, I’ve said too much, the jig is up, the facade has fallen. LOL. A nice Merlot in front of the fire make the long dark nights rather romantic…so all IS well. I will try and manage as best as one can when they are spoilt. Thanks a bunch for stopping in!

    • Good for you Clowie, us bipeds sometimes need an incentive to get out in the snow. When we had our lovely Buddy, he needed to do his twice a day walk no matter the weather and I looked forward to it too. Keep up the good work, they’re so lucky to have you xoB

  5. Your photos have made me all tingly as I love snow. It is a nightmare if you have to commute but even then I look at the beautiful landscape and smile. If I had a snow day I’d go sledging and build a snow bear… then go home for some spicey parsnip soup and freshly made bread rolls. Unfortunately, we generally get ice and fog rather than clear skies and snow but I can dream 🙂 Keep posting the lovely photos Boomdee x

    • Hi PJ, the weather really has been topic of discussion as of lately. We’re really heartbroken for the folks out east, and heard about Venice being flooded. I’m in shock. I consider us so very lucky. While it’s inconvienant, the snow isn’t usually life threatning if you’re smart and respectful of it…and yes beautiful through the eye of a lens. Sledding down the English country side followed by warm parsnip soup sound like lovely Hugh Grant scene in a movie. 🙂 Thanks a bunch for stopping by.

  6. Hi Kelly, I hope you are well!

    I would like to thank you for this very nice post! First, thanks to this post the winter came sooner for me! 😀 And second: you mentioned here one of my FAVOURITE MOVIES – “Groundhog Day”! Thank you! This film is one of the best ones in all the times!

    All the best! By the way – the photos are amazing!!


    • I really love that movie too. Such good lessons to be heard if you’re willing to read between the lines. He was lucky to get so many chances, while the rest of us..well Carpe Diem. Thanks for your message! 🙂

    • Hi Steven, thanks for your message, and yes, I haven’t driven anywhere’s for a week. It’s not worth wrecking up your car. Luckily I can walk for groceries, but you can’t get much…so it’s rather European buying your grocery daily…but that’s what we’ve had to do. 🙂

  7. When it snows over here and we get that great heavy snow – – – it’s time to make “Snow Doggies”! We made a whole bunch of them across our front yard last year and everyone was slowing down to take a look when they drove by! You should try your hand at making something out in the snow – – perhaps an upside down snowman? (great snowy pics by the way!)

    • Aren’t you clever, snow doggies. We have a few little ones in our complex they have made the odd snowman. They’re very creative. Next time you’re making snow sculpture, make sure to post some photos, that sounds interesting! Thanks a bunch for your message!

  8. Sure looks pretty,,,but you can keep it for now. I haven’t had one flake yet.
    Yesterday it was actually +16 here but it’s supposed to drop to 0 by later this afternoon,,and forecasting 2cm’s of snow.
    Glad the snow has stopped for you now get the the Liquor store,,,,STAT!!

    • LOL, I’m happier to see the sunshine again. We aren’t used to grey sky’s. I’ve seen the forecasts, it’s moving east….look out and batten down the hatches. 🙂 Thanks for popping in!

    • Thanks Jeffrey! You might see get a few of these days as they’re generally not in short demand…We probably won’t thaw until Mid May….stay tuned for all the antics of ol’ man winter. 🙂 The prairies are getting nailed so far this winter.

    • All the winter magic does make for beautiful photo’s. It would be great if you didn’t have to get to work, the commute for most people is a nightmare. We’re lucky, since my hubby is able to walk to the office. I was getting cabin fever though. I did run into a young couple taking photo’s out in the snow this day and they were having a blast…so it’s all what you make of it!
      Thanks so much for your message.

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