It’s Been A Good Start


After slugging through the nastiest November/December I can recall, with crazy snow storms and plunging temperatures, our weather has finally turned around. We are now promised a few mild days,  By comparison to other years we are living the dream. Just take a look at 2010!  That’s no joke.

Take A look at 2010!

Maybe you read my story from Dec 5th, ‘Hasta La Vista Baby’,  that was some nasty stuff right?  I was really dreading all that was to come.

Edmonton snow storm, Dec 5, 2012

Edmonton snow storm, Dec 5, 2012

Happily, all it takes for me to forget the bad days, is to have a few good days. Does that happen to you too?  We were so excited about the heat wave, we took a little stroll down to The Alberta Legislature grounds.  Is it too late in the season to enjoy Christmas lights?

We walked past The General Hospital along the way, WOW

We walked past The General Hospital on the way, WOW

There were squirrels, deer and rabbits showing us the way, sweet.

There were squirrels, deer and rabbits gracing the snow, sweet.

The Alberta Legislative grounds was all a glow.

The Alberta Legislature grounds were all a glow.

Oh so pretty, they lit our way.

So pretty and magical.

I’m glad to report, it’s been a good start.

Are your Christmas lights still on?

PS. Only 73 days till spring

First Day Of Spring 2013

On The Other Hand


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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. It’s a lot warmer where my blog is, but I’ve lived through cold Indiana winters, and muggy summers. I’m glad to be in California – anywhere!!! Even so our cats are nice and fluffy right now. It gets down to 32 degrees F. at night. 🙂 Marsha 🙂

    • oh wow, you are fast! LOL, I started reading Russel’s post and linked over to you then back to Russel then…..que gleeful clapping, Downton Abbey started….will come back, I promise 😀

      • Ya, you all should go back as many times as it takes to try every beer once 😉 How fun to meet up with another Blog buddy. I follow Alys at Gardening Nirvana and we’ve become great friends, a visit is in the works, it’s been so wonderful. I was actually just in San Diego, to bad I didn’t know about this place…next time ;D

      • Great fun, I didn’t know there was a new Wizard of Oz movie coming out soon? We are always at the Cinema and haven’t caught any previews, who’s in that? Oh I guess I could Google..da. Thanks for the tip.

      • I’m not too much help. I’m running with google queens old enough to be my daughters, so they suggest, I say, “That sounds like fun, and we’re off and running !!” I love it. My job is to just enjoy their wonderful capabilities, and love them. And I do!!!

    • I know right? LOL….welcome to crazy town. Winter 2010 almost broke me. We were living in the country and spent day after day shovelling and freezing, it was inhumane. Thats when you go back to the cave and come out in the spring.

  2. Shockingly, I am the first of my neighbors to have stored my christmas decorations. This is so unlike me.

    I feel so bad for complaining about the wacky Florida weather…You can step out in boots, scarf, jacket, gloves and be freezing…and by the end of the day wishing you wore shorts. My biggest problem is whether to turn on the air or the heat. I don’t envy you. I’ll take wishy washy over minus ANYTHING.

    • I reluctantly started to clean it all away today…OMG I’ve made a disaster in here since I went shopping and for Thai food half way thru..ha. That crazy weather in 2010 was pretty unusual, that being said, people still have to get to work, walk the dog and generally be miserable until it breaks. I sometimes think it’d be great to live somewhere warm year round, but then you got hurricanes on the east coast, tornado’s in the south, earthquakes on the west coast…I guess this is ‘paying our dues’….Today I can be optimistic about winter it was warm…-3 C or 26.6 F….where’s the sunscreen? LOL

      • Hell, I’ll take the hurricanes any day. Plenty of warning. You might lose your house but if you’re not an idiot, you can get the hell out of the way. Besides, hurricane parties are fabulous. Perhaps someone who has been in a hurricane more recently than me (1985, Hurricane Elena, I was 3) would have a different perspective but they keep moving away from us. I wanted to be a hurricane hunter pilot until I found out that you have to join the army reserve to do so. At least to be a pilot.

      • Yep, I can see you doing that quite handily, it would take some steely nerves to pilot thru a hurricane. Winter is something you make the best of….no one really LIKES it. What if we suited you up in some really awesome ski-gear and boots? I was at a sports shop today getting new skates….it’s an entire industry, ‘fashionable outer wear’….no? LOL

      • I DO always see cute snowboarding wear that I like…then I remember that some part of me will still be cold and then I have no desire to snowboard. The boyfriend used to every year…I liked looking at the pictures.

  3. Oh, all of the lights at the Center are so lovely! I can’t blame you for meandering down to take a look at them.

    Nice weather, too. *giggle*

    • Thanks Jen, I just got a new camera for Christmas, hopefully my photo’s will improve…the night shots were a tricky bit with my old Cannon. How long have you been a photographer?

  4. The lites at the legislative bldgs. r awesome. Off to Vilna tomorrow to Lorna’a to celebrate Uk. Xmas. Hope I feel better than I did Dec. 25th. LUL

    • I’m so glad it’s mild and the weathers good for travel, otherwise we’d worry. Have a great visit and say hello from me. We’ll have to drive over there one night. There’s a little parking and not busy on a weeknight. The lights are ‘2 die 4’…merry Christmas Aunty K, LUL 2 xoK

  5. You are definitely having a heat wave which is much appreciated, I’m sure! Why is it that the winter months seem so long and yet our summers just fly past us? I hear ya on the flip flops – – I can’t wait to bring mine back out and head outside! (did you know that there’s only 299 days until Halloween?)

    • Hi Val, I just got back from your Craft Palooza over at Nikitaland, what a huge portfolio (that’s what the pro’s call it…LOL). The hubby took me out for Tia Food so I didn’t have to cook supper…little clapping there..ha. That is THE question for some scholar at MIT….”why do winters seem so long?”…there is probably some technical, scientific reason having to do with the sun and melatonin in the brain, the short answer is because summers are shorter here…LOL Maybe June (if we are lucky) to mid September….not fair. 🙂 Wow, 299 days to Halloween, better get bizzy…LOL Thanks so much for you message!

  6. My daughter informed me last night she doesn’t want to live here (sunny Australia beachside) anymore – no she wants to live somewhere where it snows at Christmas – heavens it must get REALLY cold where you live. We don’t even get frosts in winter 🙂

    • Oh boy, one of those “the grass is always greener” things. Well, the snow is pretty but we do tire of it month after month. That temp on New Years day 2010 must have been a record, because seasonal is more like -8 to -14
      Still I think you’d prefer the beach. You can let her know I will trade her winters any day..ha. Actually we are enjoying a mild spot. -3 C today and +2 C for tomorrow…feels positively brilliant. Thanks for your visit Lizzy xK

  7. Congratulations on the *heat wave* Boomdee. I love the pretty lights, most especially the animal ones. Too cute!

    I’m glad you are getting a break from the cold and snow. I’m stunned at that 2010 number. Can you say Brrrrrrrrrr

    Nice post, nice walk.

    • Thanks Alys, it’s like “winter? what winter?”…I’m off to pickup a pair of skates this afternoon so we can held out to the rink at the same park. It’s awesome with lights and music.
      That weather in 2010 is all a blurrrrr…looks monstrous! We also had a 1 in 100 year, break all records snow fall…it was our last winter at the lake and it almost did me in. LOL.
      Thanks for coming along, and your nice message xoK

      • Oh skates! Fun, fun, fun. I left Canada before really learning, but we loved to roller skate. We also ice skated indoors at a rink in Belmont. I hope you’ve had a terrific time.

        Sharon had a year like that in Iowa in 2008. Non. Stop. Snow.

        That must have been so hard at the lake. I’m glad you’ve had time away from all that shoveling. That is super hard work. xxoo

      • Oh boy, roller skating is harder than ice skating I think. It’s so retro, reminds me of the ’70’s, I love it.
        Thanks Alys, we had a great evening, but it involved Thai food and not skating. I tried on 4 pairs and couldn’t get a comfortable fit. All too narrow on my right foot and I didn’t even have extra socks on yet. I have weirdo feet. I really hurt a toe once and it always needs lots of room. We’re going to a place that sells only sports gear tomorrow..better selection 🙂

      • So sorry to hear about the foot troubles. That does pose a unique challenge for something like a pair of skates. Best of luck.

        We love Thai food, and were sad when our favorite place closed. It was good and local. We’ve not really found a good replacement.

        Yes, skating is very 70’s. Loved it as a girl.

    • Thanks for converting that for me Steven. That is hard to believe. O boy, sounds good to me, but you’re probably feeling it. Are you worried about any of your garden? It’s -8 C currently but it’s 1:39am..Sunday they are calling for 4 C or 39 F. We are then apparently going back to the deepfreeze by next Thursday…some Arctic nonsense. Our weather tends to fluctuate a lot in Alberta.

    • You and me both, these little things we do to elevate the pain of winter help, but bring on the flip flops. At least Bowie has a nice fur coat to wear. My cats are shedding sooooo bad right now.

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