I Was A Noodle **

While attempting to sort through old family photo’s, I’ve come to the shocking realization that, ‘I didn’t seem to own a shirt’.  Ya, the 60’s were that weird.

Get Naked

I can’t for the life of me figure out why I was always in some state of half dressed, half the time.  I don’t think you’ll see this much these days.  I’m not even sure if it was normal back then. I do see my cousin Lee-Ann and all three brothers managed to  find outfits this particular day.

I'm Tanning!

Excuse me, but who was looking after me?  I bet I didn’t even have sunscreen on.

Looks like I was a noodle**.

Do you remember your parents putting sunscreen on you back then?

** Update June 14, 2013 The title of this post and certain key words have

been updated and edited  by the author.

Attention Freaks, you are NOT in the right place.

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50 thoughts on “I Was A Noodle **

  1. You are so funny! I bet your site hits soared with that title!

    I don’t remember sun block at that age, but boy did I ever need it. I’ve had too many serious burns to count with my pale skin.

    My mother tells the story of me stripping down to nothing while playing outdoors near a neighbor’s house. She called my mother. I remember having “the talk” about how it was important to wear clothes when outside. They seemed like such a bother at the time.

    Ah to be so uninhibited. You are adorable!!!


    1. Ha, thanks Alys. The title is little saucy but luckily no sinister types have shown up. It is shocking to see how often I was in some state of undress, this is only two of a few I’ve come across. So you were racing around the hood with no clothes too? That’s so funny, I can only imagine the call your neighbour made…LOL. “Can you please come and collect Alys, she’s naked again”. We could have started a little club…LOL. Hey, if Barbie can lay around naked, why can’t we? You’ll be happy to know, those days are long gone…my suitcase will be very full when I visit 😀 xK


      1. Yes, my clothing-optional days are long past. Now I work to disguise my aging flesh. Sad, though, that we can’t remain that uninhibited. As you say, it works for Barbie!

        Yes, the phone call must have really caught Mom by surprise. Prior to that, it never occurred to me that I couldn’t take my clothes off. Living in Ontario, their were very few opportunities! Hee!


        1. LOL, not to mention mosquito’s….they were so bad the last summer we were at the lake. Now we have to cover up in sun screen goo and toxic sprays…melanoma’s & west nile 😦 oh, joy.


        2. I know. I found a wonderful sunblock (though pricey it lasts for ever). It’s a mineral powder. It’s all I use now on my face, neck, shoulders, etc. I use the cream on my legs if I’m at the pool. Let me see if I can find a link.

          Mosquitos love me. Apparently I’m quite delectable to feeding females. They are the worst!


        3. oh ooops, I’m reading out of order. replied to the link and asked these same questions you so nicely have answered here. 😀 I’m going to see if I can find it in Edmonton. If not, I’ve make a bookmark at the link. Looks perfect for me since I already use powerder very similar from Estee Lauder. Thanks a bunch Alys.

          We never notice Mosquitos in San Diego, I just assumed you didn’t have any either….darn they are ‘almost’ everywhere. I didn’t know the the females are worst….Delectable indeed…giggle!


        4. Here’s a better price ($40, not $60). The first time I bought it with the built in brush, but they also sell refills. I buy the fair color (the lightest). It goes on light and smooth and does an amazing job. Even the dermatologist noticed, and that is saying something.


        5. o, yes I did spy the refill offer and thought that’d be an option to just refill my existing Estee dispenser….fabulous. Thank you for sharing that, I can’t wait to try it. 🙂 I’m also very close to needing a new one, so I don’t even have to feel bad about the price, it’s about the same xoK


    1. Ha, I guess technically I can’t blame my parents for no sunscreen, since it wasn’t the ‘life & death’ situation we know today….but really, not putting a shirt on your only daughter for photo’s is unforgivable…LOL Thanks for your visit!


  2. Okay, but this is going to age me. When I was growing up, sunscreen wasn’t available in our little town except for some awful white paste you could get at the pharmacy. As a freckled redhead, I burned easily, so the solution was to 1) make me wear a shirt with sleeves in the worst part of a sunny day, 2) add a hat to the outfit, 3) make me stay inside if I was getting over a sunburn, or 4) give up and let me play outside.
    I like your post so much better!


    1. Hi Marylin, I think I might not be too far behind you. 😀 I’ve only just begun to notice a lot of brown spots showing up all over my bod….thanks ’60’s. Sun damage just wasn’t on the radar was it? Crumb, I actually remember putting iodine in baby oil and using that in the sun…??? that’s just weird LOL. I really feel for you, being so fair might have seems difficult in your youth, but look at all the sun damage you avoided. Thanks for you message 🙂


      1. You girls are no doubt the stunners in the room….fair skin & blue eyes..red hair..That sounds Irish doesn’t it? I wonder if some long last relative from your irish past is to blame?


        1. One day I’ll get around to tracing my genealogy. I really am a mixed bag. How about you, Marilyn?

          At 26 my dermatologist told me I had premature aging of the skin. At 49 I had to have skin cancer surgically removed. I’ve had to take sunblock very seriously.

          My father was British, my first name is Welsh, my mother’s maiden name was German and her family hailed from Nova Scotia. I’m sure some Irish figures in there somewhere. Both of my sisters are brunettes, my boys are also brunettes. I’m the odd ball.


        2. That would have been harsh news at 26 and I don’t see that at all.

          Interesting how families are so diverse. My cousins son also has red hair…maybe from his dads side, with I believe also British origins. I can’t wait for the next season of “Who Do You Think You Are”. Well known people trace their family histories, with stunning revelations it’s always so interesting.


    1. Hi Clowie, sounds like your bi-peds parents were like most. Sometimes on holidays it came out but generally, everyday ‘fun in the sun’ was easy breezy. Thanks for your message! See you soon.


  3. I am from an earlier generation. We had no air conditioning and not even any fans. There were four of us girls so mother had a lot of ironing in those days. I remember when we got our first box fan and we all slept on the livingroom floor so we could be cool!!!


    1. Hello Maridel, that’s a beautiful name. You said it, things were not so fancy back then, right? I remember doing ironing when I was just 8 or 9….can you imagine some kid doing it today? There was a lot of it back then. I guess that’s why I’m not a fan of it now. That box fan must of seems like the ‘cat’s meow’ after all the heat. Thanks for sharing your memory and for popping in today 🙂


    1. Herman here has said the same. I guess the only time parents had to think about the sun was on vacation…..we used to go to a local lake in the summer but I can not even remember sunscreen….simple days 🙂 Have an awesome night Sheryl.


    1. :D….awesome! Then I wasn’t a nudist, only a perfectly normal thing. She’ll probably think you were too busy sewing to worry about her attire, HA…I must have had the same notion. LOL, thanks Lizzy!


  4. Great photo’s! I can’t remember ever wearing sunscreen when I was younger either. But, the one thing that I do remember (having three older sisters) and whenever THEY did something wrong – they got punished and so did I. When I was old enough to ask why was I being punished too when I did nothing wrong – – my Dad responded back: “Just so you DON’T do it later”. It worked. I turned out to be a good girl.


    1. Wow 3 sisters, that’s the opposite of my family. Did they all look out for you being the youngest? My little bro is 46…wow we are getting up there LOL. Your Dad was forward thinking :D, I guess he knew what he was doing hey? What a cute memory, thanks for sharing Valerie xK


      1. I was the youngest of four daughters and NO, my sisters did not look out for me. Quite the opposite. If only they would have told me things while I was in school, things would have been easier on me. Never told me about makeup, clothes, or hair issues, as they just did their own thing. And everyone always says that the youngest is spoiled, not in my case. My oldest sister ran everything, and still does today. Grrrr! My Dad (God rest his soul) was the best, and the day I moved out of the house, he said that he was happy. I asked him why he said that, and he replied: “I can get the bathroom all to myself now”. After dealing with four girls all his life, I could understand where he was coming from! LOL


        1. I would imagine it’s not easy being the youngest…I was in fact the 2nd oldest and only girl. You might think that I was spoilt too but I don’t really think so (you’d have to ask my brothers though, ha).


    1. Wow, What country did you grow up in? Sounds like it was awesome and carefree! I don’t think parents were that concerned with kids fashion either by the looks of my family photo’s, LOL. Thanks for coming by 🙂


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