Love Is….


Waiting for you at home,

Love Is Blossum


Home baked cookies from your one true love.

Love Is Peanut Butter Cookies

A joy to find.

Love Is A Joy To Find

Never Forgotten.

Love Is Never Forgotten

Spending time together.

Love Is Spending Time Together

Making a promise and holding it close to

your heart everyday.

Love is a promise kept

A joyful journey with you by my side.

Love is a Joyful Journey

Happy Valentine’s Day Hon!


Love is You


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    • Mwwwaaa, hope your Valentine’s was sweet, like you. My two favourite guys there, yes Buddy was my bundle of furry love. I remember that moment. We were trying to give him a bath out on the lawn. He was mostly co-operative but we got really wet too. HA. Hugs to you PJ, xK

    • LOL, just a sweet little thing that helps around the house! I blame any off key whistling on her. Hope you had a sweet day yourself Steven. I’m so behind, coming over soon to see what you’re up to. Thank you for your visit!

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    • LOL, thank you my dear friend, I told him this an he said “most certainly, tell Alys I agree! Ha…mind you he can hardly say anything to the contrary. We are already back from our Valentine supper, so we are watching Downton Season 1…the perfect evening. Mwaaaa! You? What are you lovebirds up to?

      • Mike was home late, but we had a nice dinner and champagne. He leaves for an early business trip in the morning, but just for one day. πŸ™‚ Love that you are watching Season 1.

      • Cheers to you both πŸ˜€ (Hi Mike…you lucky man you). I was just at your Blog too. Don’t know how you manage little visitors, games, dinner…champagne and still spoil me with your post. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

        Oh boy, yes Downton was soooooo good tonight…bar of soap in Her Ladies Bathing Room…nasty nasty woman…yadda yadda. Those sisters were very contentious in season one…meeeeooww. Great fun!
        Not spoiling it for any viewers, Mr B πŸ˜‰

      • Hi Mr. B (waving).

        Yes, season one was something else. They certainly mellowed over time. One of the things I’ve grown to love about the show is the way he allows all the characters to grow and develop in very believable ways. I really like that. I could hardly wait to see the season finale, and now can’t believe how long we have to wait for season four.

      • I was worried that everything was going too well at Downtown. UgG! A whole year, that’s far too long. We will be watching seasons one and two for the next bit. I guess if you start getting withdrawals, you can watch them over again.

        They really are maturing aren’t they. Mary and Edith seemed so bratty in season one. It’s probably more fun to play bratty since they are no doubt nice young english girls in real life.

        The staff at Shrimpy’s house were sure gloomy, Yikes. Especially the Misses Dressing Lady :0P

      • It was pretty gloomy at Shrimpy’s. An interesting contrast to the staff having fun at the fair…well, for the most part.

        Edith was quite the pill early on and Mary as well. Lots of growth. I wonder how many years into the future they’ll go. We both looked at each other during the episode when Robert mentioned Ponzie. Holy cow!

        (No spoilers Mr. B….promise)

      • Mr B can not know how hard it is to skirt the plot here when I just want to scream, “what were you thinking?” SOAG!! Ha, is that a web acronym? If not, I’m making it one……means ‘Son Of A Gun…ha’

        Oh ya, “Great opportunity with high yields, with some Mr Ponzie”….we chuckled too.

      • Oooooh extras, fantastic. You’ll have to enlighten us with anything juicy. πŸ˜€ Don’t you just love the butler? We laugh like crazy at his one liners.

      • Carson is the best! Love him. I’ve seen a few funny ads pop up for Carson t-shirts, too. Isn’t that funny?

        We’ve just watched the first DVD. I think it must be what you’ve already seen on another show: an interview with the woman that owns (care-takes) the property, and another sort interviewing a few of the actors, the producer, and the set historian. It was fun to see that the downstairs is an entire set, whereas the upstairs is the actual home. Spectacular.

      • Great fun. It would be such a riot to be a shopper for the set stuff. Scouring old shops or even the internet. I like looking behind the scene all all those goodies. It’s all so convincing.

      • It really is, isn’t it. I think of all the times the staff is running up and down those stairs, and now to think the stairs aren’t even part of the house. Fun!

    • Thank you Aunty!! Happy Valentine’s to you too. We’re celebrating at a restaurant on 82 Ave. tonight….so yahoo, I’m relaxing my pants off today. Love you, see you soon. xoxK & J.

    • No youuuuuuu, xoxo Thanks Sher, I guess you have a lot of spoiling to do with you boys there and mamma bear. I hope you also get a little spoilt today…..heck, we’re worth it LOL, Love You!

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