The Good. The Bad. The Ugly?

There’s sure a lot of differing notions about ‘Vintage’.  Everyone has their own opinions about it. My ‘vintage’ might be your worst nightmare and vise-versa. Have you ever driven over to a  yard sale advertising ‘Vintage’ only to be disappointed to find they were referring to all the broken Fischer Price toys their kids no longer played with or board games missing half  the pieces?  That’s what I like about the Antique Mall.  It’s all in one place and if someone’s stuff doesn’t scream ‘Vintage’ to you, just take a few steps to the next booth. On a recent trip, I spotted this cheery vintage bread box. Maybe cute storage in the craft room?Craft  Room Storage

I was actually on the look out for Fairy Garden containers at the time and spotted these two things. What do you think?  Wouldn’t a fairy garden look cute in the vintage coffee percolator? Maybe on your kitchen counter?  I don’t exactly know what the other ‘thing-a-ma-jig’ is (bloggin’ friend Steven says butter churn), but it’d make an interesting container for  a garden in the den or maybe filled with your priceless marble collection? Mmmm, wait, I don’t currently have a den or a priceless marble collection…best move along.

Fairy Garden Containers?

It’s maddening to find the perfect item but then be knocked over  the head with sticker shock. I gasped when I spotted this crew and then said “ouch!!”  Snow White and her seven adorable dwarfs living in my garden?  Oh man, that would be dreamy.

Snow White & Her Dwarfs in My Fairy Garden?

Sadly, they weren’t in the budget, not even close. Neither was this one lonely guy.  “Oh, but he has a red hat too” said a vintage looking devil on one shoulder,  “just move along Boomdee” said the smart angel on my other shoulder 😀  Do you have these inner conflicts too?

A friend for Alyster?

Then there are the totally impractical things that catch my eye.  Can you imagine these just sitting out in the snow?  New Garden door?  That old library book cart would be very handy in the craft room or in the breakfast nook with cups, cute tea packages and a coffee maker on it.  Again, I also don’t have a breakfast nook or a garden 😦  Seems I have far more decorating ideas than I do real estate.


Finally, I spotted this ‘vintage’ night light and burst out laughing.  I LOVE dogs but would find this a little frightening on my nightstand as a child.  Can you say “therapy”?  But that’s the joy of vintage, it’s the good, the bad and the ugly.

Night Night...yikes!

What’s in you vintage shopping cart this week?

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Living the dream with Mr Right and two black rescue cats, Petals & Blossum. Life and Love expresses itself in the many ongoing art projects. Favorite quote "we'll grow kindness in our hearts for all the strangers amoung us, till there are no strangers any more" Singer-Songwriter Patti Griffin.

45 thoughts on “The Good. The Bad. The Ugly?

    1. The more I see this little doggie, that sadder I think it is. PJ wanted to get it and rescue him LOL. It’d be a good Ukrainian Christmas Gift. We used to buy just joke stuff.


    1. I haven’t been back to see if either are still around because I really want that book truck too. You work in a library? I think that’d be a great job. Nice and quiet in there, HA.


  1. Oh, nice finds! And, I know what you mean. At one point, many years ago, there were essentially “junk stores” on the street I used to live on, where you could decorate your entire home on a budget of $20. Now, these same stores are “antique shops” where the prices are quadrupled. It’s all relative, one person’s treasure is another’s trash, or I think that’s how that goes. Good luck with your faery garden!


    1. Hi GJ, I can’t even imagine how many things I’ve sold at garage sales for a song only to walk into these ‘antique shops and see my old stuff for big $$. But I’m not one to keep things forever. I use them, love them, pass them on…it’s a constant revolving door. Thank you for the garden cheer. He’s really cute in there. 😀


  2. Oh, my. That nightlight is a bit much! I suppose it came out of the nuclear age. 😉 You expected a glow to emit from your dog’s open mouth!

    The little tin at the top of the post is very cute, and I think it would be perfect storage for your craft room. At my favourite antiques mall not long after we moved here, I found a great set of vintage kitchen canisters in pale pink and grey—perfect for holding sewing accoutrements! One has buttons, another needles, et cetera. Pretty and functional! But you should love it. If not, wait. Something perfect always comes along.

    Also, I love that door. *swoon* No idea where I’d—oooo, between the laundry room and the kitsch-en! I’m on my way! 😉


    1. Hi Jen, sometimes I stop just to kill an hour and chill out (I’m not sure from what, my life is pretty chilled ha). You know, that aqua door would be cute between the kitsch-en (giggle) and laundry. I think it was only $35.00. Sometimes I think they could paint an old tire aqua and it’d be appealing….LOL Your pink & grey canisters sound perfect and so much more decorative than the usual. Thanks for your message!


  3. I love your sentence…seems I have far more decorating ideas than I do real estate…girl don’t I know it. I have said this for years! Great minds think alike…that bread box…oh so many good memories of my grandmother when I saw this happened!


    1. Hi Laurie, surprising that struck a chord with more than one visitor. I guess great minds do think alike, HA. It’s hard to resist these goodies. If I had this kind of willpower in the pantry, I’d be golden LOL. You’re so sweet to think of your grandmother, that’s exactly one of the joys of vintage I think. Brings warm & happy thoughts to the day. Thanks for being part of mine, and for your message!


    1. Thanks LB! I should have to picked that up. It would make nice storage or even a fun gift box for a bigger item. Do you like to decorate with Vintage? It’s a little addictive.:D


    1. Thanks for visiting Jean, I’m glad I’m not the only one. I know someone who changes her house decor with every season. Christmas, Valentine’s, Easter. I have a pretty eclectic look but unfortunately, nightlight dog still doesn’t go. 😀 Cheers


    1. OmGosh, you’re right LOL. Poor little guy. I had one friend here wanting to rescue him just to take the lightbulb out, I thought the was a sweet idea. Thanks so much for visiting.


  4. Okay – by now you’ve probably guessed I’m a little bit mad so I’m going to unleash a little more crazy by telling you that I would have probably bought the doggie lamp! Not to actually use as a lamp but to rescue him… remove the lightbulb from his mouth and let him run free! 🙂
    The butter churn is my favourite – and the little fellow with the red hat is super cute.


    1. LOL, OK maybe you are certifiable but that’s just the sweetest thing ever ((( PJ ))) Maybe he could hang out and guard the chickens. 😀

      I really could see the butter churn in you home. It has an appeal that’s hard to deny. People were very inventive back then. I guess they couldn’t hop in a car and run to the mall. Mass produced is such a bore…vintage is so much more interesting. Thanks for visiting my dear! Cheers 😀


  5. Enjoyed ur trip to the antique mall. There r quite a few outlets in Ottawa but it was too cold to go out shopping this year,maybe next year – LUL


    1. Hi Aunty, Welcome home! Too bad it was so cold in Ottawa, that’s unusual isn’t it? Well, who know’s what’s normal is far as weather goes. I bet Friday and B is missing you already. Hey, Princess Di show at WEM! Well go soon. 😀 Missed you LUL. xK


  6. Love the vintage stuff. Spent a lot of time in Antique stores and like you would have brought lots of lovelies home. But now it’s thrift store time. Sometimes you can get lucky. I started collecting antiques when I married my last husband. He was my first antique.:) Learned a lot from him. You need just the right house to display the vintage look. I bet you keep that in mind while you house hunt.


    1. Hello my dear, you make me laugh..hehe ‘the ex was your first antique’ kill me.

      I went to our local Value Village (like Goodwill) store too, looking for a garden container. They’ve wisen’d up. I was shocked to see their antique T-cups were all over $20, Well I guess some of it goes to charity.

      A home with character does appeal to me, their always in the nicest neighbourhoods. Fingers crossed. Thank you for your visit Marlene 😀 How are your feeling these days?


  7. great blog Mrs. Boomdeadda !! had me laughing as I could envision everything that you said you were doing as you were looking !!!


    1. Debbbbbbb, xoxoxo LOL, I call em’ as I see em’. You know me well, I stood at that little red capped elf thinking exactly that…..I’m too practical to get too crazy, but oh boy he was cute. We should go on your days off! hey? Karen and I had lunch at the Strathcona market one day and it was simple but delish. We looked at a house on Friday afternoon, but it was too tiny. build in the late 40’s I think. I could see myself there, but not one else… room. Were people really little back then? Or didn’t need ‘their own space’. 😀


    1. Isn’t he cute? I like the look on his face. Oh well, cute doesn’t always cute it. LOL We don’t have too many worthy flea markets here. I’ve tried a few but they end up being too junky or people selling stuff from Dollar stores. I’d love to go to the ones in California. Rachel Ashwell (Shabby Chic) has made millions selling the ‘Flea Market’ look.


  8. That old library book cart is awesome! I hope you stopped and picked it up! I can’t believe the cost of the little gnomes – yikes! That little doggie night light would be scary waking up next to. I loved everything that you took pictures of, all good finds! I have visited an Amish town long ago in Ohio and found some great stores with some awesome antique items. I saw this really old microphone on a stand and it was in good condition and I wanted it badly, kept going back to look at it, then ended up leaving the store without it. I should have picked it up and I regret that I did not. It would have made a great conversation piece for sure! I did find some really old cameras that day, and cleaned them up and sold them on ebay years ago to a collector! I oh so would love to go antique shopping with you!


    1. Hey, I saw some old microphones on ‘American Pickers’ that were pretty pricey for resale. Darn hey? I have a few regrets on this I’ve left behind too.

      The Gnome I ended up buying was only 4.99 but the one I left behind was a ‘Dremel’ I guess. German collectable? I don’t know too much about them.

      I didn’t bring home the library book cart, I thought I should think about it…….it is cute 😀 I do so need a partner in crime to shop with, it’d be fun! And dangerous LOL


  9. Boomdee, it is an old butter churn. Definitely an early hand crank one as later ones integrated the jar lid into the crank mechanism. This one looks cobbled together and may even have been made from something else.


    1. hola mi amigo, Gracias.
      Really interesting, I never would have guessed. I thought it might be for mixing up something but looks so industrial, you’ve used the right word…’cobbled’ together. Hey, is it ‘tiempo para una cerveza’ yet? Enjoy and thanks for the info, I’ll update! 😀


  10. Omg! I cannot believe there is a vintage night light of a dog barfing up a bulb! Yowza! Loved that spot when I saw you last summer…. I am still coveting the aqua butter dish… Mom said she’d check to see if it was still there… Don’t let her forget! 😉


    1. I shall be on the lookout for said dish…although honestly, I have no idea where it was, LOL. This was actually another Mall on Calgary trail. We’ll have to get there next time you’re in town…what are you doing next weekend 😉
      That is quite the special little dog isn’t it? What about a coloured bulb? LOL….no that sounds worse.
      Are there any good shops in Ottawa? Last time I was in Toronto, we took the old hi-way a long the lake and there are a ton of cute cute towns full of antique shops, I’d love to do that again one day….you and me? xox Thanks for stopping by my sweet Sher! LUL


  11. Whenever you post about things you see or buy at the Antique Mall, I wish I was closer and could shop there too. Although, I am terrible about stopping myself from buying things that I have no place for so it is just as well that I am far away. You always find the cutest things and have such creative ideas for ways to use them. Enjoy!! (can’t wait until you get here!)


    1. Bonjour ma douce amie californien! 😀 I don’t really speak french but Google does.

      It’s was hard to resist the Library cart, I must say “it’s calling my name”. So practical and nostalgic. Where can you by a solid wood cart on wheels for $50? Now if you lived here, you would have been there, made that argument and helped me stuff it in the car…LOL. It’d be fun dropping in to an antique mall in your hometown, maybe we can swing it. I’d love to find a fairy garden treasure to bring home, that’d be soooo special. I can’t wait either! mwaaaa!


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