A Charitable Read


I’m back, way back.  I’m sharing a favourite post from July 2012 today since my old Macbook packed it in on Saturday, I’ve only just got up and running on my brand new laptop.  If this gives you pause for thought about when you last did a backup, you are not alone. I know it did me.  My last external backup was months ago. Luckily my Apple Genius was able to transfer all my old files, even photo’s.  I was so relieved, and really impressed with the service. Bravo Apple! Leaving nothing to chance,  I plan to backup all my photo’s on a weekly basis now.  All’s well that end’s well. I wonder who first said that?  I’m sure one of you might know.  Please enjoy this oldie but goodie….I missed you xoK

Vintage Books Rock

A Charitable Read

Do you have masses of books tucked into nooks and crannies throughout the house?  I really do, and can’t seem to resist a few more. At least these were bought for a good cause. Meals On Wheels collected used books to be re sold for a donation. I thought that was very clever of them.  I tend to like the ones with old faded covers.  It’s the paper inside that’s so irresistible, all worn and speckled with age spots (or have I just caught my reflection in a mirror, ha).

Here’s the treasure I came home with.  “A Campfire Girls Happiness” is for a best friend…shhhhh!  I’ve enjoyed many, many campfires at the lake with her and her friendship has brought immense happiness to my life.  Look at the darling illustration up front.  It appears to have been printed in 1940, as part of a series.  Oh O, sounds like a challenge to me.

Then there’s “The Queen’s Physician” printed in New York in 1948. That’s so grand.  Spoiler alert, here’s how it ends on page 405:

A Stormy night. And today I have been up on deck. The hull of our vessel is shuddering under the high seas. But at any rate it is morning and England is not too far away. It is morning everywhere, morning even in myself. Even in the mighty flow of history, roiled though it may be just now by catastrophes. A storm is buffeting the whole world, but still it is morning. For this reason I welcome it. My ship is good. My heart is firm.

Good heavens, how mysterious! What could that be all about. I can picture some young women, smartly dressed, reading this intently while riding a bus to her new job in Manhattan while across the aisle a snazzy fellow in a fedora is amused by the concentration she displays on a perfectly penciled brow as she finally reads “my heart is firm”.

Oops, back to reality.  I’m very curious now, perhaps I should make a cup of tea and settle in for a charitable read.


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  1. You have some great finds! It pleases my heart to hear you and the commenters reflect a respect and joy for vintage books. Oh, and thanks for reminding me about the back-up!

    • OMgosh, how did I miss your message? So sorry and thanks for reading. Isn’t technology wicked sometimes? These old dusty jackets would never let you down like that, LOL I’m still tardy on the whole backup thing, I’ve done it once since this post…must do better, to busy having fun 😀 Cheers

    • So true, I bet your collection looks great on a shelf. I just bought two old school readers in perfect condition. Cute illustrations, so they don’t even have to be deep stories for me. Hope you’re feeling better Steven, thanks for your comment 😀

  2. Welcome back and hurray for Apple’s Genius Bar and you. It’s amazing what we trust to our little electronic box, isn’t it?

    Loved this post, now and then. Glad you are back in business, Boomdee. Life wouldn’t be the same without you. xxoo

    • Thanks for commenting again Alys! Way back when I wrote this, ((you)) wrote my one and only message, mwaaaa. I can’t say enough about the order they make of Chaos in that Apple Store. Everyone I dealt with was super personable, knowledgable and helpful. I’ve been trying to decide between a Samsung and an iPhone and with this, I do think the service with the iPhone and the synergy it offers with my laptop offers the best value. I’m jumping on the Apple band wagon LOL. Thank you that awesome compliment too. xoK

      • Awww. I ♥ our history, Boomdee. It gives me the warm fuzzies every day.

        We have iPhone 5s….never looked back. Love it. I’m still a PC user, but Mike and M. have Macs and love them. I think you’ll be super happy. We have a few friends who’ve worked at Apple for years.

    • I’m not surprised you’re a fan of theses gems to Sheryl. I had an old Sears Catalogue that listed a lot of surprising titles. I like the size of old novels too. Very portable. Thanks so much for visiting!

  3. I do love the photos of the vintage books! (and I’m backing up to external hard drive constantly because my lap top is on the way out ,,, sadness!). Good luck with the new lap top!

    • True that….LOL. I’ve bought a few vintage books just because of the colour of the spine, it looks good in the stack…giggle. Why not use them as decor if they are going to hang around? Thanks for your message, cheers to books & you!

    • Giggle, funny what attachment we have to books considering the world seems to be gravitating to having everything on line. I like things with a history, with age, something tangible to hold….it’s all very nostalgic. I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one, thanks Laurie!

  4. Thanks for sharing! I love old books. I sold most of mine when we downsized, but kept a few favorites including some Jane Austen, Louisa May Alcott and a few old “series” books. I pull them out and debate keeping them, but then put them back in the bookcase, They just make me feel good 🙂

    • I hear you. I also had to make drastic cuts when we moved. Lots of my stuff is still in storage. They do make you feel good don’t they? I like thinking about who elses hands have held them or where….the mystery is a fun little extra. Thanks for popping by 😀

    • smooch! thanks Val, I was really concerned about my photos since I always erase them from my camera after I download them. Also, many family photo’s I don’t have access to anymore….I would have been devastated. How do you store all your photo’s? I’m considering an external hard drive.

  5. I love old books, especially ones where someone had made a note or personal inscription. I picked up a bunch of classic children’s books for Miss 10 in Tasmania on holidays, including Little Women… which still makes me cry… every single time!

    • Aren’t they awesome. I like that they are usually small and portable too. I know the e-readers are paper friendly, but since old books are already here, why not cherish them. Thanks a bunch for your visit Lizzy!

  6. Ah, glad the data wasn’t lost! You might think about a time machine backup. I was very glad to have had one when an Apple authorised dealer replaced my hard disk on a recall, and didn’t copy over the contents… Love the books

    • Thanks you, I had been looking at that exact thing. I’m going to make a list of questions for my first one on one at the Genius Bar. I’m still snooping thru all the products to see what’s changed since my last Mac. Thank goodness you were on top of things….that wasn’t really good thinking on their part. I had a good experience, but that would have really been awful for you otherwise. Thanks for the tip and have an awesome day!

      • If I’d been able to go to an Apple store I doubt the problem would have arisen. I had to use an auth repairer (a French man with attitude) who couldn’t care less – well he might now after the review I gave of his service 😉 I’ve been using Macs for 25 years and this is the closest (touch wood) I’ve been to disaster. Pick their brains, they give good advice.

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