Boom Box Number Three


My goodness time fly’s. Back on March 29th I shared a delicious but calorie free cupcake with all of you, I was celebrating 200 Followers.  If you missed the post you can magically go back in time by clicking here!

Paper Cupcake

The cupcake was actually made for one of my ‘Craft It Forward’ gals and so it needed a custom Boom-Box of it’s very own.  What’s more perfect for a paper cupcake than a paper take-out box?  This blogger offers a template to download, Mel Stampz. I modified her template to fit the size I needed and of course I made it aqua blue. Hey, it’s worked for Tiffany & Co. since 1845.  Did you know, the Tiffany Blue colour is actually colour trademarked by the company? I guess Boomdeeadda’s a classy place too 😀

What's On The Menu?

Remember the way inter-company mail envelopes had a tie and toggle closure?  I’ve fashioned the top of my Boom-Box to close in the same way.  The toggle is two half inch circles held together with an eyelet.  The string was attached to one side of the lid and  winds between the two circles on the other side.

Boomdee Take Out

Made with Love for someone special, enjoy!  It’s on it’s way, the cupcake has left the building in Boom Box number three.

Boom Box Number Three

What’s your favourite take-out?

Did you just join us?

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Craft It Forward Invite

Boom Box Number One

Boom Box Number Two


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  1. Hey, did you ever read Breakfast at Tiffany’s? That Tiffany blue is the sure cure for the “mean reds!” I think everything at Tiffany’s costs a bazillion dollars, but it’s fun to window shop there, as Holly Golightly knew. Soon you’ll be soaring over the clouds to sunny CA!

    • Hey, I’ve never read it but I love that movie. Audrey and her pearls and perfect sunglasses. Moooooon River…la la la la la. A classic.

      Almost finished packing, I feel like a good night sleep might be elusive I’m so excited. Next stop San Francisco, mwaaaa!

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    • Thanks Sheryl, it was a heck of a thing to make but I liked how the roses reminded me of icing. Oh man, I’m always hungry at night….I should break that habit 😉 I like homemade cupcakes but rarely the store made ones, they put too much icing on them. I’d actually prefer NO icing.

  3. That is so, so pretty! The colours are gorgeous…the embellishments on the outside are beautiful and just scream ‘spring’! Great job, it’s so lovely. I’m sure the recipient will adore it!

    • Jen you are a doll to say so, thank you so much. I’m really behind on my Blog reads. I hope all is well with you. I promise to catch up soon. I’ve been getting ready for our trip. Sunshine was the recipient and left a darling reply. It’s so nice to hear compliments on a project, thanks again.

  4. OMG!@!!! I JUST GOT IT!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I love it. It is so beautiful! Everyone in my family thinks it is amazing! The box, I am going to frame somehow. It’s awesome! I love the way you embellish and pack, and the xo’s on the box and pretty tissue paper. What a surprise on a snowy wet April day!! The magnets and the cupcake will have a special place in my craft room.
    xoxoxo You’re the BOMB.

    • Yahhhh! Hey Sunshine! I’m so glad it arrived before I left on holiday. You are ever so welcome 😀 Dang weather anyways! How could there be any snow left up there to fall on our spring? Thanks for your cheery reply, you’ve put a giant smile on my face too. The magnets are something I’ve seen around Pinterest and thought I’d try some. Hope they work, ha. Thank you for joining ‘Craft It Forward’ and for following here, I so appreciate all your kind messages and visits, hugs Boomdie-bomb 😀

  5. BEautiful… GORgeous… WONderful…. sigh.
    Such a clever lady Boomdee you never fail to inspire me and make me smile. I’m loving the toggle closure and the decorations are perfect. Okay, I’ll stop gushing now as I have a lot of your other posts to catch up on!

    • Oh PJ you are a spoiler, mwa, mwa and mwaaaa Did you ever work in an office? I must have opened and closed thousands of those inter-company envelopes….I wonder what they do now. I’m so out of it, LOL I have no time for a j.o.b…….I have too many crafts to make. xK

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    • mwaaa, thanks Kathryn! It’s time now to pack and look forward to all that glorious sunshine in California! Sending hugs to all your sweet babes, happy days to you too 😀

  7. WOW WEE Boomie’s Box Number 3 is beautiful! Just like all the others too! I just love how much love you put into your crafts, it shows, and is much appreciated! I can’t wait (but yes I can) for Christmas to get here so I can take out the trees you made for me! I really like the LOVE on top of the box too! Our favorite take out is pizza lately. Every Friday we get a large cheese pizza to share.

    • 😀 you’re a sweetheart to shower me with all that love, thanks Val and back atcha! (as Ellen would say). If you can believe it, I STILL have my aqua tree up in the craft room LOL. Since I have no place to put it except storage, I just left it up…It’s pretty. Yah Yah, lets not rush there though..tee hee. Since we live downtown, we usually go out but we have ordered pizza once. I get the vegetarian, Jim gets it loaded HA. We eat nothing alike.

      • We started getting a pizza every Friday night a few months ago and it just stuck! It is something to look forward to at the end of a week. I am going to be painting my computer room soon and perhaps when I hang my nice black shelves, I might pull out the trees you made me so every time I look at them, I think of YOU. (I think of you all the time anyways) You are such a gem! Huggies!

      • (((( Val ))) YOU are THE gem, what a nice thing to say. Do you have a colour picked out yet? May I recommend aqua? LOL. Seriously though, I’ve found all shades of irresistible aqua on Pinterest. 😀

  8. I love your signature color and style. Tiffany has nothing on you. Interesting to know they were able to trademark the color. You’re going to make someones day for sure.

    You fashion the front with such lovely detail. Each one is like a small bouquet. The tiny roses, the star pin and the other small details, blend into a stand-alone gift of there own. Love it.

    Congratulations to the receiver of Boom Box #3.

    • Wouldn’t it be awesome to get something special in a real Tiffany box? They are opening one at West Edmonton Mall I noticed. When ever I see something antique Tiffany on ‘The Antique Road Show’, it’s worth a bazillion dollars.

      Thank you for saying such nice things ((( Alys ))). You notice all the little things <3. I bought a bag of those tiny star pins in San Diego at Paper Tales. They reminded me of a tiny wand. This blogging thing is so fun xo

      • They do look like tiny wands, don’t they? You included one in your latest package (boy I’m a lucky, lucky woman). I added it to my bottle collage as another little reminder of you. I also put one of the butterflies on my mirror. I’ll have to send you on a scavenger hunt when you get here: find the Boomdee touch. 🙂

      • Oh I knew I forgot to ask you to bring something. Will you bring a rain shower or two? I don’t think it will take up too much room in your luggage. Perhaps you can arrange for a rain cloud to arrive AFTER you head back home.

      • A rain cloud, check! It should be sprinkling lots of love all over San Jose in no time. 😀 I actually don’t mind the rain. We generally don’t get ‘nice’ showers on the prairies. When it rains, its usually accompanied by giant winds blowing east from over the rockies and from the north. We had crazy wind gusts yesterday. There’s dust and garbage all over.

      • Wow! I bet driving in that is horrible. We are spoiled, spoiled, spoiled living here. Reading all your weather updates this past year has really opened my eyes.

    • HI Betsy! Less than two weeks now 😀 xo. Thank you for your message too. You know what? I worked at Birks for a year in the China Department (Canadian equivalent of Tiffany’s) and they also wrap in a blue box. They actually had a lady who did all the wrapping. The tissue had to be just perfection, she was very particular. I did pick up a couple of tricks though.

      • when I was a lot younger, my Dad had a gift store (he sold lots of cute pitcher and bowls sets, statues, and lots of other stuff I can’t remember. He hired a woman to do the gift wrapping but she was terrible at it. I used to go in on Saturdays (I think I was 9 or 10) and do the wrapping to help her. I can still wrap with one piece of paper (can always eyeball how much I will need)

      • How fun to do that on the weekends! Or I guess at 9 it might have been a chore, but now you’ve got the tricks up your sleeve. I generally take a lot of time to wrap stuff, they would fire my butt soooooo fast LOL

  9. That turned out so beautifully. I think it’s great to have your own signature style. I have regularly attached butterflies to things I make is some way or the other. But the signature color is a wonderfully strong statement. That’s one lucky girl to get that cupcake.

    • HI Marlene. I guess I do have a signature style in that I try to include aqua in every project. This was a little obvious (HA, no doubt) but sometimes it’s trickier. It’s a little fun challenge I do to myself. I like the butterfly challenge. Your needlework is so stunning and intricate. These paper project are no doubt way easier. Thanks for your kind message 😀 x

    • Thanks Laurie! Our Condo complex is actually across the street from a popular Chinese restaurant. We tried to order meatless dishes one night and the girl couldn’t figure out what we wanted so we gave up, LOL. She said about the Chow-mien, “But they cut the meat very small”. 😀

  10. Love Boom Box #3 – the aqua color is absolutely gorgeous – always been one of my favorites. That cupcake looks – well – delightfully sinful! 😀 😀 😀 You are such a clever girl… your ideas, designs, and imagination!


    • Thank you Pam for all your wonderful support. 😀 You love aqua too? I’m afraid I’m a bit of an addict, LOL. You know, once you have a template, it’s pretty easy to go bigger or smaller by just changing the print size percentage. My scrapbook store actually has a die cut but it wasn’t big enough, but that’s an option too. I’m sure you’re out in your garden having fun already, we’ll be getting to it in about a month or so.

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