Roses Make Me Thirsty

The first thing I noticed about Napa are all the stunning roses.  There’s a beautiful scent around every corner.  You really can’t walk five feet without been struck by another rose, more beautiful than the last.  It’s heavenly.

They must really love the heat!

 Though Alyster was a little worn out.

Keep 'em coming Mike!

Ahhhhhh, refreshing!

Roses Make Me Thirsty

PS. If you’re in the Napa area, make a short drive to St. Helena and show Mike some love at Ana’s Cantina!  Tell him Boomdee sent you!

Ana's Cantina in St. Helena California

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Living the dream with Mr Right and two black rescue cats, Petals & Blossum. Life and Love expresses itself in the many ongoing art projects. Favorite quote "we'll grow kindness in our hearts for all the strangers amoung us, till there are no strangers any more" Singer-Songwriter Patti Griffin.

32 thoughts on “Roses Make Me Thirsty

  1. You certainly chose the right time to go to California — another beautiful place is the Rose Gardens in Portland,Oregon, I remember the
    m when we went on our honeymoon in June, 1956, many, many moons ago it seems, but it was number one of my favorite places LUL.


    1. We were there at the hight of the season I think. Oh yes, the Portland Rose Garden is beautiful. We did go when Mr B took me to Mary Poppins in Portland, because I remembered you saying how pretty it was. I took pictures there too. I’ll have to look for them to show you, or maybe I did? LUL 2 xoK


    1. Thank you so much. I don’t know if you’ve ever been but Napa is a delight. I guess we happen to be visiting at the best time for roses 😀 A lovely unplanned happy accident.


  2. Oh, I love roses! That must be so heavenly indeed. Alyster appears to be sated and he’s not even done with his drink. I imagine you had to finish that up for him. What a shame! 😉


    1. Hi Jen! I’m just amazed at the roses and the weather. We’ve been royally spoiled everyday by Alys and he hubby too.
      I must admit, I had more of that drink than Alyster and it did get me a little buzzed. Mike was generous with his pours 😀


  3. Lovely roses, Boomdee. You captured a lot of great pics and so much variety. I’ve always wanted a garden arch with trailing roses in light pinks. Maybe one day. I still can’t believe you are finally here. Your hugs are exactly as expected! xox


    1. Thank you for that nice compliment. I had so many more nice shots but couldn’t get them uploaded with any ease. A cute little garden arch would be what the Dr ordered in my dream garden too. I’ve never had a climbing rose, I’m not sure they’d be hardy enough in Edmonton. I wonder what else I could use? I just think they’re so romantic. I don’t want to go home with out you. Your family would be so sad, but I would be only partly sad for them for a while and really happy for me…giggle. Mwaaaaaa.


  4. Lol. I actually didn’t realize who Alyster was, till now. He makes me laugh! And, looks like a good ol’ english gnome, enjoying a G and T. I have not been to Napa Valley, but know that Mr. Big from Sex and the City moved there and it’s supposed to be lovely. 🙂 Yes, I get all my information and news from TV shows.


    1. Yes Alyster is a Gnome who lives in a home of his own…giggle. Normally in my kitchen, but tonight in Alys’s fairy garden in California 😀 We had a wonderful evening together with plans for more fun all week.

      I watched all the Sex & The City’s and just adored Mr Big. I didn’t know he lived in Napa! But yes, very beautiful there. Thanks for visiting GJ!


        1. You’re neighbours get the best late night shows…Alys blowing thru the yard anchoring down Gnomes and cats. Hehe Thanks a bunch for being a great host to my Gnome too. I just looked at the pictures I took, so cute that little banner and aqua rocks and the little table and flower pots……I could go on and on…….Mwaaaaa, you make me feel so special, I love you!


    1. LOL, There is no end to the wine that’s for sure. We did the wine tour on our first day with a group and a guide. 4 vineyards, 4-5 tastings per stop. It was hard after a few to tell if you liked them or not but lots of fun.


  5. From the look on Mike’s face, I think he was counting the number of drinks you both had! Loved all the roses – ah, I can just imagine how heavenly they smelled! Simple beautiful!


    1. Giggle, he poured a pretty good second, you should have seen the look on my face. I wish I could bottle the heavenly scent and Fed Ex it over….You’ll just have to come one day and check it out 😉


  6. Beautiful roses! I can ALMOST smell them they look so pretty……and I do think that it was wise to stop at the Cantina to get “refreshed” !! I’d say Alyster looks quite relaxed and I hope YOU were too after a few “refreshments” at Ana’s Cantina…….hope you’re having a GRAND time!

    Pam and Sam


    1. The ‘Refreshments’ were just the ticket. We were popping in and out of little shops but it was 92F with out a breeze. Mike was very generous with the pours…LOL. Mr B had a coke 😦 but Alyster and I got spoilt. I wish there was smelovision so you could enjoy the rose as much as we have. Thanks for your cheer Pam & Sam! I love your visits.


  7. Alyster and his bindle look quite comfy leaning at the bar. Hmmm. My son said it was 101F. at his house in So. Cal. today. Looks like they requisitioned the heat wave just for you. I had 17 rose bushes in front of my house in Burbank years ago. Nothing more beautiful. Looks like you are having a wonderful time.


    1. Hi Marvelous Marlene. When you mentioned Burbank, I automatically think of Johnny Carson…..had you ever been?
      We are having fun, tomorrow we’re finally off to San Jose! Wahooooooo! It was pretty flipping-flapjack hot today, we tried to walk in shade as much as possible. I saw someone in a black long sleeve fleecy…..???? what’s with that? LOL xK


    1. Steven, you really have toasty weather down here! I said I wouldn’t complain, so I’m zippin it. HA. Hey, how close are you to San Jose? We could buy you a coffee one day….We’re in San Jose tomorrow and then for 5 days. Cheers K


  8. When we lived in Vacaville our neighbors had roses and they bloomed literally all year long. Pretty much everything did. Don’t you love all those little wine country towns?


    1. Hi Julia, Vacaville sounds like a dream. All year roses, what a treat. They’re everywhere, grocery stores, gas stations, small homes, porches, municipal buildings…….it’s stunning. I had Hansa roses at the lake. Large shrub, very fragrant deep burgundy. But nothing as dainty as I’ve seen here. I think a lot of David Austins, gorgeous.

      The small towns were like a walk back in time. We had a beautiful day. xK


  9. I love St. Helena! My parent used to go there a lot when I was in high school and Buddy and I spent a lot of time there before the girls arrived! Although, I don’t think I have ever been to the cantina-going to have to check it out next time I am in town. Glad you are enjoying our weather-I am looking forward to the promised cooling off that is supposed to come on Sunday (hope you brought layers)


    1. LOL, I think we’ll still feel warm but maybe not melting. When Mr B said it’d be 94 F today, I think I cursed 😀 It’s been awesome but I’m ready to tear up San Jose…..wahoooooo! xoxox

      Do take a stop at the Catina! Mike pours the good ones 😀 smoooooch!


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