Always Learning Something New


I would guess a lot of you are pro’s at the whole video thing. Now-a-days, anyone can make a movie right from their phone.  Remember how simple and surprising small cellphones used to be (as this vintage commercial cleverly points out)?

When it comes to cellphones, Boomdee is such a techie slow-poke.  I still haven’t upgraded  my old flip phone. What I like about it is it fits nicely into so many little places

The Perfect Fit

But it doesn’t text, take pictures, have Apps or GPS.  In fact, it barely makes a proper phone call 😀  While it’s small size has been rather  handy,  I desperately want to upgrade to a Smartphone 😀  I’m leaning towards the iPhone 5 because we already have a MAC an iPod and a iPad.  The clever people at Apple then offer iCloud to tie everything nicely together.  Apple says “I’ll always have the things I want, exactly where I want them”.  That’s one powerful marketing message, dang they are good at selling me stuff, LOL.

For now, I’m just having a lazy day with Blossum.  No games, phones, Apps or fancy technology. Just little ol’ us.  Oh, it’s so quiet here………..

Thrilling right?

 I recently took a class at the Apple Genius Bar for iMovie.  If you’re a MAC user, I’d really recommend a lesson.  I’ve had iMovie for years and could never figure it out.  There’s a bevy of fun sound effects, music, themes and special effects to make even the dullest video fun. What a riot 😀 I’ve really been inspired by Will at Marking Our Territory.  He and his faithful and talented sidekick Eko make the best videos. Will always delivers a great message and they make it look super fun too.  If I had one, I’d give Will and Eko some kind of award and maybe it’d look like this.

The Boomdee Award

I’m certainly not as tech savvy as I could be (please, no jokes from any 12 year olds out there), but I’m working on it. Thanks to technology, Boomdee’s always learning something new.

How about you, do you readily adopt new technology?

Boomdee-Bot 5000

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  1. Back when I worked in the Technology World was an alpha tester, a beta tester, and an early adopter. Now the only things I test are betas of Photoshop, Lightroom, Photo-Paint, and PaintShop Pro. I leave everything else for others to have fun with, and once they’ve worked the bugs out, I’ll adopt it.

    • Sad thing is, I remember those very first honking big Cell phones. I worked for a local communications company for 25 years and I’ve seen it all along the way. Thanks for sharing the link 😀 I still haven’t got organized enough to upgrade..yeesh.

    • A stitching workshop? How so? Like embroidery? Excited to see what you’re up too. I saw a really awesome Blogger in ‘Artful Blogging’ this month. He was hi-lighting his colourful crochet and when I mentioned it to a friend who crochets, she agreed to show me how…..I’m sooooo excited.

      • Yes, Embroidery this class was called stitches in thin air so stitching without being on a fabric backing. Very interesting. I do not know how to crochet, I can barely knit so its beyond me. I hope you take it up. You could probably combine some crochet in your paper projects… would be neat. You never know where it will take you.

      • very pretty indeed! I cannot believe you have a board called aqua for the home! hahah
        You know what I learned this weekend. That any colour combination you can dream up can be improved with turquoise (aqua) its really true! even look at that blanket, with brown, white and green and then aqua thrown it. How brilliant!

    • I swear, it’s part of my DNA. I just spent $8 on a cute little aqua birdie pen at a bookstore yesterday. Did I need another pen? Glad you laughed, I was only half kidding…Hehe

  2. I’m totally lagging in the technology department…just started texting a year and a half ago, LOL. Nothing new in our house: phone, laptop, PC are all old school. But they work allright for what we need them for right now.

    Love your movie…Blossum is so precious! 🙂

    • I know right! It seems wasteful to update things that still work. That’s been part of the dilemma for me. But now my little flipphone needs recharging all the time so I won’t feel bad. I saw little flashcards last night at Chapters (our big book store), they were shaped like Captain Kirk and Spock and I thought they were soooo me. Until I discovered the were $20 each….I don’t need them that bad, LOL Thanks for watching the ‘Movie’…a bit of an experiment I thought I’d share a-b-it, a little dual. 😀

  3. I’m techno-skittish as well. I don’t do Twitter and Linked-In sounds like work. I did use IMovie for my Taste of Home video last AUgust and was amazed at how well I did. Next stop: to buy one of those big, expensive cameras with all those buttons. My camera phone ain’t cutting it anymore.

    • I have a twitter account but only use it to follow and not post. Like the weather and Local Traffic. I can barely manage my Blog and Pinterest mail and then there’s Facebook too. On holidays I didn’t check my mail one day and it was at 98…yipes! I have a smaller Canon digital, it’s pretty powerful as far as what it can do, I got it for Christmas. I took a camera class and learned a lot, so that’s a recommendation when get your new camera. I loved that video you made for Taste of Home, I went and watched it again. You’re so cute. 😀

  4. LOL, cute post! I love Blossum’s video with the crickets! A black cat on a white bed…that’s about right, yup! Congrats on your steps into the techie world!

    • Thanks so much Gj, Blossums such a sweetheart, she’ll wait for me on the bed while I get ready…..Petals was probably bouncing of the furniture somewhere HA. Now they are reporting big changes in Canada to Cell service to take effect in Dec. So I might just go month to month till then.

  5. I LOVE new technology, what I don’t love is the prices…out of control for some of these gadgets. I just bought an iPad mini and it is over $400.00! That is ridiculous! But what is a girl to do…sigh. I finally did have to upgrade my phone so it could keep up with my daughters♥

    • I know many moms who have said the same thing. They do more texting than talking. I guess that’s the way the kids like it. Even my Aunty K is on Facebook on her MAC so she can keep in touch with everyone, so handy dandy.

    • Someone told me to wait for the 5s since that’s the one they work all the kinks out of. We don’t pay for phones up here actually. They come with your service plan. We’ll I guess if you want the newest one b4 your service plan runs out. I think my service plan is out on the flip-phone, HA 😀

  6. Thanks for the laugh!! Again … CLEVER!!! Good luck with the new phone … I’m not quite as outdated as you, but I am a confirmed Blackberry Fan (everyone laughs at me).

    • So welcome 😀 and thanks for reading. I actually thought that old commercial was priceless…hehe. My hubby has a Blackberry because of work, he’s constantly frustrated it seems and is not a fan, but it’s great that you love it. They need all the customers they can get.

  7. Not only do I have a flip phone with no plans to upgrade, but I have a pay-as-you-go plan with Virgin Mobile that just went up to 6.65 per month, after YEARS at $5 per month (did I mention I’m terminally frugal? and never talk on the phone if I can avoid it?) BUT, speaking of being tech-challenged, I just had to get a Windows 8 computer (the old one crashed) and I cannot see any videos! Not even the one of Blossom, MAJOR BUMMER. I have tried various downloads to fix it, to no avail. Does anyone know what to do?

    • Can’t feel bad for being ‘terminally frugal’ as you admit. Not everything needs to be the latest greatest, especially if you hardly use it. We are very depended on our cells right now because we didn’t bother to hook up a home phone at the condo, thinking we’d only be here for a short time. I found this helpful link re Windows 8 and videos
      I’d recommend first downloading the most current Quicktime (via the link on that page) as that is more than likely the problem. Let me know how you make out.

    • I guess I’m not as far behind as I thought then. You could probably do a Google search for your phone model to see if it’s possible. It almost never comes up blank. But like you said, if they’re grainy and hard to see, why bother. Now, the phones take brilliant photo’s with all kinds of masks and edit options after the fact at your fingertips, that’s what I want to use.

  8. Ah, my giggle for the day and now I’m complete. You are way ahead in so many areas so don’t worry about those you lag behind. I have the android that keeps me up to date and on the right road, but couldn’t post a video if my life depended on it. I don’t play games on anything other than my sewing machine . My adult children are both geeks so I have to have a smart phone. If not for them, I’d have a phone like yours. 🙂

    • Glad I got you giggling Marlene 😀 Are you feeling better these days? Hows your local ducks? They’d be overjoyed here, it’s been raining a lot. With technology, I always feel like I’m playing catch-up. I like things to be comfy -vs- trying to figure out something new. I’m inspired that you’ve upgraded too. My new MAC actually has a share button right from iMovie so as long as you’re connected (we have wifi so it’s always on) and you’re logged into your gmail account then you’re golden (Youtube is a Google feature). Easy Breezy 😀

  9. Well bless you my child for attempting to drag yourself into the world of techie-ism! I myself will remain in the old world I’m afraid….flip phone and all. I’m not on the go these days so really don’t need all the functions and apps – just a way to call in an emergency! I do think technology is fascinating though – do I get points for that???

    Happy Sunday!

    • I give you big points for being so sensible and both you and Sammy gets bonus points for being so darn cute 😀 My slow-poke attack on technology was also propped up by: “but it still works”. It seemed so wasteful to toss my flip-phone, but now it’s not even working too well so onwards and upwards, as Alys says “don’t look back”.

  10. Don’t worry Boomie, you are not the only one who does not have an iphone. Keeping up with technology can be costly, not to mention, creating hair loss from pulling out your hair trying to figure out how to work everything on your phone, when all you want to do is make a simple phone call. LOL For now, I am sticking with my simple phone too.

    • You too? In Canada, you basically get the phone for free when you take a 3 year plan. It’s a good deal if you don’t mind using the same phone for at least 3 years and considering my other phone is probably 8 years old LOL, I guess I’ll be ok. I sure wish I had one on holidays, just for the information you’re used to having at your fingertips. My hubby has a blackberry and they internet access on it, is the pits. He has to have his for work but he’d buy something else if he didn’t.

      • Roy had a Blackberry awhile ago, and got rid of it. He hated it. I wish I could have a newer phone too, but I am ok with mine! I have had mine for years and years too.

  11. Thank you for this, i really enjoyed it… especially Blossom. I love me a non-allergenic cat! As for all the technology, i have teenaged ‘handlers’ that translate androidese to me, bless their little sim cards!

    • You’re kindness is appreciated, I’m glad you enjoyed your visit. Oh, do you have a non-allergenic cat or would like one? I’d probably still have cats even if I was allergic, LOL I’m so in love with mine. I think kids are so much more savvy these days then when were were growing up in the 70’s (and we thought we were way cool). I guess things are more convenient now but simple was good too. I guess I’m nostalgic in a lot of ways.

  12. Tee hee – love the old phone and, in a lot of ways, it probably makes life better, because you are concentrating on the good, relationship based stuff, rather than all the gizmos that come with the fancy phones.

    • YA, there’s not a lot of time wasted on my phone. I used to have a job where I was on the phone all day and never have been one to chat on the phone for a long time, except to my Aunty 😀 Sadly a young girl was just hit by a Commuter train here when she walked across a track with Music playing on here headphones and texting. I’m always on the look out for that too when I’m driving. Even though we had a law against cell phone use while driving, people still do it.

  13. LOL! Who knew your brain had an aqua lobe?! You are so funny. I love your Blossum video. Boredom, personified…that’s a cat for you. Well done capturing the mood.

    I love all the places you can tuck your current phone, but honestly, once you have an iPhone 5, you’ll never turn back. It’s amazing all the things you can do. Here is your excuse to buy more dresses (with slightly bigger pockets) and new aqua and white handbags. I agree with T and T….you have a lot of skills.

    • OH my, you ARE up way past your bedtime young lady! HA. Glad you’re here with little ol’ me though…mwaaaa.
      Thanks for all your sweet goodness, Blossum has that cool Betty Davis demeanour but I’ll try and get some action in the next production.
      I like how you think, yes I’ll need a new Jean Jacket for sure, those pockets are very little 😀 I don’t know if you had time to his the first link, but now you can get a little box to connect to your tv that allows you iphone etc to be streamed on your TV screen…..isn’t that wild? It’s all going so fast, OMGosh how will we keep up? I’m glad you’re hear cheering me on though xoK

      • It is going fast, isn’t it? My 12 year old keeps me abreast of all these changes which mostly makes me feel my age even more.

        If everyone left town, I don’t think I could operate our TV anymore. Now *that* is embarrassing

        We attended a party next door last night and go home pretty late. I must have gone to be though before you replied. Sorry to have missed you!

      • That sounds like a nice evening Alys. I do miss having neighbours I know. I can relate to your TV dilemma, I wonder if the young ones set them up confusing? We used to watch Karens cat when they went away and I’d go over to watch a couple of hours of TV with Skully and could never get things working, HA Their son Sean had it all set up for them and there were 4 remotes involved. Crazy!

      • Oh, I am all too familiar with that remote control scenario. Hee!

        Sweet of you to go to her house and hang out with the kitties.

        Always good-hearted.

  14. Do you know I think you are selling yourself a little short, Boomdee! Your posts are always full of “technological intrigue” – and I wouldn’t have a clue how to do stacks of the stuff you do. Technology is so tricky, but I’m lucky to have an Apple Genius Bar at home – my 10-year-old twins! Kids are technology sponges – me, not so much! I just got used to our ipad and then I started blogging on WordPress, selling on Etsy and pinning on Pinterest – what a steep learning curve! Still don’t really know what I’m doing, but aspiring to posts such as this – with You Tube ads, videos of gorgeous cats etc…. Keep up the great work!

    • LOL “intrigue”! That really sounds great! You’re so darn cute, thanks T&T. I try to keep things fresh and have fun along the way. Truth is, Photoshop is the real genius. Erase this/type that….alla-kazam. It’s kind of fun to challenge yourself isn’t it.

      You’re twins would have things so much quicker, they’re growing up with it. I remember my nephew playing Mario when he was maybe 6. His little fingers just flying on the controller so expertly. It’s innate at their young age I suppose, but he kicked my butt every time. Those of us in the Half-Century Club aren’t as lucky, LOL

      I’m glad you’re finding your way thru all the technological stuff too, cause I’m really enjoying your blog. It’s a lovely little community where we can all learn from each other. Thanks for being here, I really appreciate it!

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