It’s no secret that Boomdee can not resist anything in her favourite colour.

Newsflash!!!  It’s Aqua!

The Best Colour In The History Of The Universe

Oh, what’s this?  A brand new Journal!

The Journal Of Awesome

A thoughtful gift from my dear Alys, I’m quickly filling the pages with tantalizing true life Boomdee stories. One which I dare to share with you, my friends, today:

True Story

For your eyes only, a rare glimpse into the mind of an Aqua addict 😀  I simply couldn’t resist her! 

The Journal Of Awesome

Tweetie also answers the phone in the Boomdee office.

Tweetie Speaking

Types correspondence with speed and accuracy!

I Type too! Chirp!

Brilliantly manages my calendar, “Thanks Tweetie

Tweetie can count!

Clearly, Boomdee could not live without her, I knew from the moment I saw Tweetie, she’d fit right in. She is totally Awesome!

I'm so pretty!! Chirp!

OH! and PS, Tweetie’s teaching me to fly!

La Dee Da!

Anything lately that you are passionate about?

Do tell, we won’t judge 😀

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    • Thanks Kathryn, little bits of this and that I bring home from holidays. I like when things look collected over a long time versus matching, the fancy people might call it eclectic but I’d describe it as flea-market kitsch. Yes, it used to be easier to find, now it’s toooooo popular. Hey, are you getting ready to come home or you’ve already

  1. Let me guess…PINK is your favorite colour? LOL! Kidding! ;oP My recent favorite is my new hot pink running shoes…in fact, thanks for giving me a post idea! And that “Journal of Awesome…” #Smile

    • I actually do like pink a lot too 😀 Your runners sound really cute, are they Converse? I saw some in San Francisco that came in lots of colours. The Journal, being a gift, is extra special for me. Seems there’s always something to write about 😀 Thanks for your message!

  2. Awwww…and ahhh…and ohhhh. You are so clever. What a good giggle. I love your new aqua Tweetie, and my what a talent, too: answering phones, typing letters *and* managing your calendar. Loved this post, Boomdee!

  3. When I go through the Reader, I always know when it is one of your blog entries, because you have a particular way of presenting your photographs… always colorful and very charming. Well done!

    • OH WOW, that’s really so nice of you to say. It’s hard to stand out in the Blog-o-shpere. Thanks Kerri, I so appreciate that! I took a photography class a while back but I really have sooooo much to learn. 😀

  4. Based on the comments, who KNEW there were so many aqua lovers out there! How fun that you received such a nice new journal!! Enjoy!

  5. So……much…….aqua…….. 🙂 You would have LOVED my previous place. I had it decorated in all turquoise. It was north facing, so didn’t get much sun, so I opted to do a mono tone on tone theme and everything was a shade of turquoise / aqua. It did look good, I have to say! Lol. I prefer the cooler side of the colour wheel. Orange and red and yellow, don’t do too much for me in decor. In fashion, it works, but for some reason, I don’t really want to be surrounded by and look at it. Birdie pen is adorable.

    • OMgosh, I would have loved your place for sure. Have you ever posted photos? You have great style, I like how you put your outfits together, so I’m sure your place was fab! I tend to love the cooler coolers too. Our furniture is Ivory and a bluish seafoam colour, I always think I’ll add splashes of colour and have bought the odd thing, but it always goes back. Gotta stick with what you love or it’s not cozy. Thanks so much for your message!

  6. I love your color too! I never knew that before we met, though. My favorite color is purple and my Mom’s favorite color was robin’s egg blue. The neatest thing-Brooklyn & I have seen a bluejay hanging around in our yard a lot lately and we both think it is my Mom visiting us and we talk to her a lot.

    • Oh ((Bets)) hon, that is just the dearest. I do believe an angel watches over me too. Did you know Sharon Milner loves purple too? Purple and Aqua actually go nice together. I also love robin’s egg blue, my kitchen at the lake was that colour, just made me so happy xoK

  7. I was feeling totally low after a devastatingly bad day (more medical nightmares)…but a quick visit to Boomdeeville put a smile on my face. You are turning me into an Aqua-addict! Or maybe just a Boomdeeadda addict! Seriously, thanks for creating a happy place to escape to when things are very hard to bear.

    • P. S. I tried to hit the “like” button but it wouldn’t work – just said “loading’ for 5 minutes! You must have gotten mega-zillion likes and crashed the “like” system!!!

      • The ‘Like’ button is not working on WP tonight it seems, I’ve noticed that too. I want a ‘Love’ button and I would come over and click it for you a million times xox

    • Thanks so much Laurie, I bet you have cute clothes! I love shopping in the States, the selection is so much better. I bought an aqua dress in Napa that I’m wear tons. I never tire of it and Tweetie loves it too 😀


    • Thanks a bunch Val! I do have a few other aqua thingy’s. Aqua jammies? Check! Aqua slippers? Check! Aqua Toothbrush……mmmmm must look into that, HA.

      Yes, I AM AN AQUAHOLIC, Guilty as charged 😀 What’s your favourite colour?

      • I like red, but don’t have a lot of it. I am starting to add a lot of pink to my wardrobe though. I think I got stuck on red because my Dad liked it alot and I wanted to like what he liked. I love your aqua a lot and I do too, have aqua winter jammies!

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