I Wish I’d Said It Sooner


My dad was sure a hard worker. Long days on the road and lots of responsibilities at home too. Yet he managed it all it seems with ease, grace and a good sense of humour.

Hard working

Sometimes, when we’re young and immature, we take really important things for granted. It’s only later, when you’ve grown up that you realize so many things were left unsaid. Have you said the things you feel in your heart to your dad today? Β Don’t delay!Β Dear Dad

Happy Fathers day Dad, I wish I’d said it sooner.


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  1. Am going to visit my parents on Sunday. I made a ton of plans for 4th of July weekend, and then I thought, “Geez, how selfish am I that I didn’t think of visiting my parents?” So I chopped off some activities to make sure I see them.

    • Thanks for sharing your plans and I’m so happy you were able to spend time with your folks. It seems so easy to put these things off, like there’s always tomorrow. But in reality, time goes by so fast with no guarantees. I bet you where the hi-light of their day! Bravo, hope your holiday was awesome.

  2. Oh, this post choked me up a bit. Brief & beautiful post. I can say this about dads…even when we don’t say it ‘right’, our actions and how we treat them say a lot about how we feel. Men speak a different language than we ladies, and can read that different language better, too!

    I’m glad we both had great fathers. I’m sorry yours is no longer with you, I can’t imagine mine being gone. *hug*

    • Oh my goodness how lucky are we? Thank you for your lovely message Jen. You’re so right about men and their own way of knowing/showing things. Dad was a super kind and gentle person. Vey low maintenance, so it was always a pleasure to be in his company. I’m glad your dad is still enjoying your hugs and love xK

  3. As I spoke with my father yesterday, thanked him for more than words can say and told him Ioved him, I thought of just how fortunate I am to have him be with us still, happy and healthy at almost 80. I didn’t always know or say it though … don’t be too hard on yourself. I’m sure he KNEW you loved him!

    • I’m so happy to know you still have your dear dad to hug and love. That’s Awesome LB! I’m certain Dad knew he was loved, I just wish I was more verbal and told him how many things meant so much. Thanks so much for sharing, I bet your dad was overjoyed.

  4. We often take the basics for granted like being fed and housed is no big deal. Most men put this as a top priority as a way to show they care. Hindsight is so much clearer. You know that old phrase: “too soon old, too late smart.”. That’s me. You were a lucky girl that your dad liked to talk to you. So few did.

    • I feel lucky for sure. I don’t think Dad and I ever quarrelled about much of anything. Once as a teen, I came home really late and was hungry. So, I put some frozen fries on a cookie sheet and popped them in the oven. But then I fell asleep and they got super burnt and set off the smoke alarm….I remember him being pretty mad that night (morning)…LOL

  5. I think when people we love leave this world, we always feel we didn’t say/do enough. I believe we will meet on the other side, and this gives me so much peace. I hope you believe that as well.

    And then I look at my own grown up kids — they don’t tell me often that they love me, yet I know, know, know how much they do.

    This was a beautiful heart-felt post. And I could tell from it, that your Dad knew as well. πŸ™‚

  6. Happy Father’s Day. πŸ™‚ I think people “know” how others feel. Humans are, by nature, animals and animals are, by necessity, intuitive. I think he probably knew more than you think.

    • I think you might be right Gj. My dad and I always had lots to talk about, he was a pretty chatty guy. Like hanging out with a good friend that never disappoints you. Thanks for your kind message, I sure appreciate it.

  7. As far back as I can remember, I have never left my parents, on the phone or in person, without saying “I love you,” Sometimes it seems rote or almost like a superstition, but really we can never say these things enough. Spoken or unspoken, I do think our Daddies feel our love. And yes OF COURSE your meeting Alys was divine providence! πŸ™‚

    • Thank you for sharing this Julia, I know your dad would never tire of hearing it. It’s possible girls and their dads have a language all their own, like a wink and a smile or some kind of shorthand that carries the message thru without words. But you are wise to let it all shine
      thru as often as possible!

      Divine providence! Loving that πŸ˜€ Happy Fathers Day my dear Julia xoK

  8. I know we want to say these things to our dads, but maybe they would be embarassed. Deep down, i think they know anyway…

    • Perhaps that is true. I wish we didn’t hide behind silly facades when these words want to land on a heart. You’re right, I think they know your heart without saying. Thank you for being here today.

    • Thank you for your nice message 3moggies, I’m so happy you can spoil your dad today. As Alys and Pam have said, our Dads know in their hearts how much they are loved, but it’s nice to have one special day all their own. Enjoy!

  9. Oh I feel the same way Boomdee…..I was able to say many things to my Dad in his last years and one of those things was that he was SO right about many of the things he had tried to teach me when I was younger. I’m glad he knew that in the end because I’d certainly made things difficult for him as a teen! We can look back and know that our Dads did their best for us – they know we will always love them in this life and the next………..Happy Father’s Day to dads everywhere – it’s NOT an easy job!

    Hugs, Pam

    • Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts about your dear dad Pam. I’m sure I gave my dad some sleepless nights, but was a pretty tame teen compared to some. It was always easy to spend time together and I miss that. The weekend breakfasts, the evening calls, I’m sure you know how I feel. Hope your day is full of good fun and lot’s of Sammy hugs too. Hugs K

  10. I know in my heart your dad knew how much you loved him. I know he loved you. You are one of the most amazing people I know. I wish *I* could write to your dad myself to say “thanks, for creating such a wonderful woman. I’ve been waiting for her friendship, and can’t tell you how happy I am that she’s finally here.” Hugs, Boomdee xox

    • ((( Alys )) you’ve really touched my heart and typing thru tears now. Sometimes I think of the unlikeliness of us meeting in this great big world and wonder if we have angles helping. How could I get so lucky if this wasn’t true? Thank you for being part of my life, your generous love and friendship. It means everything to me. My dad would have loved you and your letter πŸ˜‰ Love you to pieces xoK

      • Oh my sweetie, likewise. I think our dads would have been good friends as well. They were cut of the same cloth.

        It is remarkable we’ve met in this most unlikely of ways. Not a day goes by when I don’t pinch myself. How can this be real? Yet here we are! I celebrate you every day, my dear. Sending you the biggest cyber hug I know how. Much love xox

      • I can picture that now, our dads hanging in a garden somewhere waiting for us as we shop for cake to share over coffee or tea πŸ˜€ Dad had a knack for chatting people up. Whenever we were out, it took forever to go places because he’d run into someone he knew and have to chit-chat. The world seemed like such a small place because he seemed to know EVERYONE. Your wonderful friendship makes me feel like that Alys. Like the world IS a smaller place, cozy and full of love. (( xohugs ))

      • My dad, too, was quite social (Mom preferred a quieter setting). He loved people and would do anything for people. My mom was also kind and generous, but she dreaded social events of any kind, and didn’t like a fuss, much like C.

        The world does seem smaller (and cozy too) with you in it. I love, love, love that. hugs back atcha.

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