Are You Ready Boots? Start Walking!

I can’t say just HOW long, but it’s been a good

 while since I fit into my baby boots.

A Long Time Ago

When I first arrived,

Daddy and Kenny sent me flowers.

Flowers from Daddy

So to celebrate another year, I’m putting baby boots into my flowers today.

Baby Boots

Pop on back Wednesday to get the low-down on this new garden project, in the meantime I invited Nancy to help me celebrate. 

Are you Ready Boots? Start Walking!

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I am blessed to be on Paige Taylor Evans' Silhouette Design Team. Favorite quote "we'll grow kindness in our hearts for all the strangers amongst us, till there are no strangers anymore" Singer-Songwriter Patti Griffin.

44 thoughts on “Are You Ready Boots? Start Walking!

    1. Thanks for your birthday cheer. It was quite the day. Lot’s of treats including my favourite perfume, Chanel 22. Got taken for dinner too, it’s fun to be spoilt. You probably know a little about that 😉


    1. yep, Boomdee-poopsie, LOL Thanks so much Gj. It was a spoiler and the sun actually came out…which is unusual for June 24th. Today it poured buckets all day which is too bad because it’s my Aunties BD today.


  1. Love that song! Had never seen the video … I also love that the women in it are not STICKS / Size 0! Happy Birthday … hope you smiled and laughed through out the day!


    1. Isn’t that a riot and yes, AMEN…women used to look like they weren’t anorexic. I had a fab day. I took myself for morning coffee, enjoyed a super long walk, got some birthday treasure (including Chanel 22) and out for supper too. 😀 yep VERY smile worthy. Thanks for your visit and birthday wish too LB x


  2. Bowie says “Meow!”, I’m sure it means “Happy Birthday Boomdee!”. My advice: let’s eat some chocolates this evening…


    1. Aren’t the dance moves a riot. My gf Deb G (from BC) and I did some little ‘show and tell’ dance thingy to this when we were in grade 4…I remember her cool mom helping us. Deb had these awesome plastic white knee high boots but I wore some runners :/ I danced with conviction though LOL.


    1. LOL, I wish everyone would associate the ‘B’ Word with these ones. Thank you dear one, and again for my gorgeous parcel. I’m loving the powder so much and I’ve tucked the mermaid soap into my girlie drawer so everything smells so pretty. Just like finding you, it was just a beautiful surprise. I feel like the luckiest girl on the planet 😀 xox


    1. Birthdays are of a quieter nature these days, exactly how I like them. Grande in a way that it’s just me and the hubby today, out for a special dinner later. I’m so glad for your wishes, thanks so much Marlene. 😀


  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOOMIE! I couldn’t wait to wake up this morning so I could wish you a Happy Birthday! I’m gonna put on my hot pink rainboots and walk on over to you! Have a happy awesome day – I’ll be thinking of you today! 🙂


    1. That’s just the sweetest, thank you my dear. Sorry to hear you’re having a rainy day. I almost expect it on this day…….every year! But that’s just June. Raining later here but right now it’s promising 😀


    1. Thank you so much Pam and Sam! This bootie project came about when I broke something else. Now, if I had a dollar for every time I said that, LOL.

      Nancy Sinatra’s, ‘Boots’ song was infamous at our lake-side Halloween parties but oddly I’d never watched the video….so darn fun!


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