Cute Like Me

Hello from Spina Farms near Sunny San Jose.  I was hanging with my gal pal Thelma (aka Alys) at this fabulous pumpkin farm yesterday.  They grow so many varieties, it’d be hard to go home with just one. We had a ball.


There was plenty of girl talk, hay rides, pumpkins and petting zoo’s

Black Cats Rule

Isn’t it wonderful to spend the day with a true

friend and  plan adventures together?

Adventure Awaits

Hello from Alys & Boomdee

Just ask this Chicken, we’re delightful !

Cute Like Me

What adventures are you planning today?

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Spina Farms

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I am blessed to have my own room to craft in and enjoyed being on the Paige Taylor Evans' Silhouette Design Team from 2019 to 2021. Favorite quote "we'll grow kindness in our hearts for all the strangers amongst us, till there are no strangers anymore" Singer-Songwriter Patti Griffin.

33 thoughts on “Cute Like Me

  1. This is beyond adorable! I’ll have to go looking for the sequel to find out whether “Thelma” and “Louise” did hit up any banks or make off with any chickens. LOL!

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    1. snicker, chickens, ducks, bunnies, lambs…..I can never walk by a petting zoo. It’s usually me mingling with a bunch of knee high toddler’s. Once, I bought a little bag of bunny food and all the kids thought it was so ‘they’ could feed the bunnies 😀 So I had to go back to the booth to get more and try and hide it….LOL, I’m so much sneakier than a 4 year old 😀

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  2. I’ve enjoyed both of your blog posts about this fun, fun day! Just don’t get in trouble and be forced to drive off a cliff! Enjoy!


    1. LOL, no cliffs in the forecast. We hopped into a giant pumpkin to get out of the sun. We were trying to look scary but I guess we ended up looking bad..a** and slightly jauntess (spelt?). hehe!


  3. Looks like you had beautiful weather for your pumpkin outing! I hope you enjoyed San Francisco as well. I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t.

    Too bad you don’t live here in California. I guess that makes these outings, that much more special. It doesn’t get to happen “all the time”. I’m glad I get to join you both for dinner on Wednesday.


    1. Good Morning Sharon and thanks for cheering us on. The weather and company has been a dream. That’s just the cutest place to hang for the afternoon. I’m so happy we’ll catch up tomorrow! xoxox have a great day.


  4. What fun to relive this day through your words and pics. LOL to our Thelma and Louise pic. That chicken is a cutey and so soft. Simply amazing. I read that they have 60 pumpkin varieties. We should have bought one of each. 😉



    1. I think you need to go back and load up! They are so reasonably priced and lot’s of varieties I’ve never seen before. Thanks for talking me out there, you’re such a great hostess. I’ve just enjoyed every moment with you and am so grateful for your time and efforts to host me. Also that you probably arranged your clients around my visit, you’re so dear and thoughtful. xox See you tomorrow ❤ ❤ sweet dreams.


      1. Oh my, that would be fun, picking up one of each pumpkin. Great idea. I better rent a truck first. 😉

        Hosting you wasn’t an effort but a joy, lovely every day. How annoying that I had to sleep eight hours a night. Seems like time wasted. 😉


    1. Hehe, that chair could make the biggest grown-ups look cute. SO FUN! The petting zoo was super fun, we both got to hold that chicken who was on 3 months old I think. Cute as can be.

      You’ve lost so much weight now it’s too dangerous to get the mail on a windy day! I could really go for that kind of adventure 😀 I take it your weather has been brisk? It’s been really lovely here. I think we should allllllll move here, make a farm with a ton of critters. You can have the bottom bunk! Or top if you prefer 😀 xox


    1. Oh, can you tell? LOL

      If we could bottle this and market it we’d be rich rich rich. No, I take that back. Money can’t buy this kind of happiness 😀 Thanks a bunch for stopping by the pumpkin patch Katherine!


    1. Thanks a bunch! We were in San Francisco today to shop. Not to much $$ spent but was a super fun day including awesome lunch and of course I had Alys all to myself 😀 I won’t want to leave…..stop thinking about it Boomdee….just enjoy!!!


  5. You two girls are having too much fun! All that sunshine looks so inviting; we’ve been weathering the tail-ends of a series of Pacific typhoons for the past two days and I’m ready for some brilliant October weather to return.


    1. We really are Kerri, thanks so much for visiting! I’m afraid I’ve hi-jacked Alys for 3 days now and we still haven’t stopped talking 😀 ‘TYPHOONS!!!’ sound amazingly scary. I hope everyone is safe. Has your power been off? Living on the prairies, we haven’t ever dealt with that kind of destruction. There was major record flooding earlier this summer south of us in Calgary and surrounding area. Too much rain, too quick mountain snow melt spelt disaster. I guess everyone has their woes at times. Be safe and hope the sun pokes thru soon.


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