Talk Nerdy To Me

Were you here for my big announcement?

I’m employed !!!

At The Urban Scrapbook Inc in Edmonton.

The Urban Scrapbook

Perk number one: parking.

I was a complete nerd the first day and happily took a picture of my parking spot 😀


Nerd Alert

Perk number two: inspiration is everywhere !

I get a nice store discount to indulge in and I’m getting all kinds of inspiration while I work have fun too!

 Store Sample

Perk number three: making store samples.

I used My Minds Eye – Cut and Paste – ‘Flair’  The colours are totally me and check out the funky eye glasses! The Washi Tape was a gift from Alys 😀

My Minds Eye - Cut & Paste "Flair'

Perk number four: using the latest products.

Let’s just say, “I don’t plan to make much money at this job”.  Isn’t that awesome ? LOL !

New Scrapbook Products

Perk number five: always learning.

Scrapbooking isn’t just about gluing paper together anymore. Here’s some fun you might want to try on your own pages. There’s all kinds of trends and tricks to make people say WOW.  

Scrapbook Trends

In my next post, we’ll look closer at these funky trends. For now, go ahead, talk nerdy to me.

talk nerdy to me

So, how do you make time for projects?

If you love to Scrapbook too,

you can click on Boomdee-bot to visit more posts 

Scrapbook With Boomdee



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I am blessed to be on Paige Taylor Evans' Silhouette Design Team. Favorite quote "we'll grow kindness in our hearts for all the strangers amongst us, till there are no strangers anymore" Singer-Songwriter Patti Griffin.

45 thoughts on “Talk Nerdy To Me

    1. You’re a doll to say this, thank’s so much Crystal. I’m really loving my new job. Everyone is cheerful and helpful. There’s a number of great classes going on and I have to get into a couple to learn some new tricks too. Busy planning our move and OMGosh I’ve got to


    1. Oh, son-of-ma-gun Bacon, I’ve missed your message! So sorry. Well mom is one brave gal to take on a kitchen reno. They are misery. Another gal pal is doing the same this summer and she’s actually tearing down an addition and rebuilding for a new kitchen. Good luck with your project!


      1. Oh wow. Now that is a reno. Mom needs to put down a new floor, paint the walls, tile and redo the cabinets. Just a little bit of a facelift. If she gets to it. Snorts. XOXO – Bacon


  1. That is so awesome!! Congrats!! And I’m totally with you on not having much of a paycheck 😛 On the plus side, you’ll get more for your money with the employee dscount! And I LOVE your layout! All the trends, layers, clustered goodies, the frames, wow, so much crafty goodness! And I’m not a pink fan, but, wow!


    1. Thanks Phaery Gurl, I’ve sure taken advantage of that discount already. Especially on a few new die cutters, which I can’t resist. I like to have a lot of choice when planning a page. Ha, you’re right, I just noticed that the paper does look pink in these photos. It really is more a peach colour, although I also like pink in smaller doses. We do a Page Challenge at the shop once a month. Each staff get the same kit but make it however they want. It’s interesting how they all come out completely different. It’s good exercise to use stuff I wouldn’t buy myself. I’m beginning to find out, ANY two colours can be put together really.


  2. I’m always so inspired when I come see you here. So much visual eye candy that has me licking my chops. I thrilled for your new job. It was like that when I worked in a fabric store oh, so many years ago. We could take home fabric and make samples to hang in the store for a month or two. Then my daughter could finally wear her new dress. 🙂 They are going to make money on you in so many ways. Not only will you not take home a paycheck, but everything you do will inspire sales for them. I can see it now. I want to do what Boomdee does. Sell me all that stuff. Ha Ha. By golly it always works. How are you going to work, craft and move???? Exciting and terrifying all at once, I’d think. I also didn’t know what washi tape was. Have never seen it before. I’ll have to look next time I get a chance. Hugs and more hugs.


  3. Hey, do you mind if I use your “nerd alert” pic as a widget on the sidebar of my blog? It’s a perfect disclaimer for me! Seriously, this is one fun page. Quintessentially Boomdee!


    1. Absolutely Julia, I would be tickled. You may always use what you need but thanks a bunch for your courtesy. I’m going to spend a whole morning at your blog, I miss you! xok


  4. BEAUTIFUL page! Maybe eventually you will make money once you have tried everything out. hard to say! You must be over the moon to be able to spend so much time on your craft. I get pretty cranky when I can’t and I don’t think until it gets cold again and snows I will have much time to the crafty bits, but maybe I will force myself to make time. You have a knack for this my dear, I think they should give you a raise already.


    1. HA! I’m just happy for the discount really. They’ve given me the same discount as gals who’ve been there for a long time and work more. So very generous 😀 They’re all a lot of fun, cheery and creative too. So all around, it’s super duper cool. Loving it!
      Thanks for cheering me on Sunshine. I probably will never make a dime because we get new stuff every week. But that’s A-ok with me. I bet you’re crazy busy in the garden and the rest of your gorgeous property. I used to but indoor hobbies on the back burner when I had a big yard too. Summer’s too short to always be inside. I hope you can sneak a few hours here and there to do what you love, other than gardening of course. Big hugs xoxoK Happy Mother’s Day to you Diane!


    1. Thanks for cheering me on Kathryn. I worked last night too 😀 Such a fab place. It’s getting a little easier every time since there’s so much to know. I do love it. xoxK


  5. AHA! Looks like you were able to stem your manic “BOOM!” for a moment and went and got yourself employed eh Ms. “Boomdee”… I guess they saw it as a way to contain their best customer in one spot long enough to spend ALL of her wages in their shop rather than just some of them. I hope they have made you up a cot in the back room and have coffee and doughnuts on tap as you are going to need them. Craft shops aint for the faint hearted. I don’t even KNOW what washi tape is but it looks pretty. I guess that just outed me as someone on the peripherals of the scrapbooking confraternity (as in I look at it and that’s about it). Love how clever you guys all are from a distance while I am maniacally attempting to crochet with one hand and fend Earl’s questing beak away from my latest “project” (which tends to be a granny square in various stages of enormity until I get bored of it at any given time) and watch the telly at the same time…multitasking…OH…forgot, add cramming muffins into my mouth…that would be with my third hand…

    You scrub up good Ms Boom. You are looking particularly perky in that store sample. What IS a store sample?! Is it mounted on the wall like a picture or just pulled out surreptitiously from under the counter in hushed and huddled commune with a customer “in the know”? It looks like you share a brain with Pauline from The Contented Crafter. You use it when she is asleep on the other side of the world and vis versa. Very sustainable and thrifty of you both. Have a great day washi taping your customers and teaching them how to glue and sparkle. A more noble cause (at this moment in time) I can’t think of 🙂


    1. LOL, this is Pauline’s unused side of the brain saying thank you for coming on by and contributing all that cleverness to my comments today, or yesterday if you’re now sleeping. Maybe you call Washi tape something else on Taz Island, it’s been around for a bit. It’s basically paper tape. I like it because it’s easily lifted off a project and repositioned if you change your mind. The glasses were so fun on one and they other one is an awesome sea foam green.

      Don’t discount your crocheting skills. I’ve tried to learn and didn’t remember all the stitches for more than a day. It’s very hip these days. I see it making a big comeback with very retro styles reappearing in the stores. I fell hard for this collection by ‘My Minds Eye’ for the colours and graphics. I’ll have to give them a heads up on the cot thing, LOL. I was there today to have a good looks through the whole store. So much new stuff and scrappers will be in asking for it in no time.

      A store sample is just a page or card or project made with a current product line. It’s fun to see what you can do with a collection, so staff contribute projects to display throughout the store. We get to flex our creativity and shoppers (hopefully) find something about your project that they love and buy. Do hope you and ‘the boys’ are enjoying a fine fall while we wait patiently for spring. Not too warm here today. I think it got to 4 C or 40 F…….yeesh.


      1. I think you Canadians are hogging winter again. I am going to have to speak to the Geneva convention (or whoever is in charge) and get you to release your grip. Not that its all that warm here (0C) BUT its the principle of the thing! Good to hear that they have channeled your creative sticky tape over there in order to make it both useful AND pretty…still to get that here BUT we do get Elastoplast with pictures on so I reckon my scrap-booking career is just about to blossom… crochet is Über hip darling, pity all I can do is treble and double and I seem to be only able to go in one direction and around…and around…and around…my current granny square is approaching magnificence and is almost the size of a king sized bed. Earl has been eyeing it off and I can’t leave it anywhere unattended as otherwise it will become dog fodder. The last one…a wonderful fluffy creation made from some kind of white woolly wool (not sure what but obviously cheap and man made) took me 6 months to crochet and Earl ate it in a single sitting. It was big enough to cover a queen sized bed. I was hoping that he would get at least constipation but no, he was fine. Thats schadenfreude for ya!


        1. Oh NO he diden’………EARL! What a kook! How could that even be tasty? A Queen size no less. Well you do spin a funny yarn (pun intended) now, so at least you have that 😀
          I would gladly send you our winter, and next years too. Except it’s being a real pill and of course I don’t want to p.o. mother nature any further or we may not have any summer too. It sounds like you sure get weather extremes there. What would your typical warm summer day be? We mostly hover between 22 C and 31 C or even 32 C. I actually enjoy it most at 23 – 25 C. Sunny but not sweltering. But beggars can’t be choosers. I guess we’ll take what we can get. I had to look up schadenfreude….fun! Between you and Pauline, my vocabulary is sure to be impressive in no time.


        2. Thats what we southerners are here for, vocabulary education my dear! 😉 We obviously share your temperatures as Tassie doesn’t tend to get much over about 35C here and tends to hover in the high 20’s early 30’s but we had a couple of 38’s last summer that almost killed half of the Tasmanian population and that made the electric companies work harder than they have in years with all of the air conditioners that suddenly turned on. Earl is very VERY lucky that he has charisma to balance out all of that naughtiness I can tell you. Poor Bezial has conniptions whenever he is naughty as he thinks that he is going to get the blame…so much so that he dobs on Earl if he thinks it will get him out of the strife that is sure to descend. Yesterday I noticed Bezial streaking past to hide in our bedroom so it was obviously a bad one! Earl was terrorising chooks on the other side of the fence (they were too stupid to run away) so I had to go and sort it out…sigh… it is like living permanently with that naughty boy that used to sit up the back of the class and insult the teacher or the teenagers up the back of the bus in this house! 😉


  6. OMG, I could definitely never work at a neat place like that Boomie, because I would spend my entire paycheck on, well…., everything! What a great place for inspiration! Congrats on your employment! Now you can get a great discount on everything aqua! I look forward to seeing all of your crafty ideas coming up! ❤


    1. Thank you Renegade, I hope they’re as happy about hiring me as I am to be there! Too much fun being had. I worked the Saturday of National Scrapbook Week and yoy, I’m not the only one to think it’s the bomb.


  7. I am so happy for you, Boomdee! Could there be a more perfect job for someone with your incredible talents. I look at the amazingly intricate and beautiful card you sent me every single day and smile. I have clicked through to The Urban Scrapbook blog (it said in the side bar that some crazy cat woman from Melbourne, Australia was visiting the site. I was thrilled!) and even checked out some items to buy online. Wow! Where does one begin? Enjoy every moment of it Boomdee! Love the Boodee-Bot 5000, too! “It’s aqua. Buy it! Lobe” He, he, he! Big hugs! xoxoxoxoxoxox


    1. Dear ‘crazy wonderful cat woman’ **Friend** from Australia,
      Thanks a bunch for coming over to Urban’s blog and shopping site, I’m tickled. I so wish you could pop into the shop with Teddy and Tottie to find a fun project to do together. You should send me a link to your local shop. It would be fun to see what’s shaking at a shop in your beautiful country.

      Boomdee-Bot is a retread from another post, but I like to dig up these things sometimes and use them again. I’m glad you got a giggle. I’m pretty sure my brain looks a lot like that. Not too complicated is it? LOL. Giant, Gargantuan Hugs sent back to you and all the crew xoxoxoxox


    1. Hi Jen. They currently offer totally fantastic classes with Amazing instructors. I’ve not been asked and would have to hon my skills to even go in that direction, but I’d like to maybe do something in the future. The projects have to be able to finish in a 3 hour class or even on a Saturday….I putz along on some of these for days…LOL. Thanks so much for your encouragement xK


  8. LOL to the Boomdee Bot! I first read this on my phone, but without the benefit of pictures. It’s much more fun on the second reading with all your creative touches to ewww and ahhhh at. I’m just tickled that you work at a place close to home that you know and love, and a place to exercise all your creative talents. I love the way you’ve incorporated the Washi tape. I would never think of these things. Your pages are stunning. You will soon attract an even larger following of people inspired by your talents.

    Looking forward to hearing more. xox


    1. You always make me smile and feel so good about me, thank you for your wonderful gift of love and friendship (( Alys )) I’m relieved that we’ll be staying central and I’m still close to work, that sure worked out well. I’m most excited about setting up the perfect craft room. Starting from scratch is actually a bonus. I sure could use your expertise. I need storage and counter space and a sewing spot too. Maybe I’ll have a little island in the middle for doing layouts, I can’t wait. Thanks for cheering me on and all the compliments too. ❤ ❤


      1. Oh how I wish I could be there to play in your new room. I love the idea of an island. You mentioned two closets as well. I wonder if you could remove the doors to the closets and line them with shelves instead. If you paint the interior of the closets in an accent color that compliments the room, they would look more like an alcove. Just a thought. I worked with a client who runs a small sewing business out of her home, and she has a large island in the center of the room for cutting fabric. It’s very cool.

        Love you to pieces, Boomdee


        1. Oh see, that’s a fun idea of removing the closet doors and installing shelfs or a closet system. You’re a clever girl. Thanks for sharing that juicy tidbit Alys. I think an island on wheels might work well. I need to figure out how much space an L shaped work station leaves in the room for it. I’m sure it won’t all happen at once. But it’ll be my priority for sure. xoxoK


        2. That’s how I carved out my own tiny craft space. Our den was once a guest room, pre-kids, so the closet wasn’t that full. I still use the top two shelves for non-crafting items,but the bottom two shelves and the work surface are mine.

          Of course once Slinky moved in and we had to locate her litter box so close, the work space is now more of a drop zone.

          Please tell Mr. B that Alys’ says ‘take out for a month, till Boomdee gets her crafting space in order.’ It’s imperative. 😉


  9. This is the job from heaven right? Totally and absolutely perfect for you and I hope you will share many of your product discoveries with us as time goes by 🙂 You have such a gift for putting together the most intricately detailed and beautifully coloured pieces that leave me quite breathless with awe, and I know you will wow the Edmonton scrapbookers enclave! Life is really on the up for you at the moment isn’t it – can’t think of anyone more deserving!! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!! 🙂 xoxo


    1. I hope I can get organized enough to post about upcoming projects Pauline. I’m so grateful for all the good things happening for me. I’m looking forward to our new home after such a long search, I have found a fab place to work and I’m planning a hook up with Alys in just over 3 months…..pinching myself! Thank you for cheering me on. You girls really make everyday so special. I’m so darn lucky xoxoK


      1. A visit to Edmonton might be in order! To see the place of employment and the new craft room (and the house that goes with it!). So excited for you!!


        1. 😀 That would be so amazing LB! When Alys and I get to DC, we can begin to plan your trip with gusto. By then, I should be organized. Thanks for always cheering me on whole heartedly, I just adore you xoxoK


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