Yadda Yadda?



 Boomdee's Back In Town



“Excuse me, there’s someone called Boomdee at the door”



 “She says she wants to tell you all about her summer, a new house, the scrapbook store, a vacation, her garden and yadda yadda”

Yadda Yadda?

(based on a true story, catch all the exciting episodes right here)


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    • Get OUT !! (that’s my Elaine, LOL)

      Hey, I remember that post GJ. The title was epic. Hehehe, Your pretty 60’ish, horsey print, block dress was so stylish. Hope you managed all those tomatoes in your giant jungle garden. xoxoxo so nice for you to visit, Hi Kitty!! rest well.

      • I know you already saw the post, just providing the ‘yadda yadda’ video clip for your post. 🙂 Tomatoes are plentiful & ripening well, I’m oven drying them!

      • So glad you did ! It still makes me laugh when I catch an episode. Last night I saw one when Jerry tells Elaine that George is getting married and she did the giant “Get OUT” with a big shove and Jerry flew into the bedroom….ha…crack me up!

  2. I think I could learn a bit about short posts from you Ms Boomdeedaizee to be honest. That is one short but sweet post! Lots of aqua to lure your dear constants like butterflies to a light and nice big text for the rest of us who are studiously pretending that we “DON’T NEED GLASSES!” 😉 Nothing like a nice big door to get you interested…”What’s on the other side? Are they having a party? Did I need to bring wine? Get dressed up? Should I not have brought the dog? Maybe I should have brought something to eat on a plate rather than a bag of potato crisps and a block of chocolate?! Maybe wearing my pyjamas and a pair of stiletto’s was a bad idea I mean, what if she has a cork floor?! Oh MY! I might have to go home and have a lay down now in order to fortify me for the next edition…will it still be in teal? Can I still wear my pyjamas? (Note I took the bottle of wine home with me to accompany me on my lay down. You would be surprised how fast a narf7 can lay down when she is full of a bottle of wine 😉 ). See you next installment as I am on a whirlwind visit on the tail of an exponentially growing RSS Feed Reader that just hit 250 posts!

    • LOL LOL, you make me laugh. Behind this palatial entry is the Head Office of WordPress. They called me in to see what the heck I’ve been up to all summer. Good thinking on the wine Narf, makes every interrogation go smoother. Now, If you brought Earl, we’ll clear off the desk before he gets up there, HA! You’re a dream guest Narf, what with the Crisps and Chocolate, Bravo! That’s the breakfast of champions right there. As you can see I only had one measly banana.

      I am trying to picture Stiletto’s and Pyjamas…ha. That must be a Taz fashion statement, we don’t see that much around here. Maybe the next visit to head office should be a Pyjama Party? Sounds like your night will be pretty full of Posts, Maybe you could delegate Stevie Boy to a few, he’s scary hehehe. Later alligator 😀

    • Good Morning Lovely Laurie. Thank you again for reaching out, you’re so thoughtful. My workday was pretty busy, so last night I was too pooped to come back to email. LOL, what a wimp hey?
      I thought I’d set the tone for new visitors who may not know this is a silly place 😀 xoxoxoxK

    • Thank you my dear W. One of the nicest parts of my summer was meeting you and then our personal tour on the island too. So much to share about a wonderful summer, I hope my posts do it justice 😀 Jours ensoleillés sont mon souhait pour vows, while you wait for good news at school. xoK

  3. And there is the truth of it. Boomdeeadda is a tease! How do you live with yourself.:) I can hardly wait to read the good, juicy stuff. Hurry while I still have time to read it! I’m desperate to live vicariously. Big, giant hugs.

    • LOL, the good girls are always a tease Marlene. You must know that 😉 hehehe. Stick with me, you’ll get: The Scoop, The Low-down, The Exclusive, The Inside Story, The Skinny. hmmmmm, skinny! I like that one, LOL. Thanks for the giant hug, sending on over on the flip-side and we’ll see ya later tater xoxoxox k

    • Who me? LOL, I was actually laughing while I posted! I probably shouldn’t toss out my banana peel on the sidewalk, that might not go over well. Guess what hon? I was wearing aqua slacks and a pink shirt this particular day 😉 I’m expanding my wardrobe to mix it up a bit and not be so predictable, LOL. Don’t want to be a ‘One Trick Pony’ xoxoxo

      • Really!? Well good for you. I bet you look beautiful in pink, too, with your lovely complexion. I can only wear a very, very, very soft pink. Otherwise I look like a tomato, not the look I’m going for.

        By the way, I keep forgetting to ask for the name of the detangler you use? Will you pop me a line when you get a minute, please?

  4. He, he, he! Love the hat! You’re so clever with bloggy technicalities and making little scenes that look awesome. So great to see “Boomdeeadda” pop up in my reader. Can’t wait for more – no pressure! Ha! Huge hugs to you and Petals and Blossum. xoxoxoxox

    • Hi Pam and Sam! (I’m waving wildly from the front door of WordPress). Thanks so much for popping in. I can’t wait to get back to the Boomdeeadda Office and dust things off. I hope I remember what to do, LOL. Time to crack the books (or keyboard these days). I used to love going back to school and seeing all my buds I didn’t get to see all summer. Some things never change xoxoxox Boomdee

    • Beans away! LOL Thanks for your sweet message. Summers been a bit bananas, but I suppose you have had plenty to do too. I’m sure lot’s of folks move over the summer holidays. I can’t believe it’s already September. It was mid July, I blinked and suddenly….poof! It’s a done deal.

  5. Ha! It’s just on 4.30 am and I am up with my mug of coffee checking the emails and yours pops in right at the top – what a girl to do but come right over for a catch up. And it’s a teaser! Sigh!! But a beautifully done teaser and I shall be back for the next episode 🙂

    • Oh Snap! 4:30 am? You best save a cup of coffee for the afternoon slump. Is Siddy and O up too? Is it a family affair?
      Sorry it’s merely a teaser, I thought I best get my butt back to the Head Office incase they forgot who I am. I’m hoping to get invited in, I hear it’s pretty posh in there with doors to just about anywhere you want to go. Fancy that. See you in there Pauline! xoxox K

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