Be Thankful Everyday

What a weekend it’s been in Boomdeeville. While Canadians were busy giving thanks, Mr B and I took a little side tour to the country to help celebrate an 80th birthday of a close family friend.  The prairies are a stunning golden hue now, with many trees already bare.

Fall Colours on the Prairies

We still had time to plan our very own Thanksgiving dinner together too. BTW, did you know I’m a vegetarian?  I guess it’s not that big of a surprise if you’ve hung around here a while.  You probably know how much I love animals.  As such,  the usual fair was not on the menu at Chez Boomdeedaizee (wink Narf).  I celebrated my love of animals by serving a very yummy vegan roast.  NOW,  before some of you sqwinch up you nose and make sounds of contempt, check this out.

Celebration Roast with Gravy

Spoiler alert!  It’s moist, delicious, healthy and animal free.

Even though Mr B is not a vegetarian, he always loves this meal too. So, here’s my no-fail Celebration Roast recipe I’ve made many times that yields lovely brown veggie juice for tasty gravy too. I always serve it with roasted Savoy cabbage and mashed potatoes if I want gravy, and really, who doesn’t?

Cheers to gravy

Start with a quality vegan roast and vegetable bouillon. These are the brands in my area. This bouillon is a paste and melts beautifully in hot water. I much prefer it to any powder or cube.

Vegan Celebration Roast

Lightly spray a casserole with oil or non-stick spray. Line the very bottom with a few Savoy cabbage leaves. Place the  rest of the cabbage on top  with a chopped onion, a few diced carrots, smashed garlic cloves and your vegan roast. Now, shred an apple over it all and sprinkle with poultry spice and  a touch of nutmeg. Mix 2 cups of  vegetable bouillon and pour over all.  Bake 1 hour at 325 degrees or until Cabbage is tender and Roast is heated through.

Pile into a casserole

For the gravy, drain the juice from the casserole and reserve. Cover and return roast and cabbage to the oven (heat turned off).  Melt 3 tbsp of butter in a sauce pan, add 1/4 cup of flour, stir and heat together into a paste. Slowly stir in reserved juice from casserole and let thicken. As the juice thickens, slowly add 1.5 cups of water reserved from boiled potatoes. Continue to stir until thickened. While you stir, add any salt, pepper or other seasonings to taste. Now go ahead and take a wee nap, if you’re a cat. Otherwise, Bon Appetit 😀

This is exhausting copy

My table is normally a hodgepodge of special things. They remind me how thankful I am for family and friends and the home I share with my one and only.

Be Thankful

This year there was a small pumpkin and flowers trimmed from the Mums on the porch of our new home, we are loving it so much. Aqua glasses from my dear friend Debbie sat on hand-made coasters from Florence, Italy. A trip with Mr B. I lit a candle that sweetened my holiday with Alys in Victoria. The serviette’s were a gift from my brother Ken and Adele one Christmas and my vintage seafoam calendar marks the day.

Treasures on The Table

 It’s all these things that remind me of how lucky we truly are and to be thankful everyday.

Be Thankful Everyday

What’s your favourite dish served on special occasions?

Feel free to link a recipe below.


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I am blessed to be on Paige Taylor Evans' Silhouette Design Team. Favorite quote "we'll grow kindness in our hearts for all the strangers amongst us, till there are no strangers anymore" Singer-Songwriter Patti Griffin.

56 thoughts on “Be Thankful Everyday

    1. Yep, she’s a bit of a nut. She’s always the last to come to bed after a fair amount of howling. It going on and on. It’s relentless some nights. These long pitiful cat howls, ugh, I’ll finally get out of bed and close the door, but then I have to get up *again* when she comes and paws endlessly at the door to let her in. Which is followed by constant pawing of my face for cuddle time. No wonder I’m a zombie some days. Meanwhile, Blossum just snores away. Do your kitties sleep at your bedtime?

      Liked by 1 person

  1. This post has everything I love about you: funny and true cat quotes, (wink Marf)–never heard that before but it cracked me up, a new fact about you being a veggiesaurus though it makes perfect sense, and all the ways you enjoy life in your own way. You are a song. 🙂


    1. My heavens, “a song” 😀 That made me smile a mile. Thank you ever so much for your sweet message Leilani, it’s really special. Those cat’s really live up to their talk bubbles and are snoozing in their perch as we speak. 😀 I’ve been having fun with an APP called ‘My Pet Talks’, available on your iPhone or iPad. You upload a photo of your pet, use the APP to mark your pets nose, lips and mouth (like JibJab). Then you record a message and pick a voice. The APP then creates a video of your pet talking or singing whatever you recorded……way to much fun for grownups…hehehe.

      The part in brackets above, (wink Narf), is actually a message to a friend in Tasmania that goes by Narf on her blog. She calls me Boomdeedaizie, LOL. Being a Veggiesaurus (ha, that’s fun) is really easy for me because even before I made the commitment, I hardly ate any meat. As a kid I refused to eat most meals and would only eat the buns in the barrel of KFC, HA…..and thus began my life-long addiction to warm, buttered bread. Damn you KFC !! (now picture me raising my small, but mighty, fist to the sky and shaking it, LOL) xoxo


  2. Looks scrumdiddleyumcious Ms Boomdeedaizee. Sorry I am late to the thanksgiving partay, I have been AWOL at my daughter’s house living it up and missed all of the festivities. I must be getting old (or need glasses…strike that I am getting old! Vanity before gravity my dears!) as I initially thought that might be a glass of gravy. My guess is that you Canadian’s are much more cultivated in your taste and that may just be red wine? I dare say it might even be room temperature red wine, unlike the chilled variety that Stevie-boy is fond of. We don’t have vegan roasts here, we don’t have thanksgiving here and the “thing” that is ever-present on my table is Earl. My favourite dish served on special occasions? Hmmm…that’s a toughy! I think it would have to be something Asian as the combination of noodles, inventive protein alternatives and veggies tumbled into a delicious and exotic sauce makes being a vegan a reward and a privilege. Thank you for reminding me to be thankful. I don’t need a specific day to do it, right here, right now is positively the very best time to be thankful. Can we all give a great big “AMEN!” to that 🙂


    1. Hello Narf and sorry for this late reply. I seemed to have missed your message somehow ? Weirdness. I don’t know from old, but I can’t see a thing without my glasses. I used to take them off to eat dinner but find that too challenging now. Everything is blurry and I spill too much food in my lap, or worse, the lap of the person who dared to sit next to me LOL.

      Mr B enjoys the red wine and I like a nice Pinot Gregio, chilled. I used to enjoy red more but it gives me hot flashes. HA, that might fall under TMi 😀 Plus, red wine has gotten outrageously expensive, so as I see it, I’m actually saving money drinking white wine. How clever is that? LOL. Meanwhile, Asian cuisine sounds delish. I do love stirring veggies and sauce together and those egg noodles are da bomb.

      I’m so terribly behind on a number of Blogs and miss your wry sense of humour. I’m really busy with work and barely got my fall yard work done. Taking a break tonight to visit here and read a few blogs. See you soon.


      1. We live in winery country and red and white wine are $5 a bottle for the local stuff so if I could drink it (it gives me an acid stomach) I probably would. It might even be cheaper than water ;). No problemo on the blog reading. The true beauty of social media when used properly, is that you can drop off the face of the earth and then pick up when you see fit. The rest of us, if we are true “dear constant readers” understand implicitly (because we are doing the very same thing) and will wait for you. We are all pen-pals here in the blogosphere and some of us have to wait a LONG time for our snail mails ;). Hope you got your yard work done. Our spring garden work is overwhelming because last year Stevie-boy wasn’t here and I had some serious studies to wade through so it got behind. The blackberries have decided that they are going to make a push for the front and are threatening to take over. I will harvest their babies and then defeat them this year! Revenge is best when served in a compote 😉 See you when we see you Ms Boomdeedaizee 🙂


  3. I think this is my fourth trip here – every time an interruption! As it’s 5.30ish in the a.m. I should NOT be intruded upon this time……… I just wanted to say it was lovely to see something from you in your usual lovely stylish manner. Your presentation is always such a treat – the kitties are so majestically black and shiny and regal, the pretty things just right for the occasion, the meal boosted with a touch of Eastern European style,………… A feast for the eyes and the soul! And I agree. Be thankful every day – it works a treat!! xoxo


    1. Wow 5:30 am?? You are up very early Pauline. Well thank you for coming back so many times and your very gracious message too. Is Siddy and Orlando early birds too? I imagine the sun is up early at this time of year. Are your days very long in the summer? (ours get longer until June 21 then back to short and shorter until Dec 22 which is the shortest day of the year. Yuck, those days are misery because it’s usually really cold too. Oh well, today was pretty nice for October.

      I think my cooking is influenced by Eastern European customs and cooking given my heritage is Ukrainian and Romanian. Everything they ate came from the garden or farm yard. I’d love to live on a farm if someone else would do all the chores, LOL. xoxoxox


  4. Beautiful vignettes! Yes, there is lots to be thank full for here in canada! Your dinner looks very healthy, and if your husband eats it too I imagine its excellent. I didn’t know you are are vegan. I guess i should stop talking trash about the animals in my yard. LOL Happy Thanksgiving

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Right on, we do have a good life in this country, no matter all the complaining some do.

      LOL, Trash-talk On my dear, you’re just ‘Keeping it real’. Besides, your stories make me laugh and anyone who loves cats is a friend of mine.
      Hey? were you able to even make a dinner in the Kaos?


  5. Lovely post!!! The photos are so beautiful, love the ice blue color popping up everywhere and the coasters….We were in Toronto,Canada this weekend with our boys: they invited us over for Thanks Giving and cooked the meal. What an absolute treat, to just sit and than being called to the table for dinner! I did bake the pumpkin pie though….and hopefully we can do it all agian in a couple weeks for our American Thanks Giving;0) Never, ever can be Thankfull enough, right?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Johanna, It’s really great that your boys learned how to cook and are confident enough to host you. Agree!! It’s a great treat to be the guest while your host or hostess does the heavy lifting. Was there crazy traffic going on in TO for the holiday? We often join friends since we don’t have kids and they have plenty, LOL. But this year, their celebration fell on the day we were away. Tradition is wonderful but it’s nice to mix it up a bit too.

      BTW, Pumpkin Pie and Carrot cake are my all time favourite deserts any time of the year but I actually made a rhubarb crumble with rhubarb from our yard. It felt very homespun, harvesting and baking, LOL. Not generally something I make time for but it was really good. I was kind of surprised HA!

      I agree whole heartedly, I can never be too thankful. It’s a long list that grows everyday. On that note, I’ll say thanks so much for visiting and your generous message 😀


  6. Everything looks and sounds lovely for that Thanksgiving party! I’m happy it was such fun. Mom was a vegetarian for 25 years. She’s back to eating meat the past few years, though. I will eat ANYTHING, so I’m more of a gobble-tarian.

    Love and licks,


    1. Ha, ha, “Gobble-tarian”. I love that! I’m afraid I am sometimes too. Mostly when it involves a pack of red liquorice. Our petite soirée was perfect. Toddled around in the kitchen for hours, enjoyed some wine and made a giant mess… all chefs must. Thanks for your message Cupcake!


  7. Selfishly, I confess to not remembering about the Canadian Thanksgiving! I’ll have to go do a little googling to get some info!
    In the meantime, Happy Belated Thanksgiving, and yes! We need to Be Thankful Everyday. For health, loved ones, friends, and of course, FOOD!!
    Yours looks delish! (even the cabbage … :-))
    I’m checking blogs and messages on my very short lunch break and want to thank you for your always thoughtful messages on my blog posts (are you thinking “for gosh sakes, woman, quit posting”!!!) Hee!
    A friend and I leave this evening for Pittsburgh. It’s our annual road trip to watch the Hokies. We pick a different city every year and in addition to watching the game, explore everything!
    So excited! You enjoy your weekend, too, and I hope you find some quiet, relaxation time.


    1. A different city every year is such a cool idea! That sounds like a riot LB! Safe travels and hope the Hokies come out on top.

      No worries on not knowing about Canadian Thanksgiving, I’m pretty sure it’s not the big deal it is in America. Families do get together but we do go crazy with decorating and there isn’t near as much traveling.

      LOL, I laughed at the cabbage comment. It doesn’t look super appealing but take my word, it’s just the yummiest when roasted. HAS to be Savoy though. Mr B doesn’t like it. It’s more a European thing perhaps.

      I totally hear you on it being hard to keep up. It’s one reason I’m posting less. I enjoy the messages so much, I want to ensure I can spend time chatting. I hope you’re not missing lunch and thanks tons for being here when you could be eating. I’m not too big on relaxation and could be way more organized but thanks for cheering me on (as always), you’re a gem xoxox K


  8. Sounds like you had an absolutely wonderful Thanksgiving! 🙂 I had to work through most of the weekend so we didn’t do any celebratory meal this year. Managed to get out for a few minutes to enjoy the balmy weather and do a few things in the garden, though, which was lovely.


    1. Hi Sheryl! Sorry to hear you had to work all weekend. Just think of the calories you saved 😀 Isn’t this weather crazy beautiful? We walked last night after dinner and it was so golden and warm. My favourite fall ever I think. I’m hoping it hangs on for a bit. Thanks so much for your visit 😀


    1. Purrrrty exciting as you can see by the look on Blossums face, hehehe. She’s always happy to be napping in some sunspot. I think she’d be happier if Petals didn’t horn in on her perch though 😀 xoxoox


    1. It’s tradition here to do it all over again at Christmas but we don’t usually do the ‘traditional’ thing. I really could easily eat a plate full of carrots, brussel sprouts, savoy and mashed potatoes without any meat substitute at all. I’m also a bit crazy about stuffing, so I’d have to add that.

      Non-vegetarians often can’t imagine not eating animals since that’s what they’re use too. It’s so much easier these days with many delicious options. But I truly don’t have any expectations from friends and family to join me although I’d be delighted if they did. It’s a commitment I find comes easy but I’m also lucky my husband is willing to omit meat from ‘most’ of his meals. Thanks so much for visiting 😀

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  9. We’ve used a similar field roast, but I’ve not seen that texture. I’ll have to go look. You put your heart and soul into that meal and it shows. I love your vignette and the specialness of it all.

    It was such a great idea taking a candle on a trip. I have the one you gave me here in my office. That wonderful smell carries me back.

    Funny, but even the smell of boat fuel will now always remind me of the fun water taxi rides. Loved that, too.

    Sleep well and enjoy your rest. You’ve outdone yourself. xoxoxo


    1. Thanks hon, the leaves were just laying around on our porch, LOL so very practical as I usually go out to sweep them away anyways 😀 I’m almost ready for a new candle because I’ve enjoyed mine so often. That’s kind of funny about the fuel triggering a memory. Whenever I smell diesel fuel of an idling bus, it reminds me of ski trips from my youth, LOL

      Next up, Halloween porch, then Christmas ! What would we do without the holidays 😀 xoxo K


    1. My dear W, how nice of you to say, merci ! I bet you’re happily busy with your little students again. Have you taken up your garden yet? I harvested the rhubarb from the yard and made a nice desert too. Very decadent, but hearty and a treat. Did you host? I can only imagine the beautiful fall views you’re enjoy from your water front patio. Here’s to sunsets on the ocean and friends far away, Cheers xK


      1. Hi K. Yes very busy with work but did have a lovely weekend. I did not host but did provide all the veggies…the garden is almost done just beets arugula kale and the odd radpberry left. The rains have started so I will probably clean everything out soon. Hope to make some creatice time too….sigh. cheers back at you

        Liked by 1 person

  10. I’m so delighted you got to take a lovely trip with Mr. B. The best way to spend any holiday time. I’m not a vegetarian but the meal looked delicious and obviously prepared with love. All meals prepared that way are delicious. Holidays have taken a real turn in my life and the food is no longer part of the focus. Your table is set so beautiful with all your treasures.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks a bunch Marlenie-bean. True that, the meal was a labour of love and delicious. We ended the evening with a home made desert, a recipe from my Aunty. I don’t always have the opportunity to create something special in the kitchen but it’s fun to do a few times a year. Plus, I love brussel sprouts. Usually they’re so dang expensive for everyday meals. Such a yummy treat. Our tiny soiree meant quite music, a chat and lingered with a glass of wine. Perfect way to end a busy weekend. Will you host American Thanksgiving in your new place this year? xoxo k


      1. Sounds like a lovely day. I doubt I’ll be cooking for Thanksgiving again this year. It’s just my daughter and I and we have decided it’s nicer for us to take the opportunity for a meal out rather than cooking and cleaning all day. If my son gets to come for Christmas, I’ll cook then for the three of us.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww, thank’s Cindy. As a rockstar, I’d call this European Unplugged, LOL. Nothing like the savoury smell of roasted Savoy Cabbage to fill your home with hints of ‘days gone by’. Eating fresh roasted veggies in the fall is surely a tradition appreciated thru the ages. Simple food, done in simple ways is my modus operandi. Break the bread, pure the wine and Bob’s your uncle.


  11. What a wonderful article and your meal looks delicious, which I’m sure it was. I now really feel bad I missed it. Feeling better today, but still bait woozy(?), hopefully will be recovered by tomorrow. LUL


    1. We missed you yesterday Aunty K. While it does take some time, a good meal with your loved ones is such a treat. Thanks for sharing your desert recipe, we had another slice tonight. No calories at all, LOL. I hope you’re right as rain soon, I free friday afternoon for a get together! xoxoLUL k


    1. We just finished the leftovers and I think it’s even better on day two. I guess the roasted cabbage is a European thing cause I love it and it makes the gravy just delish. But Mr B is not a fan. I say, “so sad, but more for me”…hehehe. xoK


  12. Oh Boomdee what a perfectly delicious looking Thanksgiving meal you had!!! Even though I am not a vegetarian I must say everything looks really yummy – a real feast……sounds like you all celebrated it in a special and nice way too….turning 80 is a MAJOR deal and no doubt your friend loved that you were there……………..who wouldn’t?!?!?! I also am not one bit surprised to see that your Thanksgiving was “aquacized” ! Lovely…………

    Big Hugs from me and Sam

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello sweet cheery southerners 😀 We really did have a great weekend. The weathers been oddly co-operative and gorgeous too. I know you’re a month away from all the festivities still. What do you do on the occasion? I usually love pumpkin pie but made a rhubarb dessert with rhubarb from my yard. Sending Fall cheer your way and popping in for the Tues Tease too 😀 xoxoB


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