I’ve Been Here, There, Everywhere


Hey ho Boomdee peeps!  Happy Belated  Birthday Canada!

Was June as much of a blur for you as it was for me?  I’ve been planting, making, fixing, creating, spending………gah, how about a wee wrap-up gallery?

Most of all, I’ve been missing my friends here at WordPress.  While I’ve been able to visit many of you during the month, I apologize to the ones I’ve missed.   Do you ever get behind like this?  Maybe you miss a few too.  I thought it’d be cool if I share a few posts I enjoyed and you do the same (leave me a link in comments).  Then we can all catch up together.

Wendy and Roger at Quarter Acre Lifestyle got a puppy!

Stacy at Visual Venturing reminded me of a wonder holiday

Alys at Gardening Nirvana rescued a wee hummingbird

Mike Looks at Life and share’s Pumpkin with us. Her sweet smile will cure whatever ails you.

Mr Bowie makes me smile

Julia at Defeat Despair is someone you could talk with for hours and sometimes we do 😀

Amanda at Inside The Life Of Moi moved me to tears, all good tears though.

Leilani at Keeping Up With Mrs Smith slays me, I just read this diddy this morning

There’s really so many more, but that should wet your whistle for a while. Oh, by the by.  I’ve taken on a new blogging challenge.  Urban Scrapbook invited me to write a weekly post !  If you’re the creative type (yes you!) try to pop by,  it’s going to be fun!   Just click on my hot new ride to come along.  As you can see, I’ve been here, there everywhere xo

Kelly's Korner at Urban Scrapbook

What did you read at WordPress this month that I really shouldn’t miss?


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  1. Definitely looks like a bit of everything month 🙂 Yes, I do find it impossible to keep up. The more people who follow the more tricky it gets. I focus on producing good content and visiting as much as I can. Thank you very much for joining me.

    • You’re welcome Johanna, I may not be around to each and every post but I often will stop in and read a whole month at a time. It’s tricky to fit it all in, but fun when we try.

  2. Somehow I thought I’d visited this post! Ah well … better late than never, right?
    Did I tell you how excited (and not at all surprised) I am about your new blog for Urban Scrapbook?
    Your talent and energy and infectious personality make you a natural. They are so lucky to have had you walk in that door.

    • ❤ ((( Laurie ))) you say the nicest things. You're not late at all. I haven't even written a new one yet. I caught up tonight at a blog that I've been saving up in email. I think I have 8 more to read, LOL.
      How are you BTW. Are they being kind to you when you knock on their doors? Are you feeling any regret? I'm so proud to be a friend, you are a little wonder wrapped up in a sweet package. It feels like christmas when ever you're around. xoxo ❤ love you! xk

  3. Is that an aqua sewing machine? Silly question! I didn’t know they came in aqua. It’s much prettier than ours.

    • It really is and it’s ALL mine, LOL. My friend Marlene at ‘In Search Of’ here on WP was offering it and I was so lucky she thought of me. Marlene actually dragged it up to Canada on a trip to Vancouver Island! She’s such a sweetheart. It sews like a dream too. I love having it as part of my boom-room xK

  4. Hey! You think you have been behind on catching up on WP, I have not blogged or interacted on the blogs since December!!! So sad. Also, I lost your address. Blogging friend’s addresses were on my desktop, and, sadly, I downloaded a virus and it could not be saved 😦 Can you re-email it to me? For no apparent reason, la la la. 🙂 (gjeometry@gmail.com)

    • !!! Catja !!! Bonjour, Ola, Hey girl, LOL. Wonderful to see your message. yes yes, will email. I’ve actually popped over to your page once in a while thinking I may have missed one of your delightful posts and was relieved to see you were still there anyways. I hope all is well, sorry to hear about your ‘technical difficulties’. My MAC is actually being very weird lately, I really must get it in for a look-see somewhere’s. I’m such a procrastinator, as is obvious by my very own lack of posting. Let’s catch up soon xK

  5. Such a lovely scrapbook of your life this June. Fabulous yard, there! Thank you for the thoughtful shout outs. I, too, found Alys’ rescued hummingbird post to be charming. Meep! Take care and I’m sending you several inches of rainfall. Hope it makes it up there! Be safe and Boom on.

    • WP really is scrapbooking isn’t it? Love that! The yard is limping along with very little attention this week, really must tidy up a tad. Did you see Alys’s other post about rescued chipmunks? They’re cute as can be. Alys reminds me of Snow White sometimes 😀 she’s so nurturing and kind.

      Thanks for the rain, I’ll watch for it. Saddly today, after two lovely cool days, it’s going to be 30 C (86F) again. You would think it normal down there, but as a Northerner, I’m much happier around 20 C or 22 C (68F to 72F) Actually 20 C with sunshine is the best gardening days, you don’t melt and can actually enjoy it out there. Are you getting tons of rain?

  6. Fab pictures! You look like you’ve had a busy month… all your handy work puts my lazing-about-procrastinating to shame! Thank you for the kind mention. This means a lot. It was a very personal post and one I hold close to my heart. I’m currently on a ‘blogging break’ but I’ll be making my comeback sometime this month and catching up with all the blogs I have been missing out on. Gosh, I miss you guys!

    • I think a blogging break is a great plan. I sometimes feel the need to rejuevenate and focus on other things too. I read your whole holiday post with your hubby the other night from bed. My Mr was fast asleep and I tried to catch up. I may have fallen asleep before I got a message typed, LOL. It really looked like a nice resort and how fab to have it all to yourself, although that might seem weird. You’re so darn cute and hi-five for your bikini bod! Enjoy your ‘breather’, do something fabulous or nothing at all….whatever your heart desires! Shine on Amanda xB

      • Aww *blushes a brighter shade of cherry tomato* thank you for your compliments. You are too kind! 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed my holiday post. It seems like a lifetime ago, now! It was a fab resort though and one I would highly recommend…but during the summer season…not off season (it was a ghost town!)

        I have been enjoying my blogging break. Like you say, it’s important to rejuvenate and reignite those create juices from time to time.

        Nothing at all…well, that sounds very appealing to me. However, three kids makes that impossible. I’ll take the odd hour sit down with a book and be grateful for it.

        I hope you have a great week ahead! X

  7. I just had to take a minute to pop back over to my Happy Place today…thanks so much for including me here; what an honor! I know I can always count on you to add cheer to my world (and everybody else’s) — what a wonderful gift you have, my friend! Have a super lovely weekend!

    • Thank you for your beautiful message Julia. I’m so happy you were able to get a smile out of it. Even when I haven’t made time to get over to say hi, please know I’m thinking about you. Happy July 4th! It’s smokey outside today, but we are promised some rain this evening and tomorrow, I’m looking forward to it. xo K

  8. Oh my dear you really have been a busy girl! Look at all the wonderful aquazation (?!) you’ve implemented in your world at home, your garden, your work – everywhere!! I just love all the photos and hearing about and seeing all the fabulously creative things you’re up to. You always will be a bright spot in the world……certainly in mine!!!

    Love, Pam (and Sammy)

    • Geez, you are adorable! Simply huggable, squeezable! Thank you Pam, for your message, support and cheer. I wish there were two of me. One to get stuff done and one to just visit with friends here at WP. Happy July 1 to you and your dear family xo! K

  9. I haven’t been reading blogs as much as usual, so have missed a lot. I am glad I didn’t miss your post; so much happening, and it’s all beautiful. 🙂

    • Awwww, you’re a dear. It’s a challenge to keep up isn’t it. When I began to blog, I thought it’d just be a nice record of on-going projects and things that I fancied. Then I realized how many kindred spirits I have in this big ol’ world. Amazing right? When all is said and done, it should remain fun and stressless I think (for me anyways). So I just say, “tommorrow I will do better” Sometimes I do and sometimes, I say it over again 😀 Thank you so kindly for coming by and viewing the gallery too. Cheers my dear!

  10. My goodness you have been a busy bee! A turquoise sewing machine with hello kitty on it…you do know how to find treasures! Your garden and front porch look fabulous! It looks like work is going well for you and your considerable creative talents are not only appreciated but well utilized, that must be satisfying for you. Congratulations! And finally the turquoise volkswagen van, is hilarious and a stroke of genius! Enjoy your summer Boomdee!

    • Hello dear French Apple 😀 Isn’t that new machine to-die-for? I got it from Marlene at In Search Of, here at WP. She made a little trip to Vancouver Island and mailed it from Cda. Such a lovely thing to do. Work is awesome, busy, fun, crazy fun, LOL. I guess you’ve got at least a month off now and no doubt enjoying your swims in the Ocean. How’s your garden managing in the heat? I saw the news about the lack of rain. We’ve not had as much as we usually do but getting some good rain on this weekend. Then back to hot temps. I hope this isn’t the new norm. I’m a cool weather lover and I think my plants prefer it cooler too. I wish I could drive my Aqua Van over for a visit 😀 My fantasy world is such a gas, LOL xK

      • hahaha…my fantasy world is such a gas lol. the drought is challenging we are not used to such things here on the island..we are on level 2 water restrictions…hand watering at dawn…ugh…large cappuccino helps with that. iam in the dog house. i just returned from a giant street sale in the neighboring town…with a padlock, vintage keys, vintage linens …and no truck …i lost the keys to my husbands truck and had to find a ride home…BAD me…i think i better start cooking up a storm. ..to make it up to him.

      • Bah ha ha, now that would have been funny to see his face. Poor you to come home with ‘Vintage Keys’ but no ‘truck keys’ I’m hearing Fred Flinstone yelling ‘Wiiiillllma’ right now…hahah. BTW, I can’t seem to turn down a vintage linen either. What a fun street sale. Fingers Crossed for both of us to see raindrops today….we are suppose to. At least it’s only 20 C today. x K

    • Oh my, such a nice message! Thank you G and head scratch to lovely Cupcake. I sure am enjoying being able to garden more since we moved. One year now! Yeesh! That year flew by. Do you make any pots with flowers? I went with bright pink and coral, which was unusual for me but man is it cheery. See you soon! Hugs B

      • I have a double wrought iron hook outside my window. I have two hanging pots of Sunny Susies out there. They’re yellow and orange and climbing everywhere. Fun.

  11. I am soooo glad to see you back even for a bit. It’s hard to post in the summer with all the outdoor work to do in our new homes. You HAVE been busy girl. And the machine looks perfect in there. Have you had time to try it out yet??? I’m swamped too and let so much get away from me these days. I’ll pop over and see what your scrapbooking blog looks like. You really need that van. 🙂 It’s perfect for you to hang your shingle on.

    • Hi-Dee-Ho Marlene-a-go-go. I need to get over to your post PDQ. You’re right about summer being busy. I do it to myself really. I planted pots everywhere and added perennials. I couldn’t help myself. I Felt like I’d been on a gardening diet while in the condo and I then went crazy when I got to the garden centre. I bet your place is looking gorgeous. You’ve worked even harder, what with the gravel move, locker organization and home reno’s. We are ‘get-er-done’ girls Marlene! I’m bowing to you because at my age, you are running laps around me, LOL You’re a little spark-plug……zoooooom. Or in the case of my imaginary Aqua van…..sppparrrrklllle! (cause It runs on glitter) xo

  12. Wow, you make the happiest looking rooms. It’s all the lovely color (yes, that sewing machine!!!). I ran over to Kelly’s Corner and tried to comment, but was told I didn’t own my identity!!! Then who does??? Anyway, here there’s no problem, but I can see how you make such beautiful packages that the recipient spends as much time looking at the outside as discovering the inside. I need to get some of those stickers. Love your green van. Some neighbors of mine had a Vanagon for a while and drove it off every summer to go camping. Ah, so glad you’re posting and congratulations on the new blogging gig. That is very cool!

    • Jellllllooooo Lisa 😀 That is my ‘happy’ room for sure. The rest of our home is neutral and beachy, so the madness really explodes when I step into the Boom-Room. Honestly, does not aqua go with everything? LOL

      Were your neighbours old hippies? What an awesome time in history that was for music and fashion. Although not awesome for the war. Has there ever been a time when the whole world been at peace I wonder?
      Thank goodness we can find peace in our own lives by doing something small for others. Glad you enjoyed your teeny parcel ox Thanks for cheering me on and visiting Urbans Blog. I do find the way you leave a message odd. You can comment as your blog name at WP. I believe at the bottom, under the comment box, you edit the box by typing: Blogname.wordpress.com and press enter, then you can leave a message. I’ll find out for sure for you! xo K

  13. Oh my that was good fun. I’m with Pauline: everything you touch is magical and creative and beautiful. I’ve been enlarging photos to see some of the details on your shelf. It’s fun looking at your artfully arranged treasures. The pink rug looks fab in the Boom Room. Your flowers and decorated porch look marvelous too. Congratulations on the Urban gig. They are so lucky to have you and your ‘voice’ writing for them. I’ve just read the first post and loved it (of course).

    It looks like you and Mr. B. had a fab Canada Day. Did he have to go back to work today or does he have a long weekend.

    Your photos are a wonderful glimpse into your world. xoxoxoxo

    • Good Morning, Good Mooorrning ! We’ve danced the whole night through…….

      LOL, wouldn’t that be fun? Of course we’d have to sleep for a week then. I’m running to work today. Back tonight with a full and robust message. Just thought I’d give you a (((virtual hug))) b4 I do. Oh, a little tighter….good! Now off you go, enjoy !! xoox

      • Oh that was so much fun! Thank you, sweetness. I hope you’ve had a good day at work. You sure have been cranking out some beautiful things in the boom room. Mwaaaaa xox

      • Ooooops, here I am a day later, LOL. Turns out, we had company yesterday. We sat on the patio for dinner. Jim BBQ’s steak for them. I enjoyed my mini quiche and yummy salad, perfectly complimented three glasses of Proseco….yikes! 😀
        Jan and I stayed a while after work to finish a couple of projects. You can sure get a lot more done when there aren’t any shoppers and the phones not ringing, LOL
        Jim actually has had the whole week off. He went to Sangudo twice to golf and did some garage ‘planning’ 😉
        Thank’s a bunch for your never ending encouragement and cheer! You float my boat my dear! Being busied by creative things is a blessing, I wouldn’t complain one bit. I have the best job ever. I shall endeaver to be better organized with my time so I can do more of what I love and that includes keeping up with you! xoxo hugs k

      • What a nice time dining on the patio. I’m glad you could make (or buy) yourself a mini quiche. Oh that sounds yummy!

        I’m glad you could stay and get a few things done at the store as well. I know the feeling well. I’ve stayed up too late myself a few nights finishing a home project for a client. It feels good to have it done though and back at her house for her return home.

        We’ve just been grocery shopping together after dropping M at the mall to visit with friends for awhile. He just wisely pointed out that ‘malls are mostly for girls,’ to which he got a firm nod from me.

        Enjoy your creative endeavor of the day. All the rest of us enjoying viewing, and sometimes receiving, some of your amazing results. xox

  14. Oh, Boomdee, what an amazing post! And that has nothing at all to do with choosing one of my posts to share 😉 Really, you came up with an incredibly creative way in which to share what’s been going on in your life. Such great commentary and wonderfully fun photos of all you have done! I’m so impressed (and dare I say proud of you?)

    Boy, if I had to post pictures of what I’ve been doing lately, most of them would be of me doing battle with my new computer … and installing a new backup system … and dealing with the issue of not having signed out of my Apple ID on my old computer so now my daughter has to wipe the disk and start anew. The learning curve with all has been unbelievable … And terribly unexciting. Anyway, I do feel blessed that we can have all these electronics (though my hubby hasn’t yet gotten the bill 😜).

    And, my friend, thanks for the shout out on Mr. Jefferson. I’m so glad it continues to bring back great memories ❤️

    I will definitely plan to take a look at the other posts. A Boomdee recommendation is a great endorsement!

    Happy weekend to you!!


    • Thank you for your sweet message Stacy. I’m so happy we connected in Washington. I love seeing it over and over again thru that amazing camera of yours. You’ve got skilzzzz and I’m always trying to mentally take note of the details to help me see things in my own world in a new way.
      Isn’t technology frustrating at times. I feel so old when I discover something new on my 3 year old Samsung phone, LOL. Do kids keep them that long? I’m pretty sure I’m a couple of generations behind. Sorry you’ve had such dilemma’s, I hate spending time on something like that. My MAC in fact is doing very weird stuff and I’ve been putting off going to the crazy Genius Bar. I think there might be too many toast crumbs or cat hair inside 😀 Gads, that will be embarrassing.
      I follow a rather large number of bloggers and my reader is always full of something new, fun and interesting. I’d need staff to get thru them all but honestly, it’s a rather nice problem to have. Shine on my dear x K

      PS, I love that ‘Anyway’ at the end…..just like Ellen D. Here production company message is her crossing her Converse Sneakers and saying just that…cute! x

      • Ahh, the Genius Bar. I’ve spent countless days and hours there within the past week. I feel as if I’m growing roots. I’m actually headed back there in a few hours with my daughter, who has inherited my old Mac. Who knew that once we deleted my user account without me somehow unlinking my apple ID from the computer that we will now have to wipe everything she just put on there and redownload the operating system!!!! If we don’t, she will never be able to download upgrades in the future (as those are tied to my ID and I’ll be using it on my own computer). Sometimes I really HATE the closed system that Apple is. Never even thought about this with my PCs…. So sometimes “old” technology is good 😀 Good luck with YOUR Mac!! Hope it’s an easy “fix.” 🙂

      • You’re so brave to hit the Genius Bar on a Saturday…It’ll be banana’s! OMGosh, I’m a slacker. I’ll probably go on like a Tuesday morning, when it’s dead quiet. Good Luck!

  15. Really???? You got an aqua sewing machine? How do you find these things? I am so impressed with your ability to make everything look beautiful! The Boom Room, the garden, the kitties on their posts ……… And your creative work is beautiful – congratulations on the regular spot in the store blog, it is indeed a great compliment! I am reading as many posts as I can keep up with, I make the decision to miss some when I don’t have the time – but still haven’t made time to actually produce a post….. sigh!! I am making light catchers 🙂 I am having fun making rainbows and catching every bit of winter sun that filters through the grey gloom here. I’ll have to write a post to do a giveaway of a light catcher or two, else I’ll be buried in rainbows 🙂 So glad you took the time to post so I could catch up with your doings! xoxo

    • Oh dear Pauline, I feel for you and empathize where winter blahs are concerned. It could almost make you blue after a while if not for the magic of rainbows thru light catchers. That sound lovely. Are you using the same crystals and beads you made ours from? I was loving mine in the garden until I went to move it one day and I guess a knot undid. I was lucky to collect it all again but need to buy some heavy string to fix it. I’m so sorry P, I’m such a klutz. I’ll take a photo soon to show you it as good as new. I had it sparkling over my water fountain. I hope I can get it back in a half similar arrangement, I loved it there but then was adding some perennials and though I’d move it over to the other side. 😦 I was so sad.

      Thank you for your message hon, you are a most generous soul. Oh and the Aqua sewing machine was sent from our dear Marlene from Victoria when she traveled from home to Butchart Gardens 😀 I couldn’t believe it and screeched then squealed. I will post soon I hope. It’s just way too cute:D I wish I could send some of our rotten heat and get some of your cool weather instead. xo K

      • Oh no! These things are not supposed to break – what did I do wrong???? [I’m hitting hand to forehead here!] I’m absolutely sure it wasn’t you Boomdee, you should be able to move them around safely – there’s been a glitch in the matrix somewhere. I’m so sorry. I’ll make you another one! 🙂

      • !!!! Absolutely not Pauline !!! I have everything. All the beautiful crystals and beads. OMGosh, please don’t feel the need to make another. I will feel just brutal. I am such a klutz, I’m always breaking things I love. I actually have a little parcel ready to come to you. What if I tuck in my Sun Catcher and you can just tie it all back up? Would that work? You did such a beautiful job of them all with tender loving care. I’m certain it’s not anything that can’t be done in a jiff. I will pop it in the mail on Tuesday along with a wee little thing I saw at one of my usual stops. I got myself one and thought you’d like one too. Nothing much at all, just was thinking of you xoxo Hugs!

      • Yes, lets do that – as long as the postage isn’t too brutal!! I really want you to have one that doesn’t break, so I’ll get something to you asap!! xoxo

      • xoxoxoxoxoxo you needn’t worry about the postage going your way one bit. It’s a good deal considering it fly’s around the world. I only wish we could post ourselves for a little visit 😀 xo

    • It so nice to always see your visits even though you’re probably in some far away country doing something totally exotic. Thanks so much for your kind message Cindy, that’s probably the nicest complement one could hear. Safe travels!

    • Hi Wendy! Your a doll to say this, thank you. There’s always lots going on, I take tons of photo’s, I just can’t seem to execute the Blog thing well lately. With this new challenge from work, I’ve made a personal commitment to keep more on track here too. That’s the plan anyways. Hey! I gave the kitties a late night snack, then washed my hands with your soap I have at the kitchen sink. I’ve set it apon my hand scrub brick and it stays perfectly there. One side is your Patchulli soap, one side a scrubby. I love this scent. Here’s the hand scrubber, we sell them at Urban for cleaning off art paints and stuff but it’s just as great for garden dirt and what-not.


      • No I am not managing to “execute the blog thing well lately” either 🙂 Quickly flicked over to see this craft Scrubbie and will go back there to see what is in it if it has an ingredients list….intriguing! I love the Rose & Patchouli soap, not sure if it’s the same as you are talking of here. What is Urban? A shop?

      • Heaven? Yes Boomdee’s in Heaven!
        And my heart beats so that I can hardly speak
        And I seem to find the happiness I seek………as Frank Sinatra once sang…LOL

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