The Best Bestie Bar None

Good Gravy! I do not deserve to be calling myself a blogger. One post a month? Gads!!

Maybe I should be called a blonth? 

          Blonth: One who blogs only once a month.

Or what about Mogger?

         Mogger: A monthly blogger.

what is she copy


Eeek, neither sound very appealing really and I should just pull up my big girl britches.  I do thank you for continuing to come by.  You really spoil me terribly, but please don’t stop 😀

Hey! Now that you’re here, won’t you stay and say hello to my little friends?

My Little Friends Collage

Surprise! I’ve just been back to California for a visit with my BFF Alys of Gardening Nirvana and her whole crew.  We had the best time. Get this, last time I was in California, it rained. My arrival this trip was also announced by a rainy day.



**Attention other draught stricken States, Boomdee is available for engagements. Please email me directly with details  (note: you will supply all ‘refreshments’).

Speaking of refreshments, I couldn’t help snapping these pics of different brews available at Trader Joes. We don’t have Trader Joe’s in Alberta and I was wowed by these graphics. (You do take your camera grocery shopping too right?)  Well actually, I don’t even drink beer, I just wanted to buy it all for the cool packaging. That’s darn good marketing, don’t you think? “Hey Alys, I feel a party coming on!”

cool beer collage

Remember the last party we had in San Jose? Alys, her sister Sharon and I, got all dolled up and went out for lunch at Lisa’s Teahouse & Treasures.   Crack me up! I laugh every time I see myself and this crazy hairdo. Hey Boomdee, “the 60’s called, they want their bangs back”. 

omgosh collage

We did make it back there on this visit but quietly flew under the radar. No wigs, just our appetites and the desire to be treated like the princesses we’re convinced we are.  Everything was served up on lovely China and was tres delicious. Princess Alert, my fingers don’t always fit in those tiny teacup handles, Gah!

Teahouse collage

Tiny teacup handles aside, each and every day was action packed. Including celebrating Alys’s birthday, a famous flan,  shopping, train trips and more. Check it out!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We managed to pack a lot of fun into 7 days, and it went far too fast.  Alys is always a great host. Next summer Alys is coming to Edmonton!  Way! I can’t wait to spoil her in return, because I have the best bestie bar none.

What’s your favourite thing to do with your bestie?



75 thoughts on “The Best Bestie Bar None

    • Oh Clowie my dear fluffy friend, hello hello! I saw your name pop into my mailbox and got all excited. Thanks so much for coming by. As you see, pretty quiet here right now. I’ve just been too busy with work in November and December. I do hope to come back in January and I miss all my world wide peeps and fur-friends a lot.

      You’re right, Mogger does sound like mugger, LOL. Thanks for pointing that out. I do hope you’ll have a wonderful Christmas with all your dreams coming. true. Happy New Year my friends, I’ll be popping in on my days off. xo K

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  1. Too much fun!! And I love the bangs. You are both adorable. What an excellent business idea for these days of climate change: hire yourself out to do rain dances, payment in food and drink!

    What do I like to do best with besties? TALK!!! Right? ha ha 🙂

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    • Thank you for your visit Crystal, I hope your holiday was awesome. I may have to do the ‘snow dance’ here. They ol’ climate change-a-roe has us basking in sunshine and it’s Dec 1. We’ve had some snow but nothing compared to other years. xk

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  2. There’s nothing quite like having a BFF, and I’m blessed with two who are as different as can be and who I can’t imagine being without! What wonderful times you and Alys shared and I had so much fun soaking in all the details of your glorious week spent together. And now you both have next summer to look forward to!

    As far as posting only once a month? I’ll take whatever you give us, Boomdee. You can’t get rid of us that easily 💕

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  4. Sheesh, your like a mystical being….I feel I should name you “bringer of rain to the drought stricken” or “rain falls in her presence” ….. ooooo, OR! “Sky cries joyful tears at her arrival”…. huh, huh??
    Adore seeing you and Alys having the bestest of all BFF times.
    So cool to see you, albeit briefly, on Skype…. I’m planning to gate crash the next Skype session with y’all!

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    • Oh my goodness, sounds far more special than, “has the knack for arriving in poor weather” 😀 “Sky cries joyful tears”, is quite special, perhaps I’ll make a business card, LOL You’re too fun!

      The more the merrier I say, Yes! Yes! Join in the fun, please! Will there be cheese? HA, I was just over at the Contented Crafter. I saw your photo Gif there and smiled a mile. See you there then xo K


    • This is music to my ears little Bunnyfeet. Thanks a bunch (of carrot tops). Alys’s party was the hi-light of my visit. You’re a gem for hopping in…snort! Do you tire of these double-bunny entendre’s. I have a few I could put out of my hat…..oops there I go again. xoxoxox P/B/K


  5. Hi Boomdee! Updating my own site once a month is all I can handle! I’m right in there with you. Good to see you back!

    Glad to hear you all had a great time, and are enjoying life in general! have a wonderful month ahead! We are supposed to be having a warmer and drier winter than normal here this year, so we’ll see what Mother Nature sends us this year.

    Love and best wishes to you all up north!

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    • Hello hello! Salmon Brook has been on my mind actually. When we were at Roaring Camp, I met a young man who was playing his acoustic guitar there for the day. I was able to chat him up and enjoy one song just before we had to board our train. Unfortunately, when we returned he had gone. Super talented with a gentle and clear voice. I could have listened to him all day. I hope you’re enjoying your break Lavinia. Time at home is such a gift. So many never get time off of work. I feel very fortunate for that. I’m going to swing by and catch up on your news too. Geez, your forecast sounds disappointing, I wish it could get back to the normals we’re familiar with. It’s quite alarming in Alys’s area. Their reservoirs are almost gone. I just don’t know what will happen there if it doesn’t change soon.
      My hubby surprised me by booking us to London this coming June. I’ll be there for my birthday and hopefully Paris too. So yes, life is spoiling me as of lately. Work is just awesome, busy, but awesome. I’m very grateful for it all. Thanks so much for your visit and joyful wishes too. I’m hoping Mother Nature shows you some love this winter, we all need it now. Take good care, love B


  6. Oh what FUN – Alys in Edmonton – you two will paint the town AQUA I’m sure! You always have fun where you go no matter if it’s rainy or sunny – you bring your own sunshine along. I enjoy shopping and having lunch somewhere fun when I get together with my besties……girl talk….gossip…..and giggling…….”THE THREE G’s” !!!

    Love and Hugs, Pam

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    • The 3G’s, I love that! Looks uber techie and trendy, yet it’s as down-home as apple pie. Speaking of Sunshine, you’re a total doll to leave so much cheer here. Thank you Pam!

      Tripping around Edmonton with Alys will be fun. I’ve never really hosted anyone who wasn’t familiar with the place. Edmonton isn’t exactly a tourist destination, LOL. But there’s lots to see and do in the summer. We throw off our Mukluks, kick open the door to the Igloo, rip off our toque’s and make crazy summer fun in the sun. LOL, I kid, the Igloo doesn’t really have a door…..snort. xo

      Hey, I’m posting at Kelly’s Korner over at the Urban Blog once a week. here’s what I’m up to there (like you’re not busy enough), drop in if you’re every looking to kill 5 minutes xoxox

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      • Even if Edmonton doesn’t normally ROCK, it will with you and Alys “doin’ it up!!”…….I’m on my way to visit your “shop blog” – I’m sure whatever I see there I will WANT IMMEDIATELY IF NOT SOONER YOU CREATIVE GIRL YOU!!!!

        Love and Hugs, Pam

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      • If you keep spoiling me, I may become a monster. Then I wouldn’t have to make a Halloween costume. Thank you bunches Pam for all your love and support. You’re so special xoxo Love Boomdee K


    • Awwww, you are dear to say that and even kinder to visit. Thank you tons. I’ve been writing for our work blog at Urban Scrapbook once a week. It usually involves completing a project and I’m still working out how to fit it all in. How’s everything in your parts of Europe these days. Have there been interruptions at trains or ferry’s. You do such important work, be well and be safe. x B


    • Hi Derrick, I’d imagine childhood in the ’40s and ’50s filled with such innocence and wonder. I’m very nostalgic for that sort of thing. I think with all the privilege children enjoy now, they rather miss out on that. I laughed when you wrote ‘American Horror’ comics. I don’t know why, but from a Canadian’s point of view it just seemed funny. All the monsters from my early years, like, Jack the Ripper or Dracula are from your side of the pond, LOL. Thanks so much for your message, I must come visit soon. Still playing catch up from holidays. Cheers

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      • Holy Snap, that’s brutal. I’m familiar with, “See No evil, Speak No Evil, Hear no Evil” but never in such an diabolical image. That’s rough all right. I remember a set of really cute chimps. We got that one all sugar coated here in Canada, we’re wimpy, LOL

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  7. Whatever you’re called glad to hear from you and thanks for the post card! We’d like a rain visit, btw. Would you believe it? I don’t think I have a bestie other than my mom and husband. I’ve always, always wanted one but it’s just not happened. Wonderful girlfriends, yes. Bestie, no. Hmmm. :/


    • Ola Leilani ! Yah yah, finally knocking one out here. My goodness life is full. I was just telling Lisa, that I’ve been posting weekly on our work blog. You might enjoy them because it’s all about crafting and my usual sprinkling of goofiness. Come on by:

      I’m surprised you don’t have a Girlfriend BFF. As far as I see, your fun, funny, creative, hostess with the mostess and love cats. Sounds like all the right boxes are checked. I’m happy to hear you and your mom have such a wonderful relationship, that’s awesome. Your hubby is a lucky fellow, a couple that plays together stays together. Plus L, you’re young! Alys and I didn’t meet early in life either. You have that to look forward too. Stay young at heart and life will continue to gift you with beautiful friendships. xo k


  8. Oh my word. there is a name for those of us who don’t post very often!! I can barely get one or 2 a month. We are too busy living to write about it yet. I will as soon as it snows. 😉 Looks like you had a wonderful time in spite of gimpy. Tea is always fun wigs or not. That’s something I share with my daughter since I don’t have good friends here…yet. I absolutely love that vintage stove. I had a miniature version of it for years. Love the vintage look. Look at you little old rainmaker you. :)) Could have used your presence here this summer. Driest on record. Had I know your were bribe-able… 🙂 Looking forward to the post from Edmonton. Lots of hugs..

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      • Looks like you are on the swing shift and I’m on the late shift. Hope you had a good sleep. Seems I can never get enough of that these days. It’s 5:20 and I’ve been up an hour already. 😦 Sweet dreams. Hugs.

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      • I’m here, there, everywhere. HA! Just hung out at your place and had a sweet visit with all your gorgeous projects. I got a bit behind when I was on holidays, so now I have to get into high gear. Warp Speed as the Trekkies might say.

        Speaking of Trekkies, the 3rd ‘Star Trek’ with the super cute Chris Pine comes out in July 2016. So that would be totally awesome if Alys and I could see it together in Edmonton !! We had an great visit and next summer seems so so so far away. Unfortunately, I’m going on two holidays in-between and it’s only really summer here in July and August. If Alys came in June, it’d probably either rain everyday or be too cool for her. Only us Canadians are hardy enough to wear flip-flops before July in northern Alberta! Tee-hee. Nighty night again 😀 Catch you on the flip side my dear. xoxox K

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      • I feel so sorry for you with so many holidays to take. It’s breaking my heart. We are all Trekkie’s around here too. My kids will be in line early. I never wear flip flops anytime but if it’s cooler than here, I’m all for it. Lots of hugs and good luck catching up. Don’t think I ever will.

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  9. You’re a Blonth Mogger! I knew it all along……….
    Have fun and send the rain down here please. Maybe you should come to The Holler?? Do you like coyotes, rattlsnakes and scorpions? Oh, my!


    • LOL, who wouldn’t like coyotes, rattlesnakes and scorpions? I’m hearing the sound track for ‘Raiders of the lost Arc’ in my head. The Holler sounds like a combination of the Australian Outback mixed in with an old John Wayne movie. Good grief, not sure if there’s room enough for a princess like me AND rattlesnakes in The Holler, hahaha……I’d have to toughen up a might bit. It would all make for a very interesting travel brochure though. Cheers my dear and thanks for your visit. x K


  10. Lovely to see you two together and doing the things that you two do together ………. 🙂 Such fun!!
    And I see where my train postcard came from 🙂 It arrived this morning – how’s that for timing? Thank you for thinking of me while you were having so much fun xoxo

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    • Oh yes, the postcard is from Roaring Camp. You won’t believe how hard it is to find postcards these days. We stopped at drug stores, grocery stores and a gift shop in Los Gatos and no one was selling them. I suppose everyone just sends a text, but that’s hardly the same thing. I might have to just make them at home and take them with, LOL.

      Thanks for cheering us on Pauline! I’m really happy we had time to Skype too, I loved catching up and hearing your voice and seeing little Siddy live and in pup-son (aka person). xoxo k


  11. It’s so much fun for me to relive our week together through your eyes. We sure packed it in, didn’t we? I loved our tea, the time on the train, the Ainsley House, evenings on the couch, head to head sharing pictures on our computer, laughing, eating, more laughing and eating, visiting with friends…all of it.

    I’m so excited about my trip to Edmonton next summer. All these years of hearing and reading about your wonderful town will now be further enriched by an in-person visit. Can’t. Wait.

    Thanks for this fabulous post BFF. xox


    • Good Morning (( Alys )). You will be pampered to an inch of your life when you visit and I can’t wait. I hope our weather will be co-operative and if you can travel in late July/early August, it very well may be. Our summers, while short, offer tons of festivals and activities. We can even take a mid-week drive thru the Rockies if we want. A time investment from Edmonton, but it’s so beautiful.

      It’s so much nicer to stay with you. Thank you for positively everything hon, I felt right at home. Your home is warm, cheery and beyond comfy. I’m currently looking for a poofie bed cover and new pillow 😀

      Most of all, thank you for all the organization and outings especially with your poor foot in that boot. I’m sure there were days you would have rather just sat with it up on a pillow. I felt positively spoilt, you’re the dearest. Also, a big thanks to M and Mike for making room for me in their week and for nights M came out to dinners when all he really would rather do is hang at home, LOL (sorry kiddo). Have a Be-autiful day my dear, I miss you already xoxoxox K

      BTW, I tried to send Linda an email but I think she wrote down her email wrong, maybe she’ll swing by here.


      • I think late July/early August should be perfect. I’m so excited about all of it!

        I’m so glad you felt at home here. The house felt empty when you left, that is for sure. What a nice week.

        M was a bit of a pill that first night out, but leave it to you to draw him out and get him talking. You’re a pro!

        I’m sorry to hear you have the wrong address for Linda. Did you get a first and last name?

        I hope she will stop by. What a nice connection…and a lovely kitty bench. 😉

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      • You always say the nicest things that make people feel so welcomed and loved. Thank you.
        You’re young and charming M is no pill. He’s a typical teen boy who (and quite reasonably) suddenly finds middle aged people (ancient by a teens standard) boring. I didn’t see what you did, I saw an opportunity to try and make it fun and ‘not boring’ for the poor kid. At some point, they’re happiest alone with their friends aren’t they? You may feel these times differently because you’re probably missing that little cherub faced kid who wanted to hang around with you more. You’ll be pals again hon, in a blink xo K.
        Yah, too bad about Linda’s email. I got her first and last name. She wrote it down for me. hmm, maybe I could Google it. Does that seem Stocker’ish? LOL xoxo


      • I think you should definitely look for her on Google. I have no doubt she would love to hear from you and see her cute little bench under Blossum…or Petals, in your gorgeous home. Go for it!

        You are a natural with M. It’s hard when you’re the mom and also hard when you remember that same little boy crawling in your lap, holding your hand, adoring you. Now I get sneers, eye-rolling and disdain. It’s all perfectly normal. Just hard. You’re the bestest bestie ever.

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      • oh yah, Google her! I let you know if I find a link.
        M is going to mellow, but in the mean time hang in there. Hey!? Here’s what I might do (warning, I know nothing about being a mom). What would happen if you just burst out laughing and said, “oh man M, you should see your sneer right now, that’s priceless! Kid you’re killing me” click a quick pic and share it with him. You’ll probably have a good laugh together. In a few years, you’ll be laughing about it all, why not start now? The ol’, “kill em’ with kindness” trick comes to mind too. I’d often try it with rotten customers, the more snarky they’d get, the happier I got and I’m pretty sure it burned their butts, hahaha……’s fun! Does this all sound childish? That’s all I got hon ❤ ❤ I wish I had some 'mom' skills to share. Well if it's any consolation, I love you xoxox


    • I’m more of a coffee drinker myself but it’s fun to adopt the ways of the highbrow english for one afternoon. I’m positive Cupcake would make a find Princess if you wanted to be a Princess ONE afternoon. x B


  12. Well…the friendship you girl share!!! It speaks of love, kindred spirits and so much fun!!! It makes me very happy. Especially since my BFF from The Netherlands is coming on Friday!!!! I am already so restless and full anticipation…new media is wonderful and lovely but NOTHING compares to the real thing!!! xoxoxox for the both of you, Johanna

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    • Gasp! You’re having a BFF get together too, that’s really awesome Johanna. Did you grow up together? Go to school together? Is she a tall blonde girl like yourself? Alys and I are so similar in many ways, we even have the same toaster I noticed, ha. We both have a black cat, We have the same middle name too. One difference, Alys is super tall, and me a shrimpo, it seems to work out ok, she can reach tall stuff and I find doggies for us to love up. Have a wonderful visit with your BFF hon. I’m sure you’re a top notch spoiler too. xo K


      • I met my wonderful BFF about 20 years ago when we became neighbors. There is actually three of us, #3 was with her husband in the RV ;0) I try to visit them every year and I am always over moon when they come to me. But this time Esther is coming by herself and indeed I am going to spoil her so terribly!!! We both love shopping, both new and vintage, we both love cozy books and BBC shows on clothes, vintage and lifestyle and we love walking and food;0) We are both tall but she is a brunette. But the best thing is, we can talk and talk and talk and we can look at the same thing and start laughing at the same time whilst everybody else wonders whether we have gone insane ;0) Here in Cincy, halloween is such a big thing and I booked a nightly bus tour for us that will lead us to all the haunted places with storytellers and all…

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      • Oh Johanna, that sounds like a riot. I’m tickled for you. I love all those things too, especially the vintage shopping. It’s wonderful to have a friend you can just pick up from where you last left off. Alys and I are much the same. I feel rather blessed that we’re at least on the same continent. Have tons of fun Johanna! I look forward to catching up. Love K

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