Kelly’s Bear, Cold Birds and Judy’s Prize

Hello, happy March to you! I’m having the best morning just buzzing about in my PJ’s, soaking in the sunshine and a lovely visit with Johanna at Mrs Walkers Art and Illustrations. If you haven’t visited there before, please let me introduce you.

Johanna, a talented illustrator, posts about many of her wonderful home baking and makings all while keeping company with one of the loves of her life, Charley. You may have seen Charley girl in my side bar here. Johanna’s artful eye brings beautiful photography and scrumptious vignettes to her posts. I think of Johanna as a country soul, living in a fabulous city, embracing the best of both worlds.

I’m sharing this particular post today as it’s a little bit about me. I once left one of my rambling messages (as I sometimes do) on a post and suggested there was a bear, who’d just awoke in the spring to enjoy a cup of tea…………..

Mrs. Walker's Art and Illustrations

tea and bear003

Finished Kelly’s bear…with the cold spell in the forecast, it seems he is in a good place. I hope, he falls asleep again soon and does not wake up before Spring;0)

And I will keep on feeding the birds until that time!


And the Lovely Judy (please check out her blog, it is such a cozy place!!!) won the pillow cases. So please Judy, email me your address at and I will send them to you ASAP!

Have a lovely weekend!

Love and Liefs, Johanna

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Living the dream with Mr Right and two black rescue cats, Petals & Blossum. Life and Love expresses itself in the many ongoing art projects. Favorite quote "we'll grow kindness in our hearts for all the strangers amoung us, till there are no strangers any more" Singer-Songwriter Patti Griffin.

19 thoughts on “Kelly’s Bear, Cold Birds and Judy’s Prize

  1. Dear Kelly!!!! Oh my goodness, there is my posts is on your gorgeous sparkly blog!! That is so sweet and I feel chuffed to bits and my ears are flapping with joy!!! I am sending you an email too, xoxoxo from Charley too.

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    1. Hello hello! I’d almost forgotten that re-blogging is a possibility but wanted to share with anyone who managed to pop by. A few of my visitors are already your visitors so they got a double whammy 😀 Just settled in from dinner and all that goes with that, I will swing into email too shortly! xk


    1. I know I would be, but nature has a way of managing. Birdies bodies are probably 1/10 of their size, they’re all layers and layers of feathers. The chickadee’s look like little black and white balloons in the winter here. Johanna’s photo’s are very dear.

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      1. Our birds are so spoiled. The weather here hits the 30s in the dead of winter for a few days. The cat food is always out on the table under the umbrella where they can munch and not even get wet. The cats give them plenty of space, and I have caught them both at or near the table at the same time. Our birds look like fat old me who drink too much beer! 🙂

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  2. I did see this lovely drawing from Johanna – she is so talented! And you were her muse for this particular piece isn’t that really wonderful ❤ I know you are busy creating your beautiful pieces for your store, but I so miss your cheery presence on WordPress and your colourful and delightful posts, it was so lovely to see something from you in my email. And I so enjoyed our catch up chat the other day 🙂 xoxo

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    1. I’m a muse…..teehee! Yes in deed, Johanna’s many talents shine. Did you spy the knitted preemie hats a few posts ago? Charley always makes me smile too, especially when she shows her tummy. Paws in the air, high-five for artful friends. xo ❤ k


  3. Boomdee!! So glad you’re enjoying sunshine and lounging. Sounds good for everything. I loved the little bear and the angry little finch/warbler bird as well in that post. Johanna both makes and takes beautiful pictures. Take care and enjoy the sunshine!

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    1. Lisa my little DC wonder woman, did you catch any glimpses of our dishy Prime Minister and his pretty wife this week? It looked really lovely in DC. Your grass is all green and the sky was clear and blue. I wish I was coming again this spring, I had so much fun and made memories to last the rest of my days.
      I didn’t get to lounge for too long today as I was scrambling to finish an Urban project. But no day is a bad day in the BoomRoom. Hope you’re having fun in the garden xo K

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      1. Mr. T and his wife were both quite fetching. There were meetings in and out of State Department and Canadian, DC and US flags on the lamp poles.
        It has been so warm this year that the cherry blossoms are probably going to be out a month earlier than last year–like maybe this weekend!!! The garden is going swimmingly. I’m conspiring against the killer rabbits, aka spawn of satan.

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      2. LOL, careful, you may be talking about the Easter Bunny and miss out on any yummy chocolate…What’s a bunny to do if he’s just wandering by and happens upon some yummshish greenery? It’s be kind to bunnies week….honest 😉


    1. I know you are a fan, I see your smiling faces there when I visit too. Aren’t they both just adorable? I’ve been trying to peek around here and there while working my hynie off too. I’m such a fan of you and Cupcake too and will swing by very soon. I hope all is well, thank you for coming by xoxo K


  4. My what a lovely theme for your blog (wink wink). I do hope you didn’t mind that I stole it for Sammy’s – something tells me you don’t!! Love the illustration – just precious AND your birdie pix – we’re getting TONS of birds already at our feeders – it must be SPRING!

    Love, Sammy and Pammy

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    1. I would just think what remarkably great taste you have to use the same theme as little ol’ me 😀 ❤ You're a sweetie-pie to even consider my feelings though. Thanks Pammy-kins.
      Johanna's such a wonderful photographer and captures nature in a way that always seems like I'm really seeing it for the very first time.
      I have a feeder just off my front porch, my favourite part of it is hearing all the chirping all day long. I hope my neighbours enjoy it too because they are very very chirpy. It makes me so happy ❤ ❤ xo K

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      1. You know, it had been a while since we’d seen a blog from you and had forgotten it was YOUR theme as well – guess “two great minds think alike” ?? Maybe it’s our “artistic” side? Anyway, I love it……! Hugs, Pam

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