You’ll Be Hooked Too


Today I post for a special friend,

 because this is her ‘Happy Place’

and it’s something I can do from here ❤

You might remember, last spring, Julia from Defeat Despair graciously hosted me on my very first trip to Washington.  Alyster, my little Gnome tagged along and apparently got into a pickle or two.

it's classified

We laughed, lunched, toured iconic sites and made happy memories to sustain us till we can hook up again. You can read all about it here.  You haven’t lived until you’ve run around a military base in the pouring rain with a wine bottle in hand and a plastic bag on your head. True story! LOL, I had visions of arrest by some hunky Army guy but chances were they watched in hysterics on some security system.  Luckily there’s no film footage, but check this out this little tidbit of fun.

My DC adventure continued, when three more friends arrived in Washington for the next leg of the holiday and the annual Cherry Blossom Festival.

blossom tim collagePlanning our arrival at the perfect time was paramount. There’s a number of websites dedicated to predicting peak bloom time. As we navigated schedules and arrivals of woman from around the world  (Pauline’s from New Zealand), we crossed our fingers. We were so lucky!  I don’t think you can truly capture the radiance and jaw dropping beauty through a lens.

We all first connected right here on WordPress. Wild hey?  Initially, just supporting each other’s blogs, which led to Facebook, then to Skype, gift exchanges, emails, then last spring, DC and naturally into each others hearts.

we all meetIt’s like PenPals of the olden’ days but on Steroids.

There’s Alys from Gardening Nirvana, yours truly, Pauline from Contented Crafter, Laurie from Life On A Bike, Lisa from Arlingtonwords, and farthest right, standing is Stacy from Visual Venturing

Hard to believe it’s been a whole year and I haven’t yet shared my visit with the fabulous Laurie of  Life on a Bike and Other Fab Things.   All the glorious details are in my very next post.  Here’s some fun stuff to wet your whistle……

Laurie collage

I love her dearly and if you come back, I know you’ll be hooked too.

See you soon ❤ Boomdee

Hey? How many people

have you traveled with at one time?


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  1. Oh, dear, I can’t believe I’m just now seeing this post…True, Jeff was in the hospital when it came out, but you’d think I would have caught up eventually. Just goes to show what life has been like for us lately. These happy memories have seen me through some very hard times, and I know they will continue to bless me with sunshine in the dark times. Miss you all and hope to re-connect soon. Love and hugs till then.

    • Hello from London Julia, Jeff and Matt. We’ve been pampering ourselves this week , today a coach tour thru the Cotswolds. Quaint cottages, door-front gardens, charming creeks running through small towns, and a ton of tourists. So busy here at this time of year. We are certainly the quietest of the lot. Lots of loud talkers and pushy too it seems. But all’s very pretty if you can manage to ignore bad manners. We enjoyed our tour guide today, Sheila was awesome. You’d think they’d get tired of the repetitiveness but she was very engaging and enthusiastic. I’ve been trying to post on FB when time allows. I sent you a FB pic today, hope it arrived. Love you xo K

  2. I am on a reading binge of Mary Kay Andrews books and she reminds me so much of you. She is a talented person, but she is also a gifted interior designer, a flea/antique market afficionado, a decorator that just makes you feel good with the things she collects and puts together. She is creative. She is from the South. I have only been to New Orleans. You might like her books, but hone in on the ones that involve rennovation of old, Southern, antebullum, mansions.
    I am pretty sure you will resonate.

    • I’m needing a good read for our trip! Thank you for mentioning her. Sounds like her and I could have a great time together. Thanks for thinking of me so kindly too. Southern Belle meets Northern Hippie Chick….I think there’s a story to be had, LOL. I will check her out, Thanks Cindy xo

  3. I enjoyed this so much! I saw a photo or two last year since I followed Pauline longest. I started following Lisa next. Now that you visited and I remembered your luggage post, I am following you. Do you like to be called Boomdee, or something else? 🙂 I am going to post less once June starts so hope it we won’t be hard to pop in from time to time. I am more of a sporadic commenter, especially wait until weekends. 🙂
    I loved the race through the rain and I always like gnomes, friends, squirrels and flowers. ❤

    • It’s so lovely to hear you enjoyed your visit and thanks so much for following. It’s pretty quite here as I prepare my yard for spring and a summer visit from Alys. (Woop! Woop!) aaaannnnd, I’m off to London and Paris in June, so I’m trying to organize work before I go. None the less, when I do get a post done, I always enjoy visitors that find their way here. Cheers, Boomdee

  4. That is the coolest thing! What a gathering! Good friends are hard to find. How awesome! And the flowering trees! Gasp! Thanks for sharing it with the rest of us! Have a great weekend! Koko:)

    • Hello Koko 😀 Many thanks for your message. We’ve had so many awesome moments via WordPress Blogging. While it’s been quiet at Boomdeeadda, I still maintain cherished connections with friends around the world. Alys from Gardening Nirvana is coming to visit me this summer and we’re super excited. She’s hosted me a number of times in California. Hope you’re having a great experience at WP too!

  5. Gorgeous trees!!! You guys are all blessed and totally on steroids of some kind… Keeping up friendships can be hard work in itself. Kudos to all of you!!! What a great looking clan!

    • Well thank you neighbour 😀 No kidding Sunshine, if we can all keep up between continnants, it should be a breeze for two Canucks as fun as us. When will you be in Alberta? Don’t you have relations in Cowtown? Errrrr, Calgary? snicker xo

  6. How am I just commenting on this today?
    And how did I not get a copy of that photo from the lunch gathering. I like it so much!!
    And I chuckle every time I think about sleeping with you within hours after meeting you:-) and about almost flipping over in the pull out sofa! Ha!
    What a fun, fun post! And I love that you are posting it a year out from our gathering. It’s like living it all over again.
    ❤ ❤

    • I should send you a copy then ! I think our delightful server took it when we were all handing him our camera’s. LOL, ya the sleeper sofa makes me laugh too….. It’s a scene right out of a Jim Carey movie. I remember before bedtime, well all sat on the floor and spread out a blanket? incase a wine glass tipped over. I think you actually laid down and had a nap, snort! Poor thing, driving all that way in one day, picking up Alys. It was all crazy fun….remember driving back and waiting for the chopper at the accident and I tried to be cool like you and Alys except my little camera is so so lame…I have the photo I took when you took a photo of me taking the photo….and it sucks,’s a weed ! xo

  7. What a beautiful post. I know that trip meant a lot to Julia and that she treasures her blog friends always. She is sure in need of thoughts and well wishes being sent her way at this time so I know she will be so happy to read this lovely note and know you have been thinking of her. God bless.

    • Thank you Amy for visiting and your beautiful wishes. A small gesture to bring a smile in a rough few days. Distance can’t dampen the caring and love we all have for each other. x K

  8. You and your “crew” are fast friends and I’ve also found that the friendships I’ve made thanks to this crazy computer are REAL and lasting and have the substance to withstand distance and time. I love the squirrel video – they are quite used to people feeding them in the tourist areas – I’m not sure WHY but I’ve always loved squirrels (perhaps I have some in my family TREE????). Big hugs to you dear girl for spreading your sunshine far and wide……..with a smile!

    Love, Pam

    • You are so wonderful Pam, always supportive and encouraging. Thanks for being part of the story. You’re creativity and sense of humour is delicious. All the little cartoons and Dr’d photo’s make me laugh. You’re the perfect Rx to a dull day. YOU make me smile. Lots of love K

  9. It’s so lovely to find this post filled with beautiful, sustaining and remarkable memories. I love your dedication as well. I’m still amazed that we found each other through blogging. People love to share the dangers of the internet, but for all the negatives, there is a balance of positives. We’ve gathered a wonderful group from around the world, and as you say, lots of different lifestyles and zip codes but more in common then we might have imagined.

    I love your story of DC in the rain, the chummy squirrel and the idea of a security guard snickering at the two of you racing to your car. Good times, great memories. enduring friendships. What a joy to know you; what a joy to be a part of it all. xo

    • If this is a 2nd reply, I apologize. I think something went wacky on my last message because I can’t see it here.
      Anywho, we sure have had great trips and more are in the cards for sure. It is entirely remarkable to think we’ve all met because we blog. I’m beginning to think this is the answer to world peace.
      Thank you for your beautiful message hon. I don’t want to remember a time when I didn’t know your love and support because you’re too important to me. You fill up the world with love and compassion. It’s awesome! xo K

      • This happens to me sometimes too. I think I’ve posted (or hit sent) and then it’s not there. But two replies are better than none, so should it eventually show up, I’ll smile for a second time and appreciate the love.

        It is remarkable that we’ve met through blogging. I don’t like thinking of the alternative, either. You are so dear to me. I like the idea of blogging bringing about world peace. It’s all about connections, finding out that we are more alike than different, and learning the joy of other cultures, other places in the world. I think you are on to something.

        Thank you for your lovely words and deeds and for your love and friendship. I’m the luckiest woman. xo

  10. The Secret Service is still looking for Alyster. They think he’s been messing with the White House garden. I’m sure it’s another gnome, as he was probably busy feeding squirrels in Edmonton. What fun we had! So glad you could make that trip and I got to meet everyone.

  11. Hi Boomdee, the Arlingwords link needs fixing. I think that was the only one that came up not found. So good to meet your friends!

    Love the squirrel in the video. Animals are so good at those nose shots in the lens!

      • Not to worry. Links go wonky all the time. I particularly like to transpose the r and the l in arlingwords (1 word). Just finished a book in which a wise squirrel figures. May write about it!

      • Oh, a wise squirrel, do say? Does this squirrel have a name? Did he mention me at all? LOL Arlingtonwords (1 word), check. Third time will be the charm..teehee. In my imagination, you’re my secret service friend from DC. You travel abroad, staving off near calamities. The whole garden thing is a rouse to throw us off track. I’ll add a pet squirrel for kicks, maybe he’s a trained killer….so far so good. Stay tuned, HA!

      • Sounds like a whole series of suspense/adventure novels! In the novel I read, the squirrel just kept appearing and communicating telepathically…Do your do that?

    • Hello hello Lavinia. Thank you for the heads up. I think I’ve fixed it now. Yes, these ladies have become near and dear. We’re always dreaming and thinking about how we can get together next. Have you had the opportunity to meet other Bloggers? I’ve met a few now and I’m not surprised we’re a great group of people.

      The little squirrel wasn’t cautious at all. Julia had a bag of nuts in her handbag and we made fast friends. He lives near the Whitehouse. Across the lawn from the Obama’s actually. HA! very impressive little fellow. A democrat I think LOL. I made myself laugh because Julia’s a Republican. I had her take a photo of me with the Clinton portrait at the National Gallery, while I photographed Julia with Jimmy Carter’s portrait. I’m actually a fan of his too. Seems to be an extremely kind, intelligent, well balanced and well liked man. Very worthy of the job. xo K

      • I haven’t actually met any of the community in person yet. Yes, it is a wonderful group of people!

        The squirrel might be Green Party…you never know… 🙂 Yes, I like Jimmy Carter too. Agree on all counts.

  12. That squirrel would have crawled up your pants leg all the way to your shoulder to retrieve a nut had you placed one there. They are not shy and most not frightened of humans holding food. That was such a delightful bit of film with all the “squirrel chatter”. 🙂 Who was painting their suitcase. What a fabulous idea! What beautiful cherry blossoms those were. Ours got washed away this year so it’s nice to see photos of last year. I hope all are cheered by this bit of nostalgia. Seeing it again makes me happy too. We’ve missed you. 🙂

  13. Oh my, there are all my blogging friends! This is just so wonderful! The Cherry Blossoms are rocking beautiful, but not of course, as beautiful as these awesome bloggers!

    • Yes, we’re here there and everywhere Cindy. HA! What a nice community this is. I feel like I’ve been on holiday but now have to get back to work. I heard they bloomed early this year due to a mild winter. We really hit it well last year. We were out on a chilly day, which I didn’t mind too much but poor Alys and Pauline being from warmer climates felt it a bit more. One benefit was there weren’t crowds at The Tidal Basin that day. Thanks for coming by, you’re always a great supporter. x K

  14. The cherry blooms in in DC are so exquisite there are no words to really describe their impeccable beauty, are there? I am so happy that you were able to see them, smell them, and appreciate them in real life…. and most importantly, it is so incredible that you have built such strong and lasting friendships through blogging!!! How wonderful that all of you amazing and talented women could be together in person! Looking forward to hearing about your Laurie visit too! I am so very happy for you that so much laughter and joy fills your world. What amazing memories… thanks for sharing them with everyone! ❤ ❤ ❤

    • (( Sherri )) you’v left such a sweet message, thanks hon! I feel like I really need to take time to nourish the friendships I’ve been lucky enough to make here. I’ve been really struggling with balance this past year and I miss these connections. Since you’ve met Alys, you know how lovely she is. If not for Blogging, we would have never met and we’d both be missing so much. These woman teach me every day what it means to be a good world citizen, caring about important things like family and community and nurturing ourselves and each other. It’s actually astounding to me how similar are childhoods were given the distances apart. Now as grown-ups, we’ve found a common thread that ties us all together even though our lives differ in so many ways. Married, single, childless, mother, gardener, artists, writer, physician, photographer, traveler, homebody. In the end, I think the whole world has more in common than one would think. We’re all human, with the need to love and be loved. With that in mind, peace may have a chance. Thanks so much for being part of my life ❤ ❤

    • Hi ya Karen. That’s so fun to hear, how cute is she? So now you’re part of the gang. Awesome Blossom!! You know, I can’t really remember who met who first. I think I might have wandered into Julia and Laurie’s posts first then found Pauline through Alys and you through Laurie of course. It’s like a game of tag. Sometimes I’ll read a message from a visitor to a post that really resonates with me and follow them back to their own Blog. I actually think our little group is pretty special, I’ve not read of any other group get togethers like ours. Hells bells, Laurie and I slept together the same night we met, LOL. x B

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