Hell, I’m Pumped

Hello and welcome to my bi-annual post.  I want to giggle about that but when it’s almost true, I really shouldn’t.  It’s always nice to zip around and visit all of your wonderful posts though.  Maybe I can be that friend you don’t get to see much but always have fun when you do?

In the meantime, I’ve actually been writing a weekly post for The Urban Scrapbook. Kelly’s Korner usually posts on Thursday. If you love to craft and laugh or even laugh at your crafts, you might enjoy  a boo.



One of my favourite posts this past fall was ‘Look Under Your Bed’. A diddy of a poem to honour a very creative work pal Dorothy Warner. She designed an entire Halloween Village out of paper!  Yes way!  Use the link if you dare 😀


There’s been house projects and yard projects along the way too. Oh yah! There’s been action behind the scenes. I’ll be sharing it right here, righty-o, right-on, rip-roaring….yah that’s all I got at the moment, ha! Things are a changing around Boom-town, it’s a New Year and Hell I’m pumped!

You? Any big blog plans for this year?


37 thoughts on “Hell, I’m Pumped

  1. So I had a minor memory loss (well, minor as far as I can remember – ha!), and googled Boomdee to help me remember the name of your blog. Of course the first thing that comes up is “I love the mountains” and I immediatelly thought of you and Alys singing it ❤
    Speaking of <3, I love the title of your blog post!
    Hell, I'm pumped waiting for it!
    I think of you often, and truly hope that you find time to relax.
    Meanwhile, I'm planning to March in Washington!
    Love you much!

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    • oh how funny! I’m actually over at your blog as we speak…it’s October 2016. It’s no wonder you’ve forgotten the name of my Blog when it’s only seen one post in 6 months. I endeaver to be more current hahahah! love you xo


    • I’m only a heartbeat away from mischief, LOL but thank you for your wishes AC! Everytime I hear about unrest in Europe you come to mind. I wish for all of you and your furry guests to be happy health and safe this year! xo Boom

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    • Thank you so kindly Lavinia xo I’ve been thinking of you over the holidays, wondering if you are getting any of the unusual weather others are talking about. Now that the holidays are over, I will come for a visit and catch up. The kitties are well here, they send purrrs and whisker tickles to all of your sweet kitties. xo Boomdee

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  2. It’s wonderful to find a Boomdee blog! Weeeeeeeeee

    I’m a huge fan of Kelly’s Korner and all your gorgeous crafts, but it was fun to see the highlights from last year all gathered in one post. I’m so glad you’re pumped. Now I’m pumped. I can’t wait to see more posts under the Boomdeeadda banner. Hugs xo

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    • Thank you dearest! I’m going to light a fire under my feet and hopefully that’ll keep me hopping, LOL .

      It’s hard to find time for everything so maybe they’ll be shorter but hopefully still fun. Thank you for being such a wonderful friend and following here there and everywhere xoxoxo


      • You know, I was thinking that it’s good to step back and assess things now and again, and reset priorities. Sometimes we keep doing things we don’t enjoy out of obligation and conversely, we don’t take time for the things we truly love. I’m trying to make better use of my mornings when I’m feeling fresh, leaving the more mundane things for later in the day when I’m tired.

        Anyhoo…I hope you enjoy both posts. I’m glad you’ll soon be blogging on a familiar platform in both places. Xo


  3. As pumped as you are, I’m at the other end, just for today. Sitting in my bed reading this lovely collection of art and rhymes. I so miss seeing you here. I have been over to Urban several times but don’t always comment. Not enough hours in the day. I’m anxious to hear all the good, exciting news. How exciting that you and Alys will be going to NZ next year! Be careful they don’t toss you off the flight for too much laughter. Maybe you shouldn’t sit close just in case. 🙂 Your temp would have me looking for my passport for the winter. That’s just obscene! We had 17 degrees and my heat pump never shuts off. We never get this kind of cold here. I have been working to make T.S.’s room over and am collecting all my scrapbooking supplies in there. Then I can play. First the hard work. Clearing and cleaning. 🙂 Have a wonderfilled, warm weekend. Giant squishy hugs. M


    • Hi ya Marlene! Thank you so much for hanging out at Urban too. It’s been fun getting the Korner news out this year. It’s a great place to work and shop….I’m excellent at both, LOL
      We’re all planning NZ, including Laurie B of Life on a Bike. Exciting right? We’ll be good girls on the plane even though there’s no where to kick us out.
      17 F is -8 C and that’s pretty much a nice day here in the winter. I have a heated bird bath that looks like a mountain spa because of all the steam that comes off it. HA!
      I’m off to the store today, were closed but doing some painting and updating art and stuff! Good luck and have fun preparing your special place. xo hugs to you too

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  4. Boomdee!!! She’s back! Well, I do check Kelly’s Korner, but I’ve never figured out the comment function so I’m enjoying it without you knowing. I hope it’s not dangerously cold were you are. We’re supposed to get a sprinkle of snow tonight and tomorrow, but I don’t believe it! That Halloween blog is terrifying. Of course, since the election, it’s ALL like that…

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    • LOL, maybe I should go rhymtastic on DT’s a** ? He’s creepy for sure. I don’t want to even say his name more than three times a week. It’s like Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice…… You gotta be careful right?
      Thank you so so much for visiting Kelly’s Korner. I appreciate that Lisa ❤ As far as commenting. It's easiest if you have a google id, Like your Gmail name. It is getting crazy cold here over the next few days. Get this, next Wednesday Jan 11th. The forcast for overnight temps is -34C that's about -30 F. Add a wind and it will be insane.
      Guess what I got in the mail today? A very very cute squirrel Christmas card. Thanks so much Lisa. She's adorable and I laugh just looking at it.
      How was your holidays? Happy New Year! I think Alys and I are coming back to DC this spring. Will keep in touch xo Boom

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  5. Woo-hoo!! What a wonderful collection of work and just terrific to have you back on the blog again! I am so going to try hard to keep regular with posting this year 😀 I’m not really on facebook any more – I keep it for the messaging factor and that’s about it, so I miss much of what is going on. I don’t do Instagram and use Twitter only for automatic tweets about a new post – so all in all I’m a bit of a techie misfit despite my posh new phone!! I’m going to hit the link and have a wander around Kelly’s Korner though. So love your scrapbook pages ❤ Can't wait to hear about/see what you have been up to – I'm sure it is very exciting if you are that PUMPED!! 😀 Happy Days!!


    • Pauline! hello hello ❤ I'm so happy to see you here, thank you my dear for arriving with your encouraging words. I unconciously took an extended break. I had entirely too many balls in the air. I don't think being saturated with social media is good for anyone. So bravo for curtailing the glare of it all. I'm counting down to 2018 and our visit to your part of the world. It's hard to fathom that we'll all be in NZ…Omgosh right? In the mean time, I'm happy to support you whenever you find the time, notion, passion to post and I feel blessed that you do the same. So much love for you xoxoxo K


      • Awesome Pauline! We are tossing around the idea of Jim flying out after the girls visit for a little time together. It’s super far (as you know) and we might make it ‘THE’ trip to that end of the world. Looking forward to it all! xoxox


      • I decided this morning I live in the capital of Antarctica – so for you up there five minutes away from the Arctic Circle, it’s almost as far as you can go! A stop-over somewhere along the way is not a bad idea. Let me know if I can help in any way with the planning. AWESOME!!

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  6. Happy New Year K. Love your quirky scrapbooking photos. I always enjoy your posts, so fun and positive. I am not as present on wordpress myself. Instagram is my jam online now. I am trying to reduce my screen time. I do prefer reading blog posts and instagram offerings to Netflix binging. All the best to you in 2017.

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    • Wilma ! Merci, Bonne Année. I’ve been enjoying Instagram so much. Another wonderful community of creative and generous people. I’ve made new friends and see many of our WordPress neighbours there too. I’ve never seen a single thing on Netflix and like you, prefer creative moments in the craft room. I so love your space and all the fabulous collection of vintage storage solutions. My space is in contant flux…but I love reorganizing stuff xoxox

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  7. YES. You *are* that friend I don’t get to see much but always get thrown out of restaurants with for laughing too loud and disturbing the other customers every time we get together. I’m eager to check out your posts for Kelly’s Korner — and I’m eager to follow your new adventures in the year ahead too. Happy new year to you in Boom-Town!

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