Baby Steps

Guess what? Shopping is not my forte !


I can bearly stand it (wink) :/

I’ve been hanging out in the WordPress template department, shopping for a new look for Boomtown.  I just can’t decide and haven’t really found one with all the features I would like.  I guess I’m not much of a shopper.  So today, I’m boosting my new’ish temporary look. I’m just tired of looking in the closet at that one old outfit 😀  We had a similar dilemma shopping for a new home.  We lived in the country for 25 years. A beautiful home and great neighbours too.  We just felt ready for a change.


Our lake home sold quickly and the search for new digs began in earnest. As you may recall, we took up a temporary condo from our friend Kevin.  Three months, or so we thought. Three months turned into three years, Winter turned into summer, seasons came and went.


Finally!!  We found our home, tucked into a quaint and quiet neighbourhood in the river valley of Edmonton.


That was a big attraction, close to nature and downtown too. It’s really the best of both worlds.


It only needed a few small Boomdee-tudes (similar to attitude but with a giggle and a spark).  I started with my ‘library’.  Here’s the before, I liked the shape of the room and the bay window, but that light…yeeesh!


It had to go!

Since then, I’ve changed the light and added ‘The Happy Chair’ from Canadian company, Article. Their furniture has a contemporary, hip, bo-ho vibe that I really like. The colour is called Wasabi. Ka-Boom!


I also scored this cheery pillow from a sale rack. I admired it at $38.00 but thought I’d wait. Like a shark, I circled all summer, then snagged it last fall at $14.00 (the one thing I like about shopping is finding a deal).



So now I have a place to read.  Hey?! Did you hear about how I acquired that little stool?  I got Alys and hubby Mike to stop at a yard sale, LOL. True story!  I must tell you soon. Since then, I’ve added items from Paris and London and almost finished the room.  Pop in next time for the full reveal.  Baby steps folks, Baby steps.

Do you like to get everything at once, or let a room evolve?


47 thoughts on “Baby Steps

  1. I want to change atkokosplace too! I’ve perused a lot, still haven’t found the look. I sooooo love your chair! The color is sassy! I am considering the Sven sofa! I love their furniture! Taking your time to unpack is smart. You can really get a feel for a space and really know it before filling it with stuff you might not love. So take your time! I hope this finds you ridiculously happy! Be well friend! Koko 🙂


    • Thanks so much for reading! I’m way overdue for the followup post, as usual, LOL. I wanted to photograph the room in daylight and I actually only took down the Christmas Tree March 1. OMGosh, that has got to be an all time record, 😀 I just never felt like doing it and always wanted to do something more fun.

      The Sven Sofa is delightful ! What colour do you love? I’m keen on the green. I really had great service from Article and I like that they’ll supply a fabric swatch too. It was the first large item I’d ordered on the net. Since then, I’ve ordered a carpet for another room. I usually like to shop local and support shops around here, but I just couldn’t find the right things.

      Don’t you just relish Sundays, so relaxing 😀

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      • I remember one year not taking down the Christmas lights outside until February and I actually had a neighbor that made fun of me and not in a nice way! I say Xmas lights year round! Hahahaha. I know what you mean…there’s always so many more fun things to do! The green is gorgeous! I shouldn’t be looking at sofas as I just got new ones last year! Bad me! I just love the clean lines of the Sven!!!!!! Support local is nice, but a girl can only wait for the right thing so long!. I love Sundays! Today I cleaned a lot, but that’s okay. Still relaxing in a goofy way! Music is on loud. See you again! 🙂

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    • Hello sweet Clowie and Family, thank you kindly for the visit. I had to take the Xmas tree down before I could photograph the whole room. Guess what, that just happened last weekend, LOL. see you soon! xo Boomdee

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  2. I love the new look and banner but mostly I LOVE the big print. Thank you for that. I’ve been looking for a theme with really large print. So many blogs have teeny tiny print on dark backgrounds and it’s a strain no matter how large I try to make it to read them. I too was hoping for something a little closer to town but my budget wouldn’t live there. 🙂 I can see yours stands adorably apart from the rest of the homes. I was though, looking for the bookshelves in the library. The chair is sweet and the footstool perfect. You have been a busy bee m’lady. Jet setting off to collect your goodies. In thrift shops all over no doubt. 🙂 Good to see you back here for a bit. Giant hugs. M

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    • A grande hello from m’lady, LOL Hey ya girl!
      I used Heading 3 to enlarge the paragraph print because my eyesight is going south too. I’ve been to some blogs recently that seem to be printed out in very light grey. Inpossible to read.
      Thank you for your kind comment about our house. We’ve been here 2.5 years already…WHAT!? I honestly can’t keep track of time.
      I do have a bookcase in the ‘Library’ and will share it on the next post. I looked for the perfect one for over 2 years…..slow going. xoK

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  3. Looking good all round really. I’m a collector of bits and then I put it all together in one massive undertaking so I can give myself a big reveal 🙂 As my decorating style is cheap and cheerful it can be changed up regularly and it doesn’t make a huge dent on the budget 🙂

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    • I remember your bedroom reveal, I loved that. Especially the window. This project took 2.5 years, so I’m very patient and hooray for budget boosting bits. A room should look collected. Matchy matchy is never appealing to me. Thanks so much for your visit Pauline. Hope your day is brilliant! xo


  4. Great post. I love both your houses. That Lake House looks fun. I adore the cosy looking city home too. Such a great location. Great job with the chair and cushion. I love your style…sparks, giggles and all. I always made small gradual changes in the past but the last two years have been a complete renovation …giving away most of the old and starting fresh with a style that is truly me…not things I was given. I love my new space. Looking forward to more posts. xo

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    • Hello, hello dear Wilma. I’ve totally missed your message and just seeing it now. Thanks for visiting ❤
      Your reno turned out so fantastic. I guess the benifit of doing much of it yourself means you can pay attention to the work. Last time we reno'd the Kitchen at the lake house, the contracter was a bit of a pill. I swore never again….so I guess I'll just have to keep moving. LOL xoxox

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  5. Congratulations on your new wonderful home, its gorgeous!!! Place is perfect. I highly recommend best of both worlds: Mr. Walker is the city slicker and I am the country girl, we live in Cincinnati in a similar way. Works excellent, I say! I cannot wait for you to show more and tell more, I love decorating home and to me a house is a living thing, you need to get to know it and than it gets bored and it needs new stuff or a good decluttering. More please, Kelly, much more!!! The chair, the bay window, the cushion, the footstool….I bow to your taste!! xo Johanna

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    • Good Morning Johanna, thank you so very much for your message. It is awfully nice to be able to walk trails on a sunny day but have a short trek to a nice restaurant or cinema at night. We weren’t able to do that when we lived 100 km from town since it’d be a 2 hr drive round trip. Country life was really awesome when I was younger. I loved my dogs, my garden and the lake. At some point, all the yard work and driving began to feel like too much. Plus, I wanted to work part time. I feel so happy here. I have my little crafty job with terrific girls there. I can still garden but in a much smaller way and there’s lots of dogs going by with their humans, on their way to the river. I am blessed. ox kelly

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  6. I love the cartoon of you and Mr. Bear! Your new digs look wonderful, it’s always nice to start fresh and what fun that you are in such a great location. I like to make a plan and see how it actually gets implemented. We are getting ready for a bathroom remodel and it is exciting seeing all the possibilities. Enjoy!

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    • Good Morning my dear! LOL, that bear probably doesn’t like shopping either. You’re smart to have a plan for your bathroom reno. The technocality of electrical and plumbing leaves no room for error. We’re fortunate to not ‘have’ to do any major reno’s here. I think this house is 14 years old. At some point, I would also like to reno our ensuite. The current shower is quite small and there’s a giant, useless whirltube in there that never is used. But I have to talk Mr B into that first. Let us know how your reno goes! That’s exciting. Cheers !


  7. What a fun and exciting post! New look, neighborhood, house, library, furniture, magic touches, and soon…. the big reveal of the new light fixture! Yay! So exciting. Mom is the opposite of you. She is an impulsive shopper and loves to make snap decisions and get everything done at once. Best of luck and much happiness in the new place.

    Love and licks,

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    • LOL, I guess we’d have a heck of a time shopping together. I’d need to see what the next shop has to offer and mom would already have it in the car. Well that really free’s up more time for walks with sweet little you so I think that’s wonderful. After 2.5 years, I still think of it as our ‘new home’ because I’m still making our little nest comfy. Heck, it took me almost a year to unpack boxes and find a place for everything. I’d imagine you travel very light Cupcake! Thanks for cheering me on, have a happy happy day xo ❤ K


    • Hello! Hello AC 😀 Thank you so much for cheering me on. I need to take some daytime photo’s but it’s dark quite early here still. I hope you’re having safe travels. I’m just watching the morning news here, talking about a hotel buried in an avalanche in Italy. Perhaps it’s a mountain resort? Still unclear, but I always say a little pray for your team when I hear distressing news from Europe. Hugs! xo Boomdee

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  8. Boomdee is back! I love your new banner. That’s a nice, fresh look for the place. I love that you found that little cat perch…I mean foot stool in California, and at a yard sale no less. It’s fun decorating a room piece by piece. That’s generally how I’ve done it too over the years. I remember when you found that cute pillow, too. I’m excited to see the grand reveal. Please don’t keep us waiting too long.


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    • Boomdee’s going to do her best to be more consistent. There maybe times when madness takes over at Urban but we’ll see. That was such a nice day trip to Los Gatos. What a beautiful area. I love that we happened by the yard sale too and thanks again for entertaining me. You always spoil me and I feel so special for that. A home is more interesting when it’s filled with stories isn’t it? How boring if everything was from your local furniture store. Like your pie-safe and your dining table! It’s like you were on a treasure hunt and now can admire it in your home. See you back soon xo K

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      • I know Urban keeps you hopping, but as one of your number one fans, I look forward to seeing more posts here, too. They’re always good fun. I love that analogy of a treasure hunt and agree that it’s fun to have a story to go with things. I have a friend who travels extensively for work, who also grew up as a musician. She has numerous pieces of art in her home that she bought on her international travels, but most of them have a musical theme. They’re gorgeous and interesting and fun. I can’t wait to see the full reveal of the library, with all your treasures. You’ve been doing a lot of decorating, too, which is always fun. As for spoiling you, that’s easy. You are special and I like every opportunity to throw a little something into your day. xo

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    • Hi Lisa! I do remember we have that dislike of shopping in common. I finally just found the most perfect book shelf. So many ‘almost bought it’ moments over 2 years. But alas, I just stumbled on to a floor model clearance, marked down by half. It has a couple of very tiny scratches but I don’t mind. By the time the kitties introduce themselves to things, there’s a good possibility there may be a scratch here or there. Well, this isn’t a museum and these things happen. xo I loved the story of your dining table too. It’s gorgeous and special. Oh yes! The light is my favourite thing in the room…see you soon xo k

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      • It’s always nice to find the perfect piece of furniture. I’m looking for storage pieces now and just. can’t. decide. But it’s often worth knowing the universe before buying. When are you ladies out here???

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      • Hello DC honey-child! I do believe we’ll be around town early’ish April…stay tuned, we’re skyping soon. Good luck with the storage solution shopping, want I should send my bear? Ha! I don’t think he’d make it accross the boarder. I wish I could send him though to chew on DT’s big butt!!! snicker xox Boomdee

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      • Yeah, I’m with you. Very heartened by nationwide demo’s last weekend!! Woo Hoo! And they did some backtracking, just with the demos, though I have to say (with Bobbie Burns in mind) the Repub’s in Congress are “wee sleekit, cowrin, tim’rous beastie(s)” and with 20 exceptions (and I have doubts about those) they are proving to be mice. Our politics aside, let me know when you have days and I’ll take a couple off for you again. Maybe I can get you a tour of the Treaty Rooms and some lunch in our fancy dining room, but on the other hand it would be nice to take you our touring again, maybe this time to Dumbarton Oaks!!!

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      • “wee sleekit, cowrin, tim’rous beastie(s)”…I’m thinking that’s a smackdown of sorts. ha! Alys, LB, Pauline and I are skyping on Sunday the 20th and we should be able to give you a heads up on the dates too. Thanks a bunch for offering to host a tour for us! Sounds exciting xox K

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