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Hello again and welcome!

What prompts you to post? Fun things you’re doing?  Cool things you see along the way?

I’m posting today because I was asked for a recipe. Well, then I got out my little vintage aqua recipe box (you could have guessed) and had a few good laughs.  I’ve kept all my recipes in here from Junior High School’s Home Ec class.

The handwriting is so funny and really, do you need a recipe for Cocoa?

Evidently, I was a poor speller too! Good Grief, there it is for posterity, ‘coco’, GAH!

I guess I must have been really impressed with my culinary adventure that day.  I don’t know if I’ve even made cocoa since then. I think at one time I had a plan to update my cards and designed this little ditty.

Lot’s of people flying through the kitchen right?  “Kelly’s Kitchen Delights?” That cracks me up!  “Why Not Make: Steak Marinade for 2 ??”  Maybe because I’m a vegetarian!  I think I was saving this one for Mr B. As is evident by a recent Art Journal masterpiece by your’s truly 😀

Titled: Enjoy A Soya Burger Today

circ 2017

You might have noticed, my little jewel of kitchen delights could use some clean-up.  What else did I find in there?

A coupon for cat litter (expired long ago)

A button for a party I threw for a friend. She only wishes she was 50 again!  Me too! LOL

A note from a young neighbour about Jasper (our first dog), so loved but long departed.

The receipt for my awesome vintage AQUA  Sunbeam blender.

Still in great shape! Probably because it hardly see’s the light of day! LOL


So why was I into this hodge-podge?  Oh yah,  Lisa, of Arlingwords reno’d her kitchen, then yadda- yadda dilled carrots.  Hey Lisa, here’s that recipe!

xo Boomdee




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  1. Oh what fun to have a post from Boomdee. I read this earlier in the week on my phone in the car between appointments, a poor substitute when I can read it with enlarged photos on my laptop at home. I adore your vintage aqua recipe box and all the treasures tucked inside. (FYI, I just typed that sentence, twice, but it appears that tiny kitten feet deleted it. Ha!) You have such a warm and chatty writing style. I always feel like we’re together and you’re telling me a story.

    Wishing you safe travels and a wonderful time on your trip. I’m so excited to hear all about it and hope to take a similar trip one day in the near future. xo

    • As always you make me feel special, xo Thanks for your sweet message dearest. You and Tessa sound like you’re having the best time. Oh to have a kitten, be still my heart.
      Hey ! This Rocky Mountain Railway goes to Seattle. One day, we could start there and end in Jasper!! That would be fun. I think there’s ton’s to see in Seattle!
      We’re just about ready to go….Come ride the little train that’s rolling down the tracks to the Junction. HA! Did you watch Petticoat Junction? I loved that show xox but I love you more 😀

      • Oh yes, I loved Petticoat Junction. What a blast from the past. I think it was still in black and white, too. Am I right? We also watched Mr. Ed the talking horse and Green Acres around the same time. A lifetime ago, eh? Oh your trips sounds wonderful. I wonder if we can get Marlene to join us in Seattle and then we could go on to Victoria? It’s fun to plan. Miss you! xo

      • I too watched Mr Ed, Green Acre, Bewitched I Dream of Jeannie, The Beverly Hillbillies , My Three Sons and The Munsters and later Gilligan’s Island. Their songs are etched in my brain forever. How come we have more channels but less to watch now? LOL. So many classics that were so much fun. Now it’s mostly reality TV which we don’t watch. There’s too many unlikeable personalities with that. I remember Petticoat Junction in colour but it probably started in B&W, like many did in the 60’s. I remember BeWitched as B&W at first too. OMGosh, to see our TV shows in colour for the first time !!

        The Rocky Mountaineer does go from Seattle to Vancouver but then carries on to the Rockies. I’m don’t think you can only go Seattle to Vancouver. Maybe we can just all meet in Vancouver? I miss you too xoxo

      • You’ve named all of my favorites. As a child, I really thought Gilligan would get off that island one day. LOL. I wanted to look like Jeannie and have the nose-twitching powers of Samantha on Bewitched. The reality shows are brutal. We enjoy Dancing With the Stars, but give the rest of them a pass. DWS showcases wonderful talent and it’s got a family atmosphere about it as well. And of course I love watching good dancing. xo

    • hey, hello! It’s like being an archeologist of sorts isn’t it? Finding some, long forgotten, crinkled bit of old paper tucked in your inherited cook book. Did you see the story of a gal who bought a big gaudy ring at a flee-market. Thought to be costume jewelry by both her and the seller, it was found to be an actually diamond worth thousands. Who knows what might be found in our bric-a-brac, LOL 😀

    • It’s funny what we keep. That small note from Keltie surprised me, she’s now a 25 year old 😀 The button was a funny little thing I made for a party. It’s my neighbour Karen wearing a Halloween costume. She was ‘Chicken Lady’…LOL ! It’s a character from an old Canadian comedy show. I bought that mixer at an Antique mall. I had to have it because it’s so aqualicious. It even has the original Aqua bowl which I rearly see. I wish I had room to leave it on my counter so I could enjoy it all the time, even if I’m not baking 😀 Cheers Boomdee

  2. Boomdee! Good to see you! My main recipe is for cat food, which I make frequently. 🙂

    I have kept a lot of memorabilia too, and was going through some of it yesterday. It amazing, entertaining and educational, what we keep! 🙂

    • Hello hello Lavinia! I am not surprised your main recipe is for your fur family. It’s very loving to provide them with homemade dinners. Memorabillia is fun to look through! I used to keep a lot more but having moved twice in 7 years has made me edit considerably. It’s a double edge sword, good to travel with less but I miss the nostalgia of some of the stuff I’ve parted with. Sometimes I’ll find something at the antique mall that I can’t resist and wonder where it’s been and who’d owned it before. Did they live in Canada or elsewhere? The history of people, places and things is so interesting 😀 Thanks for your message, I’m on holiday next week…train trip through the Rockies and will catch up on all your lovely news xo Boomdee

    • They reminded me of Jr High School and the friends I knew then. I actually still connect with a few of my girlfriends of the day. I was in Jr High in the 70’s and find the fashion and kitchy stuff from those days rather fun and funky. I think they call it ‘retro’ now, haha 😀

    • Hello Derrick and so nice for you to share your post, thank you ! I enjoyed my visit and read. Are you still clipping recipes or perhaps just enjoy the tride and true? I seem to find new recipes on line these days. Nothing too nostalgic about that 😀 Cheers, Boomdee x


    • Hey Val ! You’re still hanging your hat at WP ! No doubt gardening your fingers to the bone. I think this handwriting looks very 70’s…bell bottoms, Donny Osmond, 3 TV channels and long summer holidays. Good times 😀

  4. Are you saying you haven’t put in a new recipe since junior high school? Oh my! I love your little aqua file box and the old mixer. I have NEVER made cocoa from scratch. Probably never will but it has to be better for you than the stuff in the packages. I read the ingredients! 😦 Loved the card with the cute cow. Love cows anyway. 🙂 Happy to see you hear not matter the reason. Do miss my happy fix. Giant hugs to Petals and Blossom, Oh and one for Mr. Patient B as well.

    • Hey Marlene-a-go-go! S’up? See all that paper stuffed in the back? It’s magezine clippings and the odd recipe from friends. Anything could happen, Xmas cookies in July? Sure, why not?
      The Cow is painted in my art class. It was a gals 82nd Birthday and she is crazy for cows, so that’s what we did that day. Her name is Fran and she’s a firecracker! The birthday girl, not the cow, HA! Although that could be the beginning of a best seller. Thanks for all the love! ❤ ❤ ❤ xox

  5. Nice touch to put the Tidy Cats coupon on the cat (as if to say, “none of this would be necessary if only you would extrude outdoors”). But of all the treasures you showed us today, I think my favorite may be your “Why not make steak marinade for 2?” card. But … what the dickens in going on in that illustration to the left? It looks a bit like a topless lady in a biplane. I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS. 🙂

    • Blossum is never far away and loves being in that basket. I jokingly said to her, “sorry baby, no kitty litter today” and she seemed to look worried, ha!
      Ah yes, crazy lady in plane. I remember downloading some mixed media art I bought on a disc, and I think that image came in the group, LOL. Why I thought it should be on a recipe card is a mystery. Thanks kindly for your message, it was fun! x Boomdee

  6. So, it just takes a kitchen reno to get you back blogging on Boomdeeadda? I’m up for that! 🙂
    Love the box of recipes and assorted life. I’ve only got a little book that contains the first recipes I gathered when I learned to cook at 17. (Oh wow, I just realised – that’s old, it’s an antique!!)

    • “an antique”, ha! Jamais mon cher!
      What did you learn to cook I’m wondering? We learn to cook at 13 here. That’s the first year of Home Ec. You took 1/2 the year cooking then half the year sewing. Do they even care now? It gave me real life skills I’ve used always, especially the sewing. If they don’t teach it, they should! Thanks for visiting Mama P! xo Boomdee

      • We had cooking and sewing in school at the same age K, just the girls the boys did manly things like carpentry and metal work which I was much more attracted to. I don’t recall learning anything much except how to stir a batter with a wooden spoon and sew a straight line on the one occasion I was allowed to use the sewing machine. I taught myself all the kitchen skills once married (17 – can you believe?) and then when the babies came I learned the handcrafting skills. In Waldorf schools all the students take all the life skills classes. And to answer your question I first learned to cook the foods my husband preferred and later I learned to cook the foods that interested me 🙂

      • It would have been great to trade classes with the guys and get power tool training! I’m pretty sure girls ‘could’ take Shop but I don’t remember if any did at our school.
        Married at 17 !! Goodness, that’s very young. Did your parents have to sign to authorize it? Did you wear a pouffy white dress, etc?
        I think I smirked at your last few thoughts. We do tend to want to please way too much don’t we? I think it’s rotten when a man takes over your identity. I don’t feel that with Jim but I have in the past. xo K

  7. I have a notebook of recipes I started collecting when I was in my first years of college. Boy, it’s a trip through memory lane. It’s got new things, too, but not as neatly stored on pages. I like your recipe box and its varied contents! As for the recipe, I will be trying it out soon, maybe on some of my garden haul of carrots…

    • Memory Lane! Yah, they should call these boxes just that. College hey? You could afford to eat in College? Did you feed all your roommates? I love using baby carrots for this recipe. I eat them like chips 😀 Thanks for asking, helped me dust of the old thing, LOL x Boom

    • Ha! Hello, Hello Dear Herman! Truth is Blossum gets lots of treats, her tummy is a bit round for it. But super soft with a white spot 😀 Mom spoils everyone here ❤ x Boomdee

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