Hello and welcome to Boomdeeadda! Everyone calls me Boomdee here, a nickname I was given by fellow Blogger and dear friend Alys from Gardening Nirvana. We met right here on my blog, cool right?  Since then, I’ve visited her home town a couple of times and we’ve been on holiday in Victoria, BC too. You might already know this but, isn’t it a small and beautiful world when you’re a Blogger? Actually, after almost three years at WordPress, I’ve made friends all over the world.  It’s really the most amazing thing.

Life and love is always enhanced by many on-going arts or crafts projects. This blog is a journal of these and other bits along the way. I’m mad for scrapbooking and work at Urban Scrapbook in Edmonton. It’s a dream job really. Honestly, I’d probably do it for free, but I shouldn’t tell them that, LOL.   I’m also rather passionate about dogs, cats, squirrels, birds, bunnies and well you get the picture.  If you hang around with my friends and I here, you’re going to come across the biggest animals lovers you’ve ever had the pleasure to meet. That’s why I’m a vegetarian too.  It’s easy when you love animals so much.

I’m a mum to two pampered kitties. They’re both little black cuddle bugs who make me go awwww several times a day. That is, when I’m not saying, “down, no, stop, off”, or any other form of reprimand I’m certain they understand but ignore.   Petals and Blossum were a birthday gift from my brother. They’re a big part of our lives and so, part of the Boomdeeadda team too.

Oh ! Confession, I’m a diehard Aqua-aholic! An Aqua-aholic is one who without cause or provocation shops and/or buys most things the color Aqua.  So I hope you like aqua because you see a lot of it around here.  It’s ok if you don’t too, you’ll be a convert in no time  😀  Thank’s so much for visiting and I hope you’ll have fun here, I always do. Cheers Kelly

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  1. Talk Nerdy, you say? Did you know that brown sugar is just white sugar dyed with a bit of molasses? Demerara sugar is the real, non-bleached, not dyed, brown sugar! heheheh

    Again, thanks for stopping by my blog!

    • Ha, very nerdilicious 😀 Thanks for sharing that. I didn’t know. I don’t use much sugar, except in baking and actually do buy brown thinking it was better. Will have to shop different. Enjoyed your Blog too, thanks for all your visits, Cheers

      • Yeah… if you bake bread or feed sourdough with white sugar, it gives a foul odour and bitter taste to the bread… this is because of the peroxyde, used to discolour the sugar… it’s the same thing used to discolour hair before dying it….

        Again, white flour is the same… these things are not naturally white and what’s used to whiten them is not good for us humans… I only bake cakes and bread with wholemeal flour!

        More nerdy stuff for you!!! Hehe

  2. Hi Kelly
    Thanks for dropping by my blog and for the comments, likes and follow…always happy to meet a virtual kindred spirit, especially a Canadian one who is practically a neighbour ( only one province away)! 🙂 PS anyone who loves Ellen is good people.

    • & You as well !! Thanks so much for popping into a number of posts and all your kind messages too. Considering you may get visitors from around the world at WordPress, we totally can consider ourselves neighbours. Welcome and I’ll look forward visiting along the way 😀 Cheers!

  3. I love kitties! (Sadly, my allergies don’t, but I do get used to them over time. I also really like your outfit in the picture, it all fits so well while being out of the box. Thanks for liking my page!

    • HI! well how nice of you to say. These little shorts are very comfortable in spring and fall. Too bad spring hasn’t arrived here yet 😦 There’s a flippin’ snow warning for the weekend…….urgggg.

      • The weather here has been crazy. Tuesday was like summer, then yesterday and today were cold and today was massively rainy. Global warming I tell ya!

      • I’m not sure where you live, but spring has been touchy here too. Yesterday was beautiful, still a touch of a breeze. Then today, chilly and gray and colder. I still think global warming is a great deal to blame.

      • We live in central Alberta where the weather is always unpredictable. They say, “if you don’t like the weather….wait five minutes”. It can snow one day and be 15 C the next. But really, everyone is saying how long winter is this year…:( I truly think nothing will ever be seasonal again, we are nearing a tipping point.

      • I actually mentioned that there had to be something going on with the planet weather in general, with all the natural disasters that happened in such a short period of time. Hurricanes, tsunami, earthquakes, and so close together. I feel like it was once in 10 years or something a big disaster would hit, but now just as we’re trying to recover from one/two, another one hits elsewhere. Louisiana (Katrina), Haiti, Japan. New York City (Superstorm Sandy, which I dealt with), and I just read about another earthquake in China. I just keep thinking, global warming people!!! Course I hear the excuse “But it’s cold,” and I say, yeah, because the ice caps are melting, so it’s making everything colder and weird.

      • AGREED, 110% I have little faith that there is a way back and I don’t say much because where I live, every household is tied to the oilpatch in some way or fashion.

      • Huh, I had always thought Canada would be a little more in tune with the environment. I thought about half the country was sparsely populated (I know of Toronto, Ottawa, and Victoria; the last one hubby and I visited on our honeymoon cruise), basically the central-ish west area. The area you rarely hear about on the news,

        How do you mean tied to the oilpatch?

  4. Hi Boomdeeadda……We’re FINALLY visiting your blog and meeting Petals and Blossum for the first time….they are certainly beautiful girls. Love the way you’ve set up your blog – and the theme is the OTHER ONE we almost used for Sam’s blog – I like all the colors and swirls. Sam sends a big Sammy hug….people seem to look forward to those!

    Sam’s Mom Pam

    • Good morning sweet Sam and Pam! I’m so glad to see you and thank you for your sweet message. I’ve seen some bloggers personalize this theme but I’ve always loved the colours. I actually follow a few gals using the same theme so it’s fun to see how everyone does it. I love all the cartoons you create over at ‘One Spoiled Cat’, they’re so darn cute as is Sammy. Thanks for hugs, I can totally see why people look forward to them. Cheers! xK

  5. You are so sweet. Thank you so very much for all of your comments to my newbie blog! Much appreciated. It’s late here on the East coast and I should be shutting this damn thing off, but I can’t wait to dive into your posts soon – I like your “voice” and that’s good writing!

    • Well, I’m a night owl too so you’ll never be up alone, but we do need our beauty sleep at some point LOL. Thanks so much for your nice message, come on back when you can…..we’ll all be right here. Sweet Dreams.

  6. Hi Kelly,
    I want you to know that I like your blog. Please accept this award as my sincere compliment, and enjoy it for what it means to you. If you want to pass it to another versatile blogger, you can check out the rules that I received here http://wp.me/p2jC53-160. Thanks for being part of my blogging life. 🙂 Marsha Lee You might really like my thank you picture 🙂

  7. I do believe we are VERY similar! Points to make about our similarities: 1) you had a silly made up blog name (have you written about how you came up with it? 2) we both have 2 cats, I really only have one and have adopted an internet sensation kitty, Maru (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2XID_W4neJo) 3) we both enjoy using typical items for unusual purposes

    It’s nice to meet you!

    • I think your right! Hello, and thanks for the Youtube link, Maru is very entertaining, I liked the filing box attempt. hehe. I wrote a poem about Petals and her box a while back, it’s in the Original Poems category. Thanks for your message, glad you came by

    • Wow, congratulations on your award Jean and thanks so much for the nomination. It’s always nice to be recognized. I enjoy visiting your Blog too.

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    • So nice of you to comment and thanks for coming by, I really appreciate it. I started Blogging as a place to document projects & ideas, but it’s been so much more special than that. Great support and I always find interest in what others are creating too. Cheers!

      • I say welcome to the family. Is my pleasure running into you on wordpress, i’m glad for the connection thus far :). Keep doing what you do!

  9. I love your blog so much I nominated you for The Mrs. Sparkly Ten Commandment Award. To accept it see (http://wp.me/p2eEip-up)my blog for the rules. You do not have to accept it if you do not want to. I will still think your blog is awesome if you don’t. Have a blessed day!

    • Awwww Nancy, that is super generous of you! I love that you included me in your list. I always enjoy your stories too, so well written and interesting. Although, I won’t post it to my sight (I just did a ‘sunshine award’) it makes me smile to know you thought of me! Congrats on being nominated.

    • Wow, I really spent some time there. I loved the typography pillows and another link to a canadian gal making purses….what a great link to see what other canucks are up to, you’re so generous, always sending something fun my way, merci mon ami!

    • You are just the nicest gal, thank’s for promoting Boomdeeadda. I’ve just enjoyed your visits and support so much. You write a great blog, and it would seem we have so much in common. Nice to find a good soul to relate too. Cheers Kelly.

      • I feel the same way. I’ve enjoyed our connection a great deal. Who knew blogging could lead to this? It’s a comfortable camaraderie, across the miles and the wires that make up our vast web. I love it.