Meet The Family

Petals & Blossum were a birthday gift from my  brother.  They came from a rescue group in our area.  Having two cats is an endless source of entertainment and what could be cuter then two kitties snuggling together?  We love Pinterest too.  Use the Link to see all things wonderful!

Petals & Blossom

19 thoughts on “Meet The Family

  1. I love cats! I used to have two.. Cocoa and Honey, named for color of their fur. I know, cliched! hehe.. My brother and I went to the pet store to buy/adopt a kitten. As soon as I went near the cage, Honey came scampering and put his tiny little paw through the cage. As hollywood as it sounds, he chose us!

    Cocoa on the other hand was sitting silently in one corner, minding his own business. I got him to sort of balance it out 🙂 Sadly Honey passed away of an infection we could not cure and Cocoa became extra active. Maybe he was helping us cope. A couple of years later, he decided he had enough of the domestic life and ran away with another cat who used to hang around the house. He used to visit us often, but then we moved and have never met since.

    I hope he’s happy and active wherever he is.

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    • Oh no, sorry to hear Honey got ill and passed away. Losing a pet is misery. In our city, cats are not aloud to be ‘at large’ or off our property. Of course you see some around but mine are indoor cats. I’d like to get the yard set up so they can’t leave, there are some fencing apparatus to keep them in. Petals has never been out but Blossum would really love to, so I think before we took her in, she might have been an outdoor cat. We have coyotes in the neighbourhood. I see them early mornings or after dark, so those who let their cats roam are flirting with disaster. I hope Cocoa has found another home to visit for love and snuggles.


    • I think it’s a lot of fun too. I’ve become quite nice friends with wonderful bloggers from around the globe. It makes the world seem much safer in a way. If all you know is what you see on the Television, you’d never want to go anywhere. I think there should be a happy channel. One that only has nice stories like the ones I read on WordPress. Thank you so much for your visits, see you soon.


    • Thank you for coming by and saying hello. Yes these girls are our family. They are both so very different personalities and we adore them. Blossum is a daddy’s girl and Petals will hardly sit still for a moment and keeps us awake at night meowing and playing with toys….what a joy it is to have the love of a pet.


      • How funny! We had a poodle, too, named Ooman. We were buds. I bet Petals and Blossum keep you laughing–they look like a hoot! 🙂
        By the way, thank you so much for subscribing to “Tales of a Clyde Woman” this year. Your comments have been such an encouragement.

        Here’s to many great things in the New Year!


      • Funny how life brings things too you, I’m glad to have found your Blog too. Petals & Blossum do keep us entertained (and sometimes awake at night…Petals). 2013 will rock, you’ll see 🙂


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