While I didn’t start Blogging to win awards, these kind folks have added me to their lists of nominations along the way. It’s always nice when others appreciate your posts.  My favourite part of posting is the conversation with other Blogging friends afterward.  I really do my best to leave thoughtful messages at their posts too. That being said, I’ve included all their extra thoughtfulness on this special page. The newest nominations are on top.  Feel free to link over to their Blogs, they’re all super nice folks.

Blogger of the year Nomination

Thank you Valerie at Nikitaland for the nomination above. Valerie is a craft addict and mum to two pals Nikita and Bella. She shares a lot of fun gardening stories all summer long and has an amazing yard and garden.  So no matter what interests you have, you’ll probably see a post about them here. She’s an all round great gal.


Inner peace award

Thank you Clowie at Clowie’s Corner for this nomination.  Clowie is an adorable Pyrenean Mountain Dog (or Great Pyrenees). Clowie tells fun and witty stories and also does interviews with other pets around WordPress that I love to read.  If you’re a cat lover, no problem, Clowie has a whole page dedicated to her bud Mulberry.  I’ve followed Clowie around the Alps for some time and love the humour in all her stories. I alway get a good chuckle or snort when I stop by. Tails waggin’ cuddles to you Clowie.

Sunshine Award

One Lovely Blog

Thanks to Victoria at Home On The Range for thinking of me.

One of my favourite Dog’s has sent some more treats today too. Big thanks to Clowie for including me. Clowie’s weekly posts are so fun. I almost fell off the sofa reading when Clowie refashioned the water feature in mommy’s garden.


Congratulations to Sheri of WordPress Blog Sheri de Gromand for her award and many thanks for the nomination.  I guess I really must be Super Sweet, LOL  We always love meeting new friends at Boomdeeadda.

Big thanks for a nomination and congratulations to Sew Busy Lizzy. Lizzy whips up gorgeous fashions with skill and wit.  All beautifully photographed Down Under.  It’s like a Create, Sew, Travel Blog all in one!  Please stop by and visit her, she’s a doll.

Congratulations and  thank you for a nomination from Kelly at Its a Pussy Cats Life. We both have Black cats and the same name, fun right?   So is her Blog, so stop by if you like entertaining stories and love cats.


Thank you so much Miss Marzipan for the Very Inspiring Blogger nomination.   Stop by, you’ll find a mom from Scandinavia sharing lovely posts about gorgeous treats, DIY’s and her precious little ones. All artfully photographed.  Happy New Year!


Thanks to Lea at KDB, Kirby’s Dawg Blog for this nomination.  Lea loves writing and animals and shares her adventures with her sweet little dog Kirby.  I think they’re both adorable and Lea leaves the nicest messages at Boomdeeadda. Thanks for following Lea and for this nomination.

Versatile Blogger

I’ve only just began to get to know Marsha at TC History Gal and she’s already sent me a lovely message with a nomination.  How nice is that? Marsha is a retired gal with a skating history, so we have a bit in common there.  I can’t wait to get to know her better.  Congratulations on your award Marsha!

liebter award

Wow, these awards are flying around WordPress, how nice for people to be so supportive.  I was nominated today by a new friend, Kat writes The Kat & The Falling Leaves.  While living in Toronto, she originates from the Ukraine and shares all kinds of fantastic stories and recipes about her heritage, which I love.  I also have enjoyed stories of travel and fashion thru her posts, all with fantastic photography.  Thank you Kat for all this and your nomination today.

Versatile Blogger

Congratulations go Jessica at Everything Under The Sun And More for her 2nd award and thank you for the nomination.

why I love you award

My furry friend Clowie, a Pyrenean Mountain Dog has nominated me for the ‘Why I Love Thee’ award today.  I know why I love Clowie, just look how beautiful she is!   Clowie also tells wonderful ‘tales’ 😉 about life in Southern Spain.  Isn’t that just a dream? Make sure you pop over to Clowie’s Corner and bark hello, I know you’ll fall in love too.

beautiful blogger

Big thank you to Laurie at Life On A Bike And Other Fab Things for nominating Boomdeeadda for the Beautiful Blogger Award.  Laurie’s a nurse who finds fun trips to photograph on her Motorbike. Often with a vintage flare, which I so love. We have more things in common than not, isn’t that the fun of Blogging?  Finding liked minded people to learn new and fun things from?  Congratulations on your award Laurie, happy travels!

Versatile Blogger

Congratulations to Colleen at Vintage Book Fairy . We both adore vintage, shabby, antique old books and I love her banner with quote “A room without books is like a body without a soul”.  Well said.  Thank you for your nomination Colleen, so Fairy nice of you 😉


Lucky me today, not only is my post about sweets, but super sweet Valerie at Nikitaland sent this nomination for the Super Sweet Blog Award.  I first followed Valerie’s cute Gravatar back to her Blog.  She writes about her beautiful dogs Nikita and Bella as well as the welfare of all dogs. I love that about her so much.  You’ll also see Gardening and Craft ideas too, all photographed expertly.  I always enjoy learning something new visiting Val.  Stop by, I know you’ll love her too.

Top Commenter Award

What can I say, I’m a chatty Cathy 😀 Valerie is sending yet another award, super sweet right? Thanks for your kindness Nikitaland, you have a blog worth commenting on!  Why not stop by and show her some love.


Thank you Clare at So Many Crafts, So Little Time.  She’s been sweet to nominate me for the Super Sweet Blogger Award today.  I just starting following Clare a bit ago, I love the header at her block and the name of her blog too.  I can truly relate, ha.  Stop by Clare’s posts on Madrid from last month. I just loved all the colourful pottery and linens and the beautiful food at Retiro Park.  I need to get my butt to Spain.  I think I followed a PINN back to Clare’s Envelope Making Tutorial originally, but it’s all been positively lovely.  Thanks for cheering me on too Clare!

sunshine awardThank you to my very own Thunder Down Under for nominating me for the Sunshine Award. There is so much to love at Teddy And Tottie! Dani is a mum of twins and self confessed mad cat lady. With a funny sense of humour, she had me totally convinced that it once was ‘Cat Appreciation Week’ 😀 I’m so darn gullible, HA.  Dani, who I affectionately call T&T, also shares fun stories about her doggy Jet, that I really really love since I miss our dog so much.  A talented Crocheter, you’ll find her craftiness for sale at her Etsy Shop, along with other gems with a vintage flair.  Thanks for following Boomdeeadda Dani, I adore your posts too.

Versatile Blogger

I’ve been a fan of Nikitaland for a long while. Valerie is a giant fan of Halloweengardening and many other fun projects thru out the year.  You’ll ready love photo’s and stories of her furry friends Nikita and Bella who are both rescue dogs enjoying the good life with the perfect mum! Thank you Val for your generous nomination, I think you’re adorable!


Congratulations to Pauline at The Contented Crafter, a lovely friend all the way from New Zealand. She kindly complimented me this morning by nominating Boomdeeadda on her Versatile Blogger Award post. I’m charmed.

We’ve become fast friends and enjoy laughs and chats over cats (hey that rhymes), life, art, gardening and all sorts of fun things going on in our lives. Pauline and  Orlando, her beautiful marmalade cat spend their days together making beautiful and original art which she sells in her brand new Etsy Store. Such a talent and a wit, Pauline will surely make you smile and more often Laugh Out Loud.  I’m so glad I found her and you will be too. Please stop by and say hi.


Congratulations to my pal Marlene, who admits to being mid 60’ish and manages to blog and post awards and nominations too.  Her tech support works for cookies, so that helps a great deal.  Marlene’s Blog always starts with the phrase, ‘In Search Of’ which I think is very clever and inspirational.  It doesn’t matter what your age you are, one can continue to enjoy life when you’re open to learning new things.  We’ve often talked about how nice it would be to have our own homes again and low and behold, we have now realized that dream and in the same month. Thank you for thinking of me and adding me to your nomination list my dear. I adore you!

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