A Room of My Own

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So finally, the long-delayed follow-up to my January Post.  I’m sure you are all just as busy, yet still manage a post !  You’re all really inspiring. Full disclosure……I had to take down the Christmas tree before I could write … Continue reading

Rusty Old Style

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Time ! How is it that it can disappear, fly by, slip away?   We use it, loose it, spend it and sometimes,  cherish it.  John Lennon is attributed to saying: Time you enjoyed wasting, was not wasted. Simple, I … Continue reading

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

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Is it spring yet?  I feel like it’s been winter forever and it just won’t let up. After a brief tease of mild weather, Boomdee’s toes were left itching for flip-flop weather this week. Is it hard on your eyes? … Continue reading

Boomdees Summer Adventures – She’s Adorable !

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Sooooo, after my arrival at the WordPress Head Office or WPHO, I was grilled for hours about where I’d been and why I was on the down-low since July. After meeting my  demands polite inquiries for a coffee and a pack of liquorice, it … Continue reading

A Little Of This, A Little Of That

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Where the heck did the month go? July is coming to a close and I can hardly believe it. We had a busy month of settling in to our new home.  Here’s our front street, kind of cute right?   … Continue reading

A Little Twist

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Just one more day to wrap gifts, bake cookies or worse, shop!  You could not drag me to a mall today, I’d much rather be here with you 😀  For everyone who left a message on my last post (thank … Continue reading

Just About Perfect

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Do you remember a post I did last December about the Princess Theater in Old Strathcona?  The same night we saw ‘Hitchcock’ there, we hung around Old Strathcona to surf some of the cute little shops.  All of a sudden, GASP! I … Continue reading