A Beautiful Gift

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It’s always hard to decide what to do on your last day of a holiday. Do you find that too? Happily, our last day in Maui was bright and sunny so we rented some snorkel gear and headed to the … Continue reading

Nap, Bath and Repeat

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If you are not a cat lover, now would be a good time to overt your eyes.  One of the things I love the most about having cats, is that they wake you up early every morning ! Just kidding … Continue reading

I Think Mommy Will Be OK Too

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Sometimes we’re together, Sometimes we’re apart,  One thing is certain, we’re always in mommy’s heart ! I just realized I’ve never been away from the kitties for more than 7 days before.  I know they’ll be fine, but I’m not … Continue reading

All You Can Eat Buffet

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The day-to-day business of planning meals can be a real challenge for me.  I never know what to plan and I just plain get tired of my cooking.  That’s why today, when I braved the roads to get groceries (yesterdays snow … Continue reading

A Little Queen

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A Little Queen Welcome back to my Kingdom! It’s so nice to see you here. I’ve just been looking thru my spy glass at a precious little deer. I might not have even seen him, if not for my new … Continue reading

Can Your Pets Get Into Them?

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I am truely a creature of habit.  Every morning, after the kitties politely wake me, I enjoy my coffee and toast with our Global News Team. Speaking of creatures, I especially love  the Wednesday morning news. Besides being hump day, … Continue reading

Should I Be Worried?

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We were at our favourite bookstore one night and stopped to check out the number one best seller . Naturally I had to take a peak to see if I could gleam any details that might save our lives. Nothing … Continue reading