I’ve Been Here, There, Everywhere

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Hey ho Boomdee peeps!  Happy Belated  Birthday Canada! Was June as much of a blur for you as it was for me?  I’ve been planting, making, fixing, creating, spending………gah, how about a wee wrap-up gallery? Most of all, I’ve been … Continue reading

Salvage Sunday #2 – Gone But Not Forgotten

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Thank you for popping in and welcome to a Salvage Sunday. While we’re still looking at snow in Edmonton, it is officially spring in the northern hemisphere. Hopefully many of you are enjoying daffodils in your garden, planting in thawed ground, … Continue reading

Just me……Boomdee!

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I spotted these unique and practical water catchers at our current digs in Lahaina and thought my gardening friends would be keen to see how they manage rainy days on Maui. This thirsty ceramic frog sits patiently awaiting a cool … Continue reading

Not A Chance!

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We last saw Penny on the way to a dance, she had stopped for a little snack. With her tummy full, she fell fast asleep, in the woods, beside a little grass shack. As the clock tick-tock’d, it got very … Continue reading

Home Sweet Home

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As you may have guessed, I’ve already packed as many holiday memories as one could fit into one week and flown on home. It was bitter-sweet to say good-bye, luckily there’s plenty of love to greet me at home too. … Continue reading

Smile Napa! You’re On Boomdeeadda!

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When you think of Napa, California, what comes to mind?  Wine of course.  That’s a big draw for tourists in the area and there’s no shortage of excellent tour selections, should you wish to partake.  We chose Platypus Tours and … Continue reading

It Might Be Contagious

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What would summer be without all our beautiful gardens?  Even though I had pretty perennial beds at our last home, I always looked forward to filling a plethora of pots with a fresh combination of colourful annuals. While we’ve lived … Continue reading