I Really Must Have A Pair Too!

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 Welcome to the magical world of Boomdee blogging. Where it goes from Spring  to Summer to Fall all within the blink of an eye. Or at least it seems that way to me. Wasn’t I just at the garden centre … Continue reading

Seven Aqua Swans A Swimming

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The age-old question, “is it better to give or receive”?  Honestly, I don’t know if I could pick either with certainty or conviction.  I quite fancy picking out little things and carefully wrapping it all up with a little of … Continue reading

Bunting for Boomdeeadda

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We interrupt the summer adventure series for this charming post by Teddy and Tottie writer Dani. If you haven’t met her, be prepared to fall in love. Dani lives in Queensland Australia. She’s a mom to twins, kitty lover and … Continue reading

Boomdees Summer Adventures – She’s Adorable !

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Sooooo, after my arrival at the WordPress Head Office or WPHO, I was grilled for hours about where I’d been and why I was on the down-low since July. After meeting my  demands polite inquiries for a coffee and a pack of liquorice, it … Continue reading

These are exciting times!

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Gads, long time no see right? What the heck have I been up too? Well……………… Spring finally arrived in Edmonton.  Hooray for spring, I revelled in all the colour! We could finally pack away all our nasty winter clothes and … Continue reading

Forever Together XO

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What is it about shopping on holidays that’s so fun? It’s almost like you’re on a pass and the money is free (Mr B just fainted)  I love to meander through interesting shops in a new city. This ‘trip-treasure’ can … Continue reading

A Beautiful Gift

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It’s always hard to decide what to do on your last day of a holiday. Do you find that too? Happily, our last day in Maui was bright and sunny so we rented some snorkel gear and headed to the … Continue reading