Here’s That Recipe

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Hello again and welcome! What prompts you to post? Fun things you’re doing?  Cool things you see along the way? I’m posting today because I was asked for a recipe. Well, then I got out my little vintage aqua recipe … Continue reading

Let’s Eat!!

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A few days ago, my friend at Kat & The Falling Leaves shared her recipe for Lemon-Ricotta Pancakes.  Kat was telling us how she first had them at the Hotel Gelato in Toronto.  I guess Tom Cruise has eaten there too.  Well … Continue reading

Carrie Bradshaw, Eat Your Heart Out

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All you guys reading this are saying, “who”?  You know, THE Carrie Bradshaw !!  Fashionista, writer,  obsessed with expensive shoes, best girlfriend to all and loved Mr Big.  Ringing any bells?   ‘Sex In The City’ was a HBO hit … Continue reading

Love The Stress

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I tore this page out of a magazine years ago and didn’t quite get the full story.  Something about the holidays being stressful?  Can anyone relate?  It’s a bit of a giggle, because the recipe for ‘Make Ahead Festive Strata’ … Continue reading

Hey, You’ve Got To Start Somewhere

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Dare I say it, ” I used to be a very picky eater as a kid”.  I bet some parents out there can relate.  I basically grew up eating sandwiches. Some of our favorites would curl your toes. SPAM with … Continue reading

Dessert? Yes Please!

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Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian friends! My favorite dessert as a child was always pumpkin pie.  Back then I’d be sure to eat a least two pieces.  I’m all grown up now and saddly, can’t eat like that anymore. … Continue reading