Boomdee Style

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There’s a lot going on when I’m away, I’m doing something fun nearly every day!  I’ll spend days in my craft room  making something pretty. Especially in winter in the house with my kitty’s. I might not even be at … Continue reading

Happy St. Patrick’s Day !

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Shamrock Mountain An Original Poem By Boomdeeadda If you’re following our fairy story, you’ve heard Alyster needs a ring. It’s for his little sweetheart, she make his gnome heart sing. Once, a dedicated loner, just him, the earth and sky. … Continue reading

Not A Chance!

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We last saw Penny on the way to a dance, she had stopped for a little snack. With her tummy full, she fell fast asleep, in the woods, beside a little grass shack. As the clock tick-tock’d, it got very … Continue reading

In France We Bid Adieu!

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Once, there was a bridge right here, but now there isn’t any. “How will I go see my friends”? Fretted a kangaroo named Penny. “I’ve come to far to turn back now, I’m going to a dance.” She said with … Continue reading

A Day In May – Encore

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Have you ever met a kindred spirit?    This past year, Alys and I have woven a friendship so dear.  At first by messages shared on our blogs.  Soon we were Facebook friends, exchanging snail mail and then planning a … Continue reading

To Alys’s We Go

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My Kingdom’s so delightful, you’d think, “no need to ever leave”! But I want to visit Alys too, so I called pet sitter, Eve. Eve’s a little Pixie with lips just like a heart. She’s totally in love with Grace, … Continue reading

Oh, That Adventure Was Fun

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I was watching Alyster as he hiked away, he had to go for cat food on this bright sunny day. When a beautiful deer came and stood by me, he just wandered out from behind a tree. I said hello … Continue reading