Boomdee Style

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There’s a lot going on when I’m away, I’m doing something fun nearly every day!  I’ll spend days in my craft room  making something pretty. Especially in winter in the house with my kitty’s. I might not even be at … Continue reading

A Room of My Own

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So finally, the long-delayed follow-up to my January Post.  I’m sure you are all just as busy, yet still manage a post !  You’re all really inspiring. Full disclosure……I had to take down the Christmas tree before I could write … Continue reading

See You In Paris

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        Cheers ! Bonjour!   Welcome to ‘Boomdee’s Travel Log Extraordinaire’. Coming to theatre’s near you soon! Well that’s a big fib, ha! But I have been on a two-week holiday ‘across-the-pond’ as we may say in … Continue reading

You’ll Be Hooked Too

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Today I post for a special friend,  because this is her ‘Happy Place’ and it’s something I can do from here ❤ You might remember, last spring, Julia from Defeat Despair graciously hosted me on my very first trip to … Continue reading

What Would A Holiday Be For?

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I’m sitting here, deep in a remote jungle, sipping on a sweaty glass of Chardonnay and thinking of you. I was also thinking that you’d be thinking, “Jungle?” That’s a big fib! Or is it?  You got me. Nah, it’s … Continue reading

The Best Bestie Bar None

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Good Gravy! I do not deserve to be calling myself a blogger. One post a month? Gads!! Maybe I should be called a blonth?            Blonth: One who blogs only once a month. Or what about … Continue reading

Have Blog, Will Travel

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I guess I’ve already used the ‘abducted by aliens’ excuse, so I’ll just say, “these past two months have been banana’s.” A BIG “thank you” for all your beautiful messages and well wishes on our ‘WordPress-Blogging-Buddy-Spring-Palooza-To-Washington’.  I really felt buoyed along … Continue reading