Craft Tutorials

Hi there, I’m so glad you’re here! 😀 I’m lucky to enjoy doing something creative almost every day and so I’ve corralled these tutorials here for your quick reference.  Simply click on the link above each photo to visit the original post 😀

Customize Vintage Luggage

PDF – DIY Customizing Vintage Luggage 

Custom Holiday Tin

Gnome Home ™ Gift Tin

Wrapping with Style

I'd love to nest under your tree, CHIRP !

Reline A Vintage Train Case

Updating Interiors

Updating Interiors

Customizing & Personalizing Vintage Train Case

Custom Crest In Place

Custom Crest In Place

Custom Dying Ribbon With Alcohol Inks

Custom Dyed Ribbon

Customizing Resin Elements 

Gorgeous Aqua!

Gorgeous Aqua!

Making Custom Gift Boxes

Make a box

Craft Room Turntable

Craft Turntable

Craft Turntable

Embossing Paper

Sand and Fold Template

Card Purse Post

Valentines Purse

Custom Canvas Labels

New Personalized Tag

Easel Art Card

Easel Art Card

Custom Gift Wrap

Pretty Gift Wrap

Perfect Paper Roses

Pretty paper roses with perfect leaves

Arranging Market Flowers For Home

Grass Rainbow Tops It Off

Good, Better, Best – Shading and Folding


Custom Dyed Bottle Brush Trees

Custom Dyed Bottle Brush Trees

Vintage Luggage Re-do

Vintage Luggage Re-do

DIY Door Mat

A Cheery Hello

Thank’s for visiting, I’m always updating.

Please check back again.

26 thoughts on “Craft Tutorials

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    • I am a bad bad blogger boomdee….HA. Help I can’t get organized. I have 4 projects going at once and the only thing I’m absolutely sure of is that my craft room needs a GOOD cleaning…LOL. Thanks so much for checking in
      ((( Alys )))…I’ll take it as a virtual kick in the butt 😀 xo


      • Not at all! It sounds like you are having a lot of fun and enjoying your summer days as you should be. As I’ve followed your posts and weather updates, I realize how spoiled we are here.

        Craft away my dear. I’m patient. 🙂


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      • love this -now I can find stuff without having to search all over for it-you are so good to us. You also make it sound easy enough for this “really wants to be crafty but not sure if she is or not” girl! Hope you are feeling even better today than yesterday. XOXO


      • You know what? I think crafting is a breeze with the right tools. I’ve been collecting stuff for years and I have a couple of stores that carry such a wonderful selection. I also just bought a 1 year membership that includes a discount and a class of my choice. I never tire of learning new stuff, when I do it, I’ll share! Saddle up beside your local experts, they’re a wealth of crafty goodness and of course stick with me babe, we’ll figure it out together, smooch.


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