That’s How Beautiful Friendships Go

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It’s still  dark, but actually very warm outside this morning. When I say morning, it’s very early, only 4:25AM.  The kitties followed me downstairs and did a drive-by snacking.  Now, I’m thinking they’ve gone back to bed because the house … Continue reading

Happy & Beautiful 4U Too

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There are so many beautiful things happening in my life, where should I begin? As you know, Mr B and I enjoyed a wee trip to Maui this winter. Where we were pampered within an inch of our lives. Alberta’s … Continue reading

An Extra Special Day

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Wishing Dear Alys a Very Happy Birthday ! Here’s something you may not know if you’re new to blogging.  You will get to know wonderful friends all over the world. If you’re really lucky, you’ll even meet up with a … Continue reading