Here’s That Recipe

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Hello again and welcome! What prompts you to post? Fun things you’re doing?  Cool things you see along the way? I’m posting today because I was asked for a recipe. Well, then I got out my little vintage aqua recipe … Continue reading

Petals Reporting From Boomdeeadda

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Good day friends of Boomdeeadda. My mommy claims to be totally burnt out and I must apologize for her late Post. We’ve been bugging her for days. So, I’ve taken over the Blog today to get things done. No worries, … Continue reading

Nap, Bath and Repeat

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If you are not a cat lover, now would be a good time to overt your eyes.  One of the things I love the most about having cats, is that they wake you up early every morning ! Just kidding … Continue reading

Charm The Feathers Off Your Fine Favourite Friend

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Well now, yesterday was a very productive day, but as things go, it got a wee bit crazy in the Boom-room. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… 😀 You know it’s getting crazy when: you run out clean … Continue reading

Don’t Go To Sleep

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W E I R D things are happening here…………..   Are you ready for Halloween? More Halloween at Boomdeeadda Black Cat Boogie A Practically Perfect Pumpkin

Tick – Tock I Love My Clock

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What do you think would happen if YOU finally found something you’ve admired from afar and longed to own forever and ever ?  Would your heart skip a beat? That’s what happened when (( Alys )) took me over to … Continue reading

Home Sweet Home

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As you may have guessed, I’ve already packed as many holiday memories as one could fit into one week and flown on home. It was bitter-sweet to say good-bye, luckily there’s plenty of love to greet me at home too. … Continue reading