That’s How Beautiful Friendships Go

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It’s still  dark, but actually very warm outside this morning. When I say morning, it’s very early, only 4:25AM.  The kitties followed me downstairs and did a drive-by snacking.  Now, I’m thinking they’ve gone back to bed because the house … Continue reading

Too Cool For School

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Finally, we are enjoying beautiful sunshine in our fair northern city. I can open the window in my craft room and listen to the birds singing without freezing.  I’m also getting ready for my trip to California 😀 Packing away … Continue reading

Do You Know The Way To San Jose?

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Here’s how I’d recommend getting there: spend years journaling projects and dreams the old-fashioned way Buy a book about Blogging Buy several magazines about blogging Start Blogging !! chat up new friends (but feels like you’ve known them forever) Be charming … Continue reading

Dear Diary

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Years ago I was enjoying an episode of Oprah, she was sharing her love of journaling.  Oprah was talking about how she’d been writing in her journals almost daily for years.  My first thought was, “wow, those must be worth … Continue reading

Artful Story Telling – Part Two

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Hey, do you remember me telling you about my funky new vintage measuring tape?  I’m just loving it on my craft desk.  It’s holding up all the lovely elements I’m using on this project.  I just knew I needed it, ha! Thanks … Continue reading

Artful Story Telling – Part One

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One thing is certain, bloggers are story tellers. Our local news folks would like to make todays weather the major story. We are near record-setting lows for this day in history 😦 No kidding!!! With so many bus cancellations or … Continue reading

Happy New Year !

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It’s been a wonderful year getting to know all of you!  You’ve filled my year with wit, creativity and compassion.   I’m always learning something new and interesting from your posts. Thank you for being the golden thread that bound … Continue reading