A Room of My Own

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So finally, the long-delayed follow-up to my January Post.  I’m sure you are all just as busy, yet still manage a post !  You’re all really inspiring. Full disclosure……I had to take down the Christmas tree before I could write … Continue reading

A Charitable Read

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I’m back, way back.  I’m sharing a favourite post from July 2012 today since my old Macbook packed it in on Saturday, I’ve only just got up and running on my brand new laptop.  If this gives you pause for … Continue reading

Baby Steps

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All roads lead to Rome!! Or as you might have guessed, in my case they usually lead to a bookstore. (Mr B, stop reading now) I used to spend far to much of my pay cheque at the magazine stand. … Continue reading

Christmas Tree? Check!

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Is there one thing you love to shop for on a vacation?  We reminisced  about the whole spoon collecting thing a while back.  While I’m not sure that’s still a big hit, I bet there’s a few clanging around peoples drawers … Continue reading

A Little Short Cut

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The Edmonton weather has been mighty cold I like this village, it just looks so old A fresh winter snow lies on the ground There are pretty pink trees all over town Look! At that door, there’s a cute little … Continue reading

A Girl’s Got To Do Her Thing

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This might come as a shock but, I don’t usually get too excited about fashion.  In fact, I just hate going to the mall,  to the extent that I usually buy what I need at Superstore.  Yah, on my way … Continue reading

Mantel Of Memories

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It’s surprising how much ‘stuff’ you collect over the years. That was the conundrum when we moved into our temporary digs.  The problem was solved by renting a storage locker for most of it. I knew it might be a … Continue reading