Rolling Down The River

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Have you met the Edmonton Queen? Actually, I’m not really a queen, more like a princess in training. Oh I tease ūüėÄ This is the lovely Edmonton Queen. Offering casual trips down the lazy river. The Edmonton river valley is … Continue reading

Kids, Don’t Try This At Home

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There was a lake¬†¬†slough near the old farm-house were Dad grew up. ¬†It was there, that he learned to love hockey. It doesn’t get much more ‘Canadian’ than that. ūüôā Naturally, we¬†all learned to skate as toddlers and the whole … Continue reading

Was I Only Dreaming?

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It’s funny how a November snow storm ¬†quickly wipes away any memory of a gorgeous summer. ¬†I can hardly believe, just twelve short weeks ago, the bright green leaves were glistening and the gentle August sun warmed the smile on … Continue reading

It Just Feels Good

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What is it about being in, around or near the water that makes you feel so good? ¬†Having lived at a lake for 25 years, I know the water view is one thing I really miss. Of course boating was … Continue reading

Gorilla’s In Our Midst

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A crazy thing happened on the way to the park, ¬†somehow we ended up in the jungle, or that’s what it seemed. ¬†There were gorilla’s everywhere we turned. ¬†Did you know Mountain Gorilla’s¬†are one of our closet relatives? They actually … Continue reading