Happy & Beautiful 4U Too

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There are so many beautiful things happening in my life, where should I begin? As you know, Mr B and I enjoyed a wee trip to Maui this winter. Where we were pampered within an inch of our lives. Alberta’s … Continue reading

I Really Must Have A Pair Too!

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 Welcome to the magical world of Boomdee blogging. Where it goes from Spring  to Summer to Fall all within the blink of an eye. Or at least it seems that way to me. Wasn’t I just at the garden centre … Continue reading

I’ve Been Here, There, Everywhere

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Hey ho Boomdee peeps!  Happy Belated  Birthday Canada! Was June as much of a blur for you as it was for me?  I’ve been planting, making, fixing, creating, spending………gah, how about a wee wrap-up gallery? Most of all, I’ve been … Continue reading

Why Didn’t You Call Me? (A True-Life Bunny Adventure)

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Do you think it’s weird to get snow one day and then 18 C (68 F) a day later?  Not if you’re from Alberta. We had a blizzard Friday, but all this has already melted 😀 You just learn to … Continue reading

Cute & Cool too !

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Happy Tuesday or Wednesday, depending on where you live. AREN’T you dying to know what I’ve been up too?   Ok, forced it out of me, HA!   The big news is, Boomdee went for a job interview! I thought … Continue reading

Feet First

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Happy almost spring !   Things are finally thawing in Alberta and not a moment too soon. I might even think about putting away my winter hats and gloves.  You’re probably thinking, “that Boomdee! She’s sooooo daring,  she’s almost begging … Continue reading

Just About Perfect

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Do you remember a post I did last December about the Princess Theater in Old Strathcona?  The same night we saw ‘Hitchcock’ there, we hung around Old Strathcona to surf some of the cute little shops.  All of a sudden, GASP! I … Continue reading